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Top 5 Best Apps to Watch Your Favorite TV Shows on Mobile


Top 5 Best Apps to Watch Your Favorite TV Shows on Mobile

Today you can watch various TV shows and movies through the phone with the help of some apps. It opens the door of unlimited entertainment. Option to view each and every episodes of programmes are available in each app. So don’t worry, if you have missed any episode on TV. Here we are introducing top five trending app to catch your favorite TV show on your mobile. If you are searching for an app like this. Check out our list.


1. Netflix

Netflix is considered as the world’s lea ding subscription service. With the help this app you can watch films and your favorite TV shows on the phone. You can download this app from google play stores. Through which you can access unlimited TV episodes. New episodes of TV shows are available in this app. It provides fast downloading. The app offers 1-month free Netflix membership.


2. YuppTV

YuppTV is known as one of the World’s largest online Over-the-top (OTT) entertainment solutions provider. Many people download this app from google play store. Most of the people attracted by its features. Through this app you can watch and enjoy TV shows, movies, Family Drama, Crime, Entertainment, Comedy, News etc from your phone. This gives you unlimited entertainment. It has over 200 Live Indian TV Channels, Latest Regional, Hindi Movies, 7 days of catch-up TV etc.


3. XMTV Player

XMTV Player is another popular app, which is very easy to use. Through which you can watch favorite audios, VOD streams and live TV on your phone. It is known as the most powerful multimedia and streaming player. This app supports rtmp://$OPT, http://$OPT, TS, MTP, AVI, MKV, FLV, MOV, AVI, ASF, WMV, MP4, M4V, TP and M2T. Multi track audio support, Hardware acceleration,
Play VOD streams and live etc are the features of the app.


4. Viggle

Viggle is a mobile app, which is operated by Perk, the #1 Mobile Reward Program. You can earn Perk Points with Viggle by checking into a show or  streaming on any streaming services. You can invite friends to this app from facebook and twitter. There is no interruption while watching TV shows or anything. It provides an innovative rewards platform for you.


5. IMDb movies and TV app

IMDb movies and TV app is a known as world’s largest collection of movie, TV and celebrity info. It also gives whole the details about these TV shows. Through which you can find its large collection of more than 2 million movies and TV titles, 4 million actors, actresses, directors etc. It is available in various languages like Korean, Japanese, French, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, German and Chinese.


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