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Top 5 Best and Market Leading Woolen Mufflers Brands in India


Top 5 Best and Market Leading Woolen Mufflers Brands in India

Enjoy the winter with soothing Woolen mufflers. Here we are introducing top 5 woolen mufflers brands. These brands are top leading  in Indian markets. They provide a wide range of mufflers with attractive colors and good pattern at affordable prices. The brands ensures stylish and comfortable look to the users. The products are made of high quality materials. Recently, using a muffler has became part of fashion. If you are searching for a good muffler, look at our list. We hope that, our list will help you to choose a good brand. Let’s see the list.


1. Puma

Puma is one of the most popular woolen mufflers brands. They offers wide variety of Woolen Mufflers. These  Woolen Mufflers are coming in attractive colors. This brand gives good quality of mufflers. Besides, their product is made with lightweight wool. It is very soft to touch and provides a stylish look to the users. Price for a fashionable muffler starts at INR 1000/-.

2. Modo Vivendi

Modo Vivendi is a famous woolen mufflers brand in India. Which provides formal and casual mufflers in exciting patterns and variant colors. It will give comfort to the users. For men, this brand offers fashionable and high quality Winter soft woolen muffler. 100% customer satisfaction is the aim of the brand. For more details visit india@modovivendi.com. The price of the muffler starts around INR 800/-.

3. Warner

Warner is a number one woolen muffler brand in India. Their mufflers are available in a wide variety of colors like multiple shades of green, purple, red, blue and peach. This brand’s muffler price starts at INR 600/-. It is a perfect choice for men. Which gives protection from the winter season and also give a stylish look.

4. Golden Girl

Golden Girl is another popular Indian woolen muffler brand, which offers mufflers for both men and women. Besides, it gives a comfortable and stylish look to the users. The mufflers are soft to touch and quiet easy to maintain. You can buy their product through online. Their muffler is made out of mixed wool and price starts at INR 400/-.

5. Jorss

Jorss is considered as a lifestyle brand, which provides warmth and comfortable look. Their mufflers are made of fine quality wool. So it is durable. This brand also offers various kinds of muffler caps. It is very suitable for the girls. Jorss also ensures stylish look. The young girls are always attracted by it. Their products are available in stunning colors and same pattern. The price for muffler starts at INR 500/-.


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