Top 10 Best Water Purifiers in India

Best Water Purifiers in India

Top 10 Best Water Purifiers in IndiaWater Purification is the procedure of removing undesirable and harmful chemicals, biological contaminants, their solids and reactive gases from contaminated water in order to make it suitable for drinking safely. Summer season is the most problematic season for getting safe water to drink.

If you have problem with supply of safe drinking water you can buy an affordable and trusted water purifier for your home. It not only supplies pure water 24×7, but also helps in conserving energy for boiling purpose. You can choose the Best Water Purifiers in India from our  Top 10 Best Water Purifiers list.

1. Panasonic Water Purifiers

PanasonicPanasonic offers advanced technology based water purifiers. Currently the company offers three modern products with excellent purifying features. TK-AS70 model is an Alkaline + Advanced Eco RO + UV Water Purifier comes with 7 stage Alkaline Purification System and Alkaline Ionizer.

This can assure you Absolute Purity with the help of Advanced ECO RO Cartridge and Utility Indicator. The Storage Capacity – 6Ltr. TK-CS70 model is an Advanced Eco RO + UV Water Purifier with 6 stage Purification option. Another model is the TK-CS43 is a UV Water Purifier comes with Computerized control system, Quartz UV filtration medium and purity Sensor.

Price list of Panasonic Water Purifier

  • Panasonic TK-CS70 Water Purifier Rs. 13969
  • Panasonic TK-CS43 Water Purifier Rs. 5993
  • Panasonic TK-AS70 Water Purifier Rs. 21209

2. Hindustan Unilever (HUL)

Hindustan UnileverPureit is the famous water purifier from Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL). The product range includes RO, Automatic fill and Manual fill. PUREIT INTELLA 12L is the base model from pureit priced Rs. 1200/-. This model comes with the features of Auto Shut Of, 5 Litres Water Storage, Activated Carbon Trap, Break Resistance Tap, Compact & Sleek Design, Patented 4 stage Purification Process, Practical Design, Twist-Fit fitments, Germkill Life Indicator, HIPS / ABS body and 6 Months warranty.

The top model PUREIT ULTIMA RO+UV priced Rs. 20990/-. It comes with advanced technologies Purity Indicator, Digital Advance Alert System, 100% RO and UV, TDS Modulator, RO Protection Lock, Removes 1 Crore Virus, Advanced 6-stage Purification, Guided Alert System, TDS Removal upto 2000 PPM, Large 10L Water Storage, Neon Flash Belt etc.

Price list of Pureit Water purifier

  • PUREIT ADVANCED 23L Rs. 3100
  • PUREIT INTELLA 12L Rs. 1200
  • PUREIT CLASSIC 14L Rs. 1550
  • PUREIT CLASSIC 23L Rs. 2600
  • PUREIT ADVANCED 23L Rs. 3100

3. Kent Water Purifiers

kent water purifier

Kent water purifier is one of the best water purifier model available in India. With the high technology advanced Kent Mineral RO Water Purifiers and you can Make your water 100% pure & tasty for safe drinking. Kent water purifier packed with the Kent’s patented Mineral RO technology.

Kent water purifier features combined the best of RO+UV+UF. This can eliminates the limitations of a standalone technology. Advanced multi-stage filtration process removes all dissolved impurities, chemicals, salts etc. There is a TDS controller retains the  natural minerals and gives you 100% pure, safe and tasty drinking water.

Kent Water Purifier Price List

  • Kent Grand Plus Water Purifier Rs. 14624
  • Kent Ultra Water Purifier Rs. 5619
  • Kent Gold Optima Water Purifier Rs. 1399
  • Kent Gold Plus Water Purifier Rs. 2482
  • Kent Pearl Water Purifier Rs. 15224
  • Kent Supreme RO Water Purifier Rs. 15505
  • Kent Maxx Water Purifier Rs. 6889
  • Kent Smart Water Purifier Rs. 4200
  • Kent Super Plus Water Purifier Rs. 13799
  • Kent Super Star Water Purifier Rs. 16500
  • Kent Gold Star Water Purifier Rs. 2600
  • Kent Gold Water Purifier Rs. 2379

4. LG Water Purifiers

LG Water PurifiersLG offers Total Water Solution by their innovative water purifier from LG. The products are giving immaculate filtration and  hygienic storage. There is  immaculate filtration, to the hygienic storage in LG water purifiers.The 4-step RO and Inside Care systems of their products ensure pure water all the time.

The base model waw33rw2rp purifier features stainless steel water tank, electrolysis sterilizing care and 7 stage purification technology. the product also have flexible installation, ro filtration and large water tank(8l). It is priced Rs. 22990/-.

The top model LG VICTORIA RED FLORAL WQD74RJ5P features water purification method, water dispensing function -hot & cold, smart dispensing function and energy save function. It is priced Rs. 44290/-.

LG Water Purifier Price List

  • LG WAW33RW2RP Water Purifier Rs. 20600
  • LG WAW53JW2RP Water Purifier Rs. 22550
  • LG WAW73JW2RP Water Purifier Rs. 26050

5. Eureka Forbes Water Purifiers

Eureka Forbes Water Purifiers

Eureka Forbes is the famous company which offers quality water purifier at an affordable price range. Aquaguard & Aqua Sure are the main two brands of water purifier from Eureka Forbes. The Water Purifiers from Eureka Forbes packed with best of technology and expertise. Aquaguard offers water purifiers in World Series, Premium Series, Essential Series and Expert Series. AquaSure offers non-electric water purifiers and electric water purifier.

It offers water with utmost purity and supreme quality. They have lot of offering in this range based on water conditions that exist in India. The main products comes under two ranges, RO water purifiers as well as UV water filters. RO series means Reverse Osmosis for water purification and it can filter out bacteria, virus,  lead and arsenic. 

Eureka Forbes Water Purifier Price List

  • Eureka Forbes Aquaflow Dlx UV Water Purifier Rs. 5,577
  • Eureka Forbes Aquasure RO+UV Water Purifier Rs. 14,646
  • Eureka Forbes Aquasure Elegant RO Water Purifier Rs. 10,088
  • Eureka Forbes Aquasure Crystal UV Water  Purifier  Rs. 7,120
  • Eureka Forbes Aquasure Aquaflo DLX UV Water Purifier Rs. 5,450
  • Eureka Forbes Aquasure Amrit Storage Water  Purifier  Rs. 2,111
  • Eureka Forbes Aquasure Extra Tuff Water  Purifier Rs. 1,550
  • Eureka Forbes Aquasure Nano RO Water Purifier Rs. 9,253
  • Eureka Forbes AquaGuard Xpert Water Purifier Rs. 18,505
  • Eureka Forbes Aquasure Pearl UV Water  Purifier  Rs. 6,999
  • Eureka Forbes AquaSure Smart UV Water  Purifier Rs. 6,791
  • Eureka Forbes Aquasure Springfresh DX  Purifier Rs. 12,698

6. Hi-Tech Water Purifiers


Hi-Tech offers various kinds of water purifier based on the need. They offers Antioxidant Alkaline Water Filter, Domestic RO Systems and Industrial RO Systems. The company currently offering, R.O- 10 Awt Lph Plant (With Tank ), RO based water purifiers, 6 stage RO system, domestic RO water purifier, 5 star water purifier system etc.

The range also includes 5 stage water purification system, RO filtration system, domestic reverse osmosis plant etc. The range also includes hot and cold dispenser, alkaline water purifier, Domestic RO system+UV system, 7 stage water purification system etc. All these systems are well qualified for removing dirt, rust, dust sediments, sand & solid suspended particles from the water.

Hi-Tech Water Purifier Price List

  • Hi-tech Crystal R.O. + U.V. System Rs.12,000/-
  • Hi-tech Natural Rs.11,000/-
  • Hi-tech D Top Rs.6000/-
  • Hi-tech Diamond Crystal Rs. 7500/-
  • Hi-tech Revive aa+ Rs. 15500/-
  • Hi-tech New Life aa++ Rs. 17500/-
  • Hi-tech Rio Rs. 18000/-

7. Whirlpool Water Purifiers

Whirlpool Water PurifiersWhirlpool offers two kinds of Water Purifier, includes RO water purifier and non electric water purifiers. The latest technology from company is new purafresh plus RO with mineral enrichment system.

The company offers products equipped with RO MAMBRANE Certified with Water Quality Association, USA. The purifies also Improve the ph of water and adding essential minerals into the water including Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium etc.

Price List of Whirlpool Air Purifier

RO range

  • MINERALA 90 PLATINUM(8.5 Ltr)  MRP : 17,490
  • PURAFRESH PLUS(6 Ltr)  MRP : 17,500
  • PURAFRESH(6 Ltr) MRP : 17,000
  • UTS RO(15 Ltr) MRP : 17,500
  • CLASSIC 65(6.5 Ltr) MRP : 15,500

Non Electrical

  • PURAFIRST MRP :  6,500
  • PURAGENIUS MRP : 5,000

8. Usha Shriram Water Purifiers

Usha Shriram

Usha Shriram Enterprises established in 1983. The company offers Water Purifiers since 1996.  The table top purifier first offered by this company. The water purifiers purifies water and killing all water killing bacteria but also the viruses. The company can assure complete solution to the Water Problems.

Range of Products and Price

  • Usha Brita Marella Water Filter Price – 1,295/- Indian Rupee
  • Usha Brita RO Fontana Water Purifier Price – 14,999/- Indian Rupee
  • Usha Brita RO Optima Price – 13,999/-
  • Usha Brita Space Saver Water Filter Price – Rs.1,195/- Indian Rupee

9. Zero B Water Purifiers

Zero B Water Purifiers

Zero B offers Non electric water Purifiers, which provides you with Safe & Clean drinking water. The Zero B RO range Purifiers works based on reverse osmosis technology and remove physical, microbiological, chemical impurities. Zero B also offers various Softeners which will soften Hard Water and makes it usable for various applications.

Non-Electric Water Purifiers

  • Suraksha with Tap Attachment Rs. 399.00
  • Suraksha Plus Pro with Storage Filter Rs. 2,490.00
  • PURILINE – 2L Rs. 4,795.00
  • PURILINE 4L Rs. 7,895.00
  • Solar Wall Mount Rs. 7,995.00

RO Water Purifiers

  • Wave Table Top Rs. 15,295.00
  • Sapphire Wall Mount Rs. 16,995.00
  • Pristine Table Top Rs. 16,995.00
  • Emerald Wall Mount Rs. 17,495.00
  • Kitchenmate Under The Sink Rs. 17,995.00
  • Ultimate Table Top Rs. 18,495.00
  • eco RO Wall Mount Rs. 20,995.00
  • Intello Under The Sink Rs. 34,995.00
  • Skid Under The Sink Rs. 25,395.00

10. Godreg Water Purifiers Godreg Water Purifier

Godreg offers range of quality Water Purifier for customers. It includes ULTRAVIOLET – SMARTBOIL, ULTRAVIOLET – GP200 PURIFIER, KRYSTAL – WATER PURIFIER and AZURA – RO WATER PURIFIER. RO model works based on Reverse Osmosis Technology.

The water purifiers from Godreg comes with UV Technology for Anti-bacterial function. It is having Stylish Looks and will be the Icon of Your Kitchen. The Stainless Steel material Safeguards Health and Stabilized power Supply (165-27 VAC). It can offer Low Voltage Warning.

It is works Microprocessor Based and with Auto Shut Off (Sleep Mode) options. Other features includes Carbon Change Pre-alert Visual Indicator with Audio Warning and Carbon Change Life Exhausted Change Indicator With Audio Warning. There is also Lamp Life Exhausted Change Indicator With Audio Warning.

Price List of Godrej Water Purifier

  • Godrej Krystal Water Purifier Rs. 2,640
  • Godrej Eco GP200 Water Purifier Rs. 5,340
  • Godrej Azura 7.5L RO Water Purifier Rs. 13,500

Other Best Leading Water Purifier Brands in India

  • Kenstar
  • Bajaj

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