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Top 10 Major Sea Ports In India


 Top 10 Major Sea Ports In India

The diverse topography in India has given birth to large number of coastlines. Ports are considered as an important gateway for international trade between countries. India consists of  13 major and 187 minor ports and these ports has been a major part for trade & commerce. Port Blair is the new port added to the list of ports in India.

Mumbai port is the biggest port in India. Each one have their own importance, they are not only used for the commercial purpose but also these sea ports are the excellent spots of tourism too. Some of the major ports in India are listed below. Read in detail and include those in your next holiday trip.

Major Sea Ports

Some Interesting Facts About the Indian Ports

  • Mumbai is the biggest port in the major ports
  • Kandla port is a tidal port
  • Marmugao exports trons of iron core
  • Vishakhapatnam: deepest land-locked and protected port
  • Chennai has an artificial harbour
  • Kolkata port is a Riverine port
  • Haldia port features fully equipped containerized berth

1. Kolkata port

Kolkata port

Kolkata port is the only riverine port located in Kolkata with two dock systems namely Kokata docks & Haldia dock complex. Kokata dock is located on the banks of Hoogly river and it provides features like cargo facilities, heavy lifts etc.

Kolkata port is considered as one of the largest dry dock in India. This oldest operating port made by the British east India company. It was exposed to bombing during the second world war by the japan. The port and near by places are interesting to see.

2. Chennai port

Chennai port

Chennai port is one of the oldest port among 12 major ports in India situated in the north eastern part of Chennai. It is handling for about 32 lakh tonnes of cargo handling 600 ships. Chennai port is one of the major port running Terminal Shunting yard and railway inside the harbor.

More than 100 years of tradition featuring this port and it is the second largest port in India. This port consists of lighthouses surrounded along Intra port connectivity, railway terminals & pipelines. Madras port is the another name of Chennai port. Main trading items includes Automobiles, motorcycles, iron ore, granite, coal, fertilizers, petroleum products etc.

3. Mumbai port

 Mumbai port

Mumbai port is the most busy port in India situated in west Mumbai. The harbor filled with natural deep water.  Mumbai port is the largest port in India with cargo traffic and four jetties for holding liquid chemicals & petroleum products.

Mumbai port has been playing a major role in country’s national economy, trade & commerce. Mumbai port is equipped with 11% of total sea-borne traffic. Mumbai harbor is also termed as ” Front bay”. It is meant to the gateway of India.

4. Visakhapatnam port

Visakhapatnam port

This port is one of the largest ports in India also called Vizag port. It is equipped with eastern naval command in the Indian navy. Visakhapatnam port is the busy port with major commercial transportation. The port located in the southeast coast of India.

Visakhapatnam port consists of natural water basins holding 150,000 DWT vessels. The port is a major part of the Vizag, which is the second largest city in Andhra. You visit the beautiful port and the oldest shipyard of country in one of your holidays.

5. Marmugao port

Marmugao port

Marmugao port is the oldest port located in Goa an is one of the premier exporter of iron ore. This is one of the best natural harbor in India. From here about 26.74 million tonnes of iron ore is exported. If you have a plan to visit Goa you must visit the port. Murmagao port is considered as the major port exporting 39 percent of iron ore in India.

6. Jawaharlal Nehru port (JNPT)

Jawaharlal Nehru port (JNPT)

Jawaharlal Nehru port is the fastest developing largest container port located in Navi Mumbai in Maharashtra. Which is also called Nhava Sheva.  The Jawaharlal Nehru port holding 65 percent of traffic container and said to ne the largest container port in India. It measures over 10 square kilometres (2,500 acres).

Nhava Sheva connects almost all highways and railways. The facilities available are JNPT terminal which is operated by JNPT,  Nhava Sheva International Container Terminal, The Gateway Terminal (GTI), The BPCL Terminal etc. Main traffic items through this includes textiles, chemicals , carpets, textile machinery, sporting goods, boneless meat and pharmaceuticals.

7. Paradip port

Paradip port

Paradip port is one of the major port in India. It is very famous as artificial, deep-water port. The Paradip port deals with large number of cargos and other clean cargoes. It is located in agatsinghpur district of Orissa.

Paradip port is associated with art & technology, they have their own railway system. Paradip port is features cold handling plant and a national highway. Paradip ports serving eastern and central parts of the country.

8. Port blair port

Port blair port

Port Blair port  is the newly added port and is considered as the major port located in the capital city of Andaman & Nicobar islands. It is the youngest sea port in India. The port connected to the main land of India through ship and flight.

You can enjoy your holidays here with engaging in activities like swimming in virgin beaches, scuba diving, water sports etc. This port is situated in between two international shipping lines namely Saudi Arabia & US Singapore.

9. New Mangalore port (NMPT)

 New Mangalore port (NMPT)

New Mangalore port is located in Karnataka and it is one of the major port. New Mangalore port is defined as hassle free port combined with unique system of delivering cargo by trucks. Which is also known as Panambur Port, karnataka. NMPT is considered as the deepest harbor in Mangalore, situated in the western coast.

You can reach the port from the nearby railway station Surathkal in Dakshina Kannada. The main commercial export items are manganese, granite stones, coffee and cashew. If you visit the tourist spot you can also see the beautiful beach at the southern part along with the arabian sea.

10. Cochin port

Cochin port

Cochin port is the is the fastest growing port in India. It is one of the largest ports in India. Cochin port is located in the southern part of India and is the major port of Arabian sea & India ocean. Cochin Shipyard, Kochi Refineries and Kochi Marine are also a part of this port. Cochin port is situated between two islands namely Willingdon port & Vallarpadam port.

The Cochin city is located in Ernakulam district, Kerala. You can also purchase famous spices from here while visiting. You can reach via the kochi international airport. Cochin port is located in the backwaters of Kerala which is famous as natural Harbour.


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