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Top 5 Best Android Password Protected Secure Notes App


Here is the full list of Top 5 Best Android Password Protected Secure Notes App available in Play store. You may looking for a perfect Password Protected Secure Notes App to keep all your data, secrets codes, dairy, to do things and lists. This is a perfect app for your android smart phone, as this ensures maximum security.

These are very simple apps to use and offers good security. Here below is the list of applications for android phones features Password Protected Secure Notes. If you have a habit of writing and keeping passwords on smartphone, you must go for this to avoid privacy and security issues. 

Best Android Password Protected Secure Notes App

note app

 1. Password Notes

Password Notes is one of the Best Android Password Protected Secure Notes App. This is a secure, elegant notepad app with password protection. This assures private, quick and simple notepad editing experience. You can creates notes, memo, email, message, shopping list and to do list. The app is packed with Pattern password protection and this method is very safe. You can use Super password, Invisible pattern password. There is also options to Mark note with different color. Automatically link phone number/URLs in notes and this is a 2×2,4×4 widget. 

Safe Notes

2. Safe Notes

Safe Notes is another Best Android Password Protected Secure Notes App. It is a famous notepad application Using 128 bit encryption and provides quick & easy access. For security you can use a simple pin number or a secret question/answer. Safe Notes app can stores all your data on the device and it does not upload your personal information to the internet.In general this is easy to secure and easy to use notepad application.

Safe Notes features Separate note title, Create/Delete notes, Notes can be up to 5000 characters, Sort Options (ascending and descending), Search functionality, Send note as SMS or Email, Database storage etc. You can Send note as email or SMS message, Destroy Database option. Other features available are Help screens and messages, All data stored on sd card, Backup and Restore note data from any folder and Auto-Save notes. 

Color Note

3. Color Note

Color Note is a simple Very useful notepad app, said to be the Best Android Password Protected Secure Notes App. This app offers you a quick and simple notepad editing experience. You can make notes, memos, e-mails, messages, shopping lists and to-do lists. The app features two basic note taking formats, a lined-paper styled text option, and a checklist option. 

Color Note is best to Organize notes by color. You can use it as a Sticky note memo widget. This can be used to Organize your schedule by note in calendar, Write a diary and journal in calendar. Main features are Secured backup notes to SD storage, Supports online back up and sync, Reminder notes on status bar, List/Grid View, Search notes, Notepad supports ColorDict Add-on and share note options. 

Secure Notes

4. Secure Notes

Another Best Android Password Protected Secure Notes App is the Secure Notes. This is great notepad application which keeps your notes with secure password protection manner. The app can store all your data on the sd card instead of taking up valuable internal memory.

Secure Notes is very quick and simple note pad. Save your memo, email, message, shopping list, Account passwords and Any Secret notes. Main features of the app are very minimal UI and easy usability, Password Protect Program, Encrypt/Decrypt Note, Sorting notes (a-z, date), All notes stored in memory card not phone memory and Optimised for HD tablets. 

Sec Notes

5. Sec Notes

Sec Note is a famous password protected free note taking application for android. This application can keep all your personal data secure and safe on your android phone. Create all simple notes, spreadsheets(Excel type) and checklists. This assures multiple security options like password protection, pattern lock and pin lock.

Main features of the app are Password, Pattern lock and Pin lock to choose from, Protect and Un-Protected notes individually, Home screen shortcuts for individual notes, Folders to organize notes, Automatic cloud backup options to Google Drive and Dropbox, Automatic locking after idle periods, Reminders, Text to speech, Random password generator, Share your notes etc. 


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