Top 10 Best Pre-Play Schools in Bangalore for Your Kids

Top 10 Best Pre-Play Schools in Bangalore for Your Kids

Here we are introducing top ten best pre/ play schools in Bangalore for your kids. These schools are more secure and gives best training to the child for a lifelong learning process. All these are made for ensuring quality education. A pre-School is generally considered as child’s first learning space. This will shape the child’s abilities. If you are searching for a good pre/ Play school in Bangalore, check out our list.


Indus Early Years Learning Centre (IELC)

The Indus Early Years Learning Centre (IELC) is a preschool in Bangalore. It was established in January 2015, by the Indus Trust. They enrolls children below the age of 6 years. They offer child-friendly environment. They provide some facilities like well-equipped classroom, Performing arts studio, Fine arts studio, Swimming pool, ICT facility, Library, Indoor and outdoor play area etc. This school is located in Koramangala, Bangalore. Well qualified teachers and trained staffs are working here. For more details visit

Head Start Montessori House of Children

The Head Start Montessori House of Children was established in 1984 by Samina Mahmood. It is accredited and affiliated by the Indian Montessori Centre. This preschool is popular in the field of education. Their child-friendly environment makes the child confident. Besides, there is a mixed age group of children between the ages of 2 1/2 and 6 years, which helps to develop social interaction among the children. Well qualified teachers are working here. For more details visit


The Neev is known as an “extended preschool”. It has branches in Indiranagar, Sadashivanagar, Whitefield, and Koramangala. This preschool was founded in June 2005 in Bangalore. Their aim is to develop children with confidence, self-esteem and respect. The environment at Neev offers opportunities to play, learn and grow. Well-equipped classroom, adventure playground, Computer room, garden, Well-stocked library etc are some the facility of Neem. They give admission for 1.6 to six-year-old children. For more details log on


The WeCare is ranked among Bengaluru’s Top Preschools. It is considered as the first preschool in Bengaluru to be certified by Early Childhood Association, India. They serve nutritious meals for children. They give much care to the children. library, language center, fine motor center, science center, art center etc are the facility. They give admission from six weeks (day care) to six years. For more details visit


The Klay is one of the best play school in India. They provide infrastructure, resources, high quality of teaching and education to the children. They have well trained teachers, who give better attention to the children. The classroom is equipped with CCTV cameras. They focused on various kinds of a child’s abilities like logical-mathematical, linguistic, musical etc. For more details visit

Fun And Learn

The Fun And Learn is considered a one among the top 20 schools in Bangalore. It was established in the year 1998. Their aim is to give better opportunity for every child. They have 2000sq.ft of play area. Their staff are very lovely. They give confidence to the children for writing an Elementary and Intermediate Grade Drawing Examination. The teachers provide both fun and learning. The classroom is well equipped. For more details visit

The Magical Years

The Magical Years give admission to the children from 2 – 6 years of age. It is a  Montessori pre-school. They gradually develop your child’s abilities. They gives excellent education to the students. This preschool was established in 1978 with the aim of providing best education to young children. It features a swimming pool, jungle gym, child-friendly furniture, swings etc. For more details visit

Eurokids (RMV 2nd Stage)

The Eurokids is a brand, which owned by EuroKids International Ltd. They provides a great environment for the children to learn and play. They have child friendly furniture. This preschool was established in 2001. It gets over 17 awards. The are aimed to develop all capabilities of your children. For more details visit

Seed International

The Seed International gives nurturing learning environment to the children. It is considered as an award-winning chain of preschools. They offer quality educational programs. The staff can meet the student’s needs. This school was begun in May 2004. They encourage the students to become lifelong learners. The seed provides safe classroom. They conduct tour program to farm, planetarium, zoo, science exhibitions etc. For more details visit

Oi Play School (HSR Layout)

The Oi Play School has a safe and secure environment. It is known for the quality of teachers. Their teachers encourage the child to  question everything and find answers. The school has safe and secure environment. Besides, it has open space for outdoor activities. The classroom is well designed. For more details visit

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