Top 10 Famous Mosques in Kerala

Famous Mosques in Kerala

Masjid (Mescit) is a word meaning ‘place for prostration’. This word is commonly used by the early Muslims for houses of worship. Earlier it is also used by other religions. Now a days, Arabic ‘masjid’, and the English ‘mosque‘ are used exclusively for religious houses in Islam religion. In this top 10 article, you can find the list of Famous Mosques in Kerala with its historical importance, address and current status.

Cheraman Perumal Juma Masjid, Kodungallur

1.  Cheraman Perumal Juma Masjid, Kodungallur

Cheraman Perumal Juma Masjid is a famous mosque located at Kodungallur, Thissur District. This mosque Built in 629 AD and considered to be the first mosque in India. After undergoing through many rebulit and renovations, it maintains modern architectural façade along with a bit of the original style in the interiors. There is also option for Vidyarambham. 

It is a little strange that the mosque faces east, not Mecca in the west.  A huge bronze lamp as in temples kept lit inside. Not only Muslims, all religious people bring oil or contribute money to buy oil for the lamp on auspicious occasions. Here the Muslim priests light incense stick in a small mausoleum as of some temples. This practice is not seen in any other mosques.


2. Malik Ibn Dinar Mosque, Kasargod

Malik Ibn Dinar Mosque is a famous one located at Thalangara, Kasargod district. This is a top Muslim pilgrim centers in Kasaragod built in the year AD 642. A well known Arabian Islam missionary Malik Ibn Dinar constructed this.  The mosque is known after his name. The tomb of  Malik Ibn Mohammed, a disciple of Malik Ibn Dinar is located here. 

Everywhere you can find the typical Kerala traditional architecture along with pillars and beams of Malik Ibn Dinar Mosque carry Arabic writings. The great attraction is its, flooring made of marbles which are believed to be brought from Mecca by Malik Ibn Dinar. A festival called Uroos conducted once in three years.

Beema Palli (Mosque) - Thiruvananthapuram

3. Beema Palli (Mosque) – Thiruvananthapuram

Beema Palli is a prominent mosques in Thiruvananthapuram. Story behind its publicity is by Hazratha Bee Amma  (Beema Beevi) and her son. They belong to the family of holy Prophet Mohammed are believed to have come here from Arabia centuries ago. The came here for preach the religion Islam. 

People believes that, Beema Beevi had divine powers. Urs Shareef festival (Chandankudam festival) of this Mosque is very popular and it is conducted during March-April. This festival attracts thousands irrespective of religion. You can reach this by air -Thiruvananthapuram International Airport (03 km) or rail-Thiruvananthapuram (05 km) or bus- Thiruvananthapuram town (05 km).

Erumeli Vavar Mosque

4. Erumeli Vavar Mosque

Erumeli Vavar Mosque is a famous and holy place for both Muslims and Hindu people. It is located in Erumeli in Kottayam district. You can reach here by bus – Kottayam town (49 km) or rail- Kottayam (49 km). Erumeli mosque known in the name of Vavar who was believed to be a friend of Lord Ayyappa .

The Chandanakudam festival of this mosque is very famous and well celebrated in Januvary coincides with the Makaravilakku festival of Sabarimala. Every pilgrim to Sabarimala visit this mosque in respect of Ayyappa and Vavar.

 Sheik Fariduddin Mosque- Kanjiramattom

5. Sheik Fariduddin Mosque- Kanjiramattom

This is a well known mosque in Kanjiramattom located in Ernakulam District. You can reach here by train – Ernakulam town (25 km) or air – Cochin International Airport (48 km). The mosque dedicated to Sheik Fariduddin.  This mosque is well known for its famous ritual- Kodikuthu. This celebration held in Januvary. It is one of the most colourful religious festivals of Kerala.

In Chandanakudam ritual – hundred of pilgrims carrying earthen pots smeared with sandal paste and filled with coins move to the mosque. There is also presence of lots of Elephants in this artistic practice. Irrespective of religion many of them visits here and participates in Chandanakudam ritual.

Mampuram Mosque, Tirurangadi

6. Mampuram Mosque, Tirurangadi

The Mampuram Mosque is a famous mosque in kerala. It is located in Tirurangadi in the Malappuram District of Kerala. The place is Historically related to the Mappila Lahala of 1921 against the British Government. Mambram is located on the banks of the beautiful river Kadalundipuzha.

Mambaram is famous for Mambaram Makham. This is the sanctuary provided and used primarily as a receptacle for the corpses of the main Thangals . The Mambaram Nercha, is held annually in the month of Muharram at the tomb of Sayyid Alavi Thangal , the famous Mambaram Thangal.

Ponnani Juma Masjid, Malappuram

7. Ponnani Juma Masjid, Malappuram

Ponnani Juma Masjid is a famous mosque records in Malabar Manual by William Logan, the famous historian-turned-civil administrator. The Ponnani Juma’ Masjid built in 925 Hijra.

Ponnani is often referred as the cultural capital of Kerala Muslims. It is known as ‘Small Mecca’ as many students and pilgrims from many countries reach here. It is Established by Zainuddin Makhdum I. 


8. Korome Mosque, Wayanad

This is a famous mosque in kerala believed to a 400-year-old which is built in traditional Kerala style. Overall you can see the extensive woodcarvings, originally built by the Nair community. Later the mosque modified, which is  250 years ago under the leadership of Athilan Bappan. It is Located 23 km from Mananthavady. 

An annual Uroos festival conducted in April which is very famous and  draws thousands of people from all communities. Most important is the janazas (funeral processions) would come to Korome from as far as Varampetta. You can also visit the dargah of Syed Shihabuddin Imbich, a Muslim saint.

Mishkal Masjid - Kuttichira

9. Mishkal Masjid – Kuttichira

It is bulit by a rich Arab businessman and ship owner named Nakhooda Mishkal in 1300. This is a wonderful s five-storied structure, which is currently the famous mosque of kerala. 

Originally this was a seven-tiered structure before the attack by the Portuguese On 3rd January 1510. Mishkal Palli was once the tallest building in Kozhikode and the heart of the Muslim settlement at Kuttichira.

Odathil Palli, Thalassery

10. Odathil Palli, Thalassery

Most noticing in this unusual structure is Hindu-Buddhist style copper roofing. Odathil Palli is a famous mosque in kannur district, located in Thalassery. This  270-year-old shrine follows a mix of Hindu and Muslim architecture.

On external there is neither a central dome nor minarets. It is made beautiful and rich with roof covered in copper sheets and wooden walls and pillars with intricate carvings. This is one of the oldest surviving mosques in Thalassery. 

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