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Top 10 Oldest Universities in the World


Universities are source of wisdom, power and confidence. It allow the students to reach a better future. These institutions have significant role in the life of many famous people. Most of them are very popular. Best class Universities impart high quality knowledge for the students. They offer Wide variety of faculties for it’s students. Here we are cover top ten best oldest universities in the world.


University of Paris

The University of Paris is popularly known as Sorbonne or La Sorbonne. It is established between 1160- 1250. The Paris-Sorbonne University has been ranked 222 in the QS World University Rankings 2015. Many royalty, Popes, scientists and intellectuals were got education from this University of Paris. Arts, Medicine, Law, and Theology are the four study subjects here. It played an important role in both religious and political affairs in France.

University of Oxford

The University of Oxford or Oxford University has international reputation in the world. Which has over 30 colleges. This is considered as the oldest university in the world.  It was ranked 2nd in the World University Rankings 2015-2016. This collegiate research university provides better laboratories, libraries, museums etc for graduate students and gives them a unique experience. It was established in 1096 and located in Oxford, England, United Kingdom. There are 22,602 students studying here. This is very famous for it’s remarkable teaching and academic excellence.

University of Bologna

The University of Bologna is considered as the first and oldest university in the Western world. It is a historically notable university, established in 1088. This university is located in Bologna, Italy. The institution is made up of 11 schools. There are 82,363 student studying here. University of Bologna also structured in 33 departments, they are the organisational units of the University. Excellent teaching, scientific research and learning activities are offered.

University of Salamanca

The University of Salamanca was established in 1218. It was an oldest founded university in Spain and the third oldest European university. This also considered as the country’s first higher education institute. This Spanish higher education institution is located in Salamanca, Spain. There are about 2,100 teachers and more than 30,000 students enrolled here. This institution has a better library, which holds 906,000 volumes. It is very famous in Spain and world-wide, because of it’s relationship with other institutions, foreign universities, private and public enterprises and companies.

University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge or Cambridge University is a collegiate public research institution was founded in 1209. This Cambridge is ranked as one of the world’s best universities, located in Cambridge, England, United Kingdom. It is made up of various institution such as 31 constituent colleges, about 100 academic departments, 29 undergraduate Colleges etc. Eminent scientists, mathematicians, politicians, foreign Heads of State, lawyers, philosophers, writers and actors are studied here. With more than 18,000 students are studying here. This is the second-oldest university in the English-speaking world.

University of Siena

The University of Siena is considers as the first publicly funded universities in Italy, located in Siena, Italy. It was founded in 1240. Now this institution became the best known for its Schools of Law and Medicine. Economics, Pharmacy, Law, Engineering, Arts and Humanities, Arts, Humanities in Arezzo, , Mathematics,Political Science etc are the subject provided by it. There are 20,000 students were enrolled here.

AL-Azhar University

AL-Azhar University was founded in 1961 and located in the the urban setting of the metropolis of Cairo. It is commonly known as one of the oldest universities in the world. This institution offered several courses like master degrees, bachelor degrees, doctorate degrees etc. It founded as mosque by the Fatimid commander Jawhar. This is the most prominent religious university in the Muslim world. Now it ranked 701+ in the World University Rankings.

University of Coimbra

University of Coimbra is one of the oldest universities in the world, founded in 1290, It is considered as Portuguese public university. This institution has wide range of faculties such as natural sciences, arts, engineerings, humanities, mathematics, social sciences, medicine, technologies and sports. It situated in Coimbra, Portugal. In 2016, University of Coimbra has 23,386 students.

University of Naples Federico II

University of Naples Federico II is established in 1224 by Frederick II of Hohenstaufen, King of Sicily and Holy Roman Emperor. It is located in Naples, Italy. This institution was known as the first university of Europe and also one of the oldest academic institutions. It provides higher education and research in the world. Roman Catholic theologian and philosopher Thomas Aquinas were the brilliant students of this university. According to citations per paper, it is ranked among the first 100 universities in the world in 2015.

University of Padua

University of Padua is a second oldest university in Italy, was founded in 1222. It was begun as a school of law and was formerly known as the one of the most prominent universities in early modern Europe. Which provides wide range of course for the students. This institution is among the earliest universities of the world. There are almost 60,000 students, 40,000 undergraduates and 20,000 postgraduates admitted here.


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