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Top 5 Best Cancer Hospitals in India


Top 5 Best Cancer Hospitals in India

Top 5 Best Cancer Hospitals in India list is here. Searching a better hospital in India for treating cancer is an excellent option as India offers well equipped and latest technology for specializing cancer.  The hospital offer all possible opportunities to overcome the disease into normal life again.

Most of the hospitals in India are affordable,moreover giving personal touch to the patients. India is providing world class cancer hospital combined with latest technology,medical expertise. It has an outstanding achievements in concern to cancer surgeries.  The following hospitals of India are enlisted as the best hospitals for treating cancer patients.

List of Best Hospitals for Cancer Treatment in India

  • Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai
  • Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology, Bangalore
  • P.D. Hinduja National Hospital, Mumbai
  • Apollo Cancer Hospital, Chennai
  • RCC, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

1. Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai


Tata memorial is one of the best cancer treatment center offering Advanced Center for treatment ,Research and education in Cancer (ACTREC). Tata Memorial hospital is a pioneer in research for cancer. It provides primary care to the patients as well as free care to 70% of patients. All cancer patients are treated with radiology and chemotherapy.  It is one of the best cancer hospitals in India.

Another important programmes it offers are radiological imaging technology by using techniques like ultrasound, CT Scanners, MRI and more dynamic real time nuclear medicine scanning and the PET Scan.  About 2 to 2.5 million cases of cancer in the country and 70% of cases are detected.

Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai is a well known hospital in India which is situated in Parel, Mumbai. It is a specialist cancer treatment and research centre for Advanced Treatment, Research and Education in Cancer. Tata Memorial Hospital Offers Free Online Opinion To Cancer Patients. Tata Memorial hospital is a pioneer in research for cancer. It provides primary care to the patients as well as free care to 70% of patients.

This is currently free of cost and are available to the patient between 3 – 7 days at the most. The hospital have branches:- TMH – Mumbai, ACTREC – Navi Mumbai, CCE – Mumbai, HBCHRC – Vishakhapatnam, HBCH – Sangrur, Punjab.  Around 60 per cent of patients seeking primary care are treated free of charge. 

Tata memorial Hospital Address:
Dr. E Borges Road, Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra, PIN: 400012
Phone: +91-22- 24177000, 24146750 – 55
Fax:  +91-22-24146937
E-mail : msoffice@tmc.gov.in (for patient care and queries) 
Website: tmc.gov.in/tmh

2. Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology, Bangalore

Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology

Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology is No.1 Regional cancer center in the country. It provides well known for cancer treatments offering sophisticated treatments to cancer patients. Well equipped staff, accommodation, equipment are being offered to the patients. Moreover it offers free treatments to poor patients. The drugs sold by Kidwai are 40 to 60% cheaper than in the markets.  It is one of the best cancer hospitals in India.

Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology is a well known cancer care hospital in Bangalore. This is a famous is a Regional Cancer Centre funded by the Government of India. KMIO is recognised as a Charitable Institute by the Endowment Department of Karnataka. 

Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology Named after Rafi Ahmed Kidwai, the then Governor of Bombay, it was founded on 26 June 1973. The hospital offers free services to poor cancer patients. Poor patients are financially assisted by various schemes like Free drugs from the Institute, Karnataka Chief Minister’s Medical Relief fund, Poor Patients Welfare Fund, children Welfare Fund, Kidwai Cancer Drug Foundation etc. 

Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology Address:
Dr. M.H Marigowda Road, Hombegowda Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka, PIN: 560030
Phone: 080 2609 4000
Fax: 091-080-6560723
Email: kidwai@kar.nic.in  
Website: kidwai.kar.nic.in 

3. P.D. Hinduja National Hospital, Mumbai


P.D. Hinduja National Hospital ,Mumbai offers world class treatments. Various types of cancer surgeries are being carried out in Hinduja hospital. Qualified and trained surgical and urologic oncologists take care of cancer patients. It has basic medical and radiation oncology departments. latest techniques has been evacuated for surgeries and laser surgery.  It is one of the best cancer hospitals in India.

Larynx preserving surgery is also undertaken in this institute. Radical prostate cancer and bladder cancer surgery is also done which is mostly preferred by people from various parts of the country. Basic services undertaken are breast screening and early diagnosis, leucoplakia management, hematuria management, early prostate cancer diagnosis stoma rehabilitation, are being performed.

P.D. Hinduja National Hospital Address:
Veer Savarkar Marg, Mahim, Mumbai, Maharashtra, PIN: 400016
Phone: 24449199 / 24452222 / 24451515
Appointment Helpline: 022-3981 8181, 022-67668181
Website: www.hindujahospital.com

4. Apollo Cancer Hospital, Chennai

apollo hospitals

Apollo hospital is one of the major cancer treatment center across India. Equipped with modern surgical and radiation cancer specialists it provides better surgical care to the patients. It aims at providing greater precision, faster treatment delivery, more flexible treatment scheduling and a higher level of patient comfort. It is one of the best cancer hospitals in India. The blood and bone marrow transplantation center at Apollo Hospitals, India has done about 150 transplantation.

Apollo Specialty Cancer Hospital, NABH accredited and India’s first ISO certified healthcare provider. This is one of the best super Specialty hospitals in the country. They are the best in offering advanced tertiary care in Oncology, Orthopedics, Neurology and Neurosurgery, Head and Neck surgery and Reconstructive and Plastic surgery. They can ensure maximum patient comfort, its patient service popularly referred to as tender loving care. 

Apollo Cancer Hospital Address:
New No.6, Old No.24, Cenotaph Road, Teynampet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600035
Phone: 044 2433 4455
Website: chennai.apollohospitals.com

5. RCC, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

RCC thiruvananthapuram

RCC is the well-known centre in Kerala for cancer treatment and research works. It is established in 1981. The hospital is under the Government of India and offers excellent treatment for life threatening cancers from patients in Kerala and nearby areas of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. RCC offering management for all cancer types. Facilities like haematology clinic, lymphoreticular clinic, clinics for treatment of cancers of soft tissue, bone, head and neck, breast etc. Special clinics are also available for cancers of CNS, gynaec/urinary, chest, gastro etc. There is a special pediatric oncology and thyroid wing too.

The hospital located in Thiruvanathapuram, Kerala. The special facilities available here include linear accelerator, treatment planning with computer, and computerized remote after loading system etc. They also give importance for economic assistance for poor patients. All treatment facilities you will get from here in an affordable cost than other private secret organisations. Advance therapies and treatments like micro selection, thexatron 780 C, fibre optic endoscope, auto analyser and blood cell counter doing with at most care by professionals. There are also facilities for regular chemotherapy, cryostat, blood gas analyzer, tissue culture facility etc.

RCC, Thiruvananthapuram, Address:
Medical College Campus, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, PIN: 695011
Phone: 0471 244 2541
Website: www.rcctvm.gov.in
Founded: 1981

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  1. Four months ago, I developed the following symptoms, difficultly in swallowing painful swallowing, vomiting , coughing, and loss of weight . I visited the hospital and after examination and series of investigations, it was discovered I had oesophageal carcinoma. Biopsy result reads: Huge fungating mass in the mid esophagus about 15cm from the incisors and stretches distally for another 3cm. The mass shows multiple ulcerated lesions over its surface. it is easily friable with contact bleeding – there is moderate compromise of the lunninar caliber . Full histology result after 10days. Microscopy: Section of tissue show extension of trabeculae ,cords on the cluster of malignant squamous epithelial cells. The cells show a high degree of nuclear pheomorphism , hyperchromasia. Diagnosis: Well differentiated squamous cell carcinoma . Please which hospital in India can we use for the Esophagus treatment. its urgent please.

  2. Sir!
    my dad has 4th stage cancer with two nodules first one is at neck &2nd one at under the chest &small pleaural effusion at lungs. which is the best hospital for treatment.??
    &where can i go..plzzz help me…
    I think about that two nodules/clusters about surgery but in hyd there is no surgery for 4th stage cancer plzz plzzz help mee i begging u all…

  3. Sir plz suggest me fast where free treatment my maternal uncle for cancer because we are belonging a very poor family.so sir plz help us as possible at fast.

  4. Dear sir, My Maternal uncle has Been suffering from DVT and to increase cancer At First Stage Occur. Cancer to Advice Me And Good suggestion to remove this Critical Disease…

  5. My sister is suffering from breast cancer treating in Mumbai for 1 year but still not cure so pls help me to suggest best hospital n best doctor

  6. Dear sir/madam.my mother aged 56.suffering from spindel cell sarcoma it is small spreading in lungs and small dots in liver.that also involved in main blood vessel.but my mother having no simtoms and she is healthy.we have helpless and we have no idea about treatment for this type of cancer and also guide me which hospital is the best one for spindel cell sarcoma cancer in india.I am awaiting for your guidence.pls help me.

  7. Sir,
    My father is 70 years old. He is suspected to be affected by metastatic adenocarcinoma in left lung. Presently he is admitted to National Institute of Chest Disease and Hospital (NIDCH)- Mohakhali- Dhaka. Is it curable or not? Please tell me the prognosis. We will be very grateful to you if you give us your valuable suggestions.

  8. sur mere papa ko tunge & mouth cancer hai. jo ki tmh me isse pahle 2000 aur 2005 me opration ho chuka hai. abhi tata memo. me dr. ka kahna hai ki fir se opration karna padega priwate hospital me karwa lo yanha nahi ho payega.main bahot paresan hun kanha jau. please sur help me best dr. & hospital ka salah de aapki meharbani hogi. abhi main mumbai me hi hun please jald se jald salah de.

  9. Dear
    my friend is 20 yr old and he is suffering. From lungs cancer 1stage pls. Sir suggest me the best hospital pls. Sir pls

    • Sir my husband is suffering from same cancer please sir suggest us best doctor or hospital. please reply me faster sir pls pls pls

  10. From 2 days ago i feel pain in my head and i can’t sleep in previous night , if it may brain tumor so its can cure or not ?
    Suggest me best brain tumor hospital in india.

  11. hello sir.
    my mom is 52 years old and she has right brest cancer and his going on stage of forth so plz give the best Dr. and hospital

  12. my uncle is suffering from hepatocellular carcinoma..small three lesion in liver..larger measuring 2.5cm/2.1 cm.Doctors of Bangladesh suggesting TACE. For this..which center is appropriate and low costing? is there any best center in Calcutta.?

    • Hello Sir my big brother is suffering for toung cancer. and we are all ready very middle class. So please Help us now u suggest How can possible for free treatment. My brother tongue already 4c.m germs.

  13. HI All,
    My mother is suffering from breast cancer and liver meats,triple negative. could please suggest which hospital is the best for treatment.

  14. My father in law suffering from throat cancer 4th stage, he is joined at basavatharam Indo American hospital at Hyderaba, radiolagy treatment had been continue but their is no solution, so pls suggest me which way is the best for curing. Pls suggest sir it’s an argent base sir.

  15. I would recommend don’t trust on dharmshila hospital. They often try to prove any cyst as cancerous because its these patients whose hard earned money makes up such superspeciality hospitals.

    • Dear Sir,
      My Brother son 3 months ago starting treatment go on,bone marrouy and low wbc problem,please help me sir where have the best cancer hospital

    • you can come to Ahmedabad, Gujarat for the advanced treatment. Simultaneously you can opt for the alternative therapy too.

    • Hi, I hope cancer stage is not advanced. In case of stage-1 & 2, surgery and then radiation are good options. If it is advanced stage, latest & best treatment is ‘Immuno-Therapy’ with T-cell treatment. This can be done after Chemo therapy OR before also. Secondly, Immunotherapy works for solid tumors with patient’s own immune system & hence much more effective & almost no-side effects.
      There are mainly two places for the same in India – APAC Biotech & Denvex. Please go through their website & then take decision.

    • Hi, Please provide your query at our contact us page (medicountry contact) to get second medical opinion and list of hospitals for the treatment.

  16. My father has squamous cell carcinoma he was given radiation therapy at first in the month of november through which it could not be cured totally den in the minth of feb 15 operation was done to remove the same now again the dr says it has come back past history:blood clotted operation done nd remived the same in 2008, pancreatitis inflowmation in 2010,angioplasty in 2012 nd cancer in 2014 plz help me with no.1 cancer institute which can take dis squamous cell carcinoma out left buccal mucosa

  17. hi…my wife has been diagnosed with hodgkings lymphoma… which of the above hospitals could give him the best treatment. pliz advice me more on my email … thanks

  18. Sir , my grandfather is suffering from spindle cell sarcoma in his right lung and the fluidic mass is attached to his diaphragm . At the age of 80years is surgery the one and only option? I would like to see a reply . Thank you

  19. you have mention all best hospital but i am looking hospital near my home town. so is their any good cancer hospital in varanasi

  20. My mother is 54 years old. She is suffering from Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

    What kind of treatment they will give for her. Which is the best hospital for cancer in chennai.

    How many months it will require to cure. How much it will cost.


  21. My grand ma 75 years old is suffering from lung cancer.. We are so confused..it is curable or not?? Please help me by suggesting the best hospital for the lung cancer treatment please….

  22. Hi, my mother age 56 , after monupose bleeding came and we did dnc test biopsy so… after report vome doctor will say but doctor given me hint for cancer, what I do I cqnt understand , we dont have that much money for best treatment , pls suggest best hospital in vadodara gujarat

  23. dear sur

    my sister is suffering with metasatic adeno carcinoma and ca.ovary with mets.
    we want to take her to the best hospital.please suggest us

  24. These list is very elaborate and good but still there is one thing that I want to add. The latest treatment in cancer is by using Immunotherapy in which patient’s immune system is enhanced to fight hard again malignant cancer cells and this method is also found to have least side effects. In India this method is mainly used by hospitals like CancerHealerCenter.

  25. hello sir, my grandfather is diagnosed of metastatic cacinoma and he is 58 years old.he has multiple lung nodule in left lung and acc. to doctor he is on last stage. since its symptomps was not seen by us in early stage so we have less time and so we want to prefer acccountable hospital . so considering our urgency plzz help my grandfather from this chaos….

  26. Tata memorial treatment is very late .cancer pasent is very pain.
    Mere bhai ko liver canser ho gya hai hmne Tata memorial hospital me dikhaya lekin wha pe hme nirash hi hath lagi so pls suggest any treatment
    My Brother is only 32 years so pls help………..

  27. Hi sir, ma uncle is diagnosed of gastric cancer stage 4 so which is d best hospital in mumbai and dehli so that i can go to that hospital for his best treatment …plz suggest me sir

    • Hi Riti,

      I think your uncle should go for Immunotherapy as In this treatment, Medicine not only kills the cancer cell but also strengthens our immune system. One of our relative has undergone through this treatment at Cancer Healer Center in Mumbai. He is completely fine now. The best part is that it can be taken with other therapies as well. The treatment is 100% painless and without side effects.

  28. respected maam,
    my mother is suffering from ovarian cancer …and now it is in the 3rd stage….when we took her for the operation the doctor told that 1st he will do the operation and after the operation he will do all the testings and all…but now after the operation the doctor is telling that i cant say anything about the future….he is saying that he didnt found the operation better …maam plz help me in this regard…now where i should take my mother for treatment……otherwise i will lost my mother…

  29. Hi All, I am from Bangalore, India. I am writing today not to suggest any doctor or hospital, but instead regarding a service that I came across, and have benefited from which bridges the gap between patients & good doctors. Back in 2012 when my sister was trying to conceive, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and this was obviously shattered her, and the rest of the family. however, I took the onus to try and find good help. I looked all over the net but found all these services which gave you a 100 options but didn’t really help you find the right doctor to meet with. However, one difference that came along was Qikwell. I happened to come across doctors whom I had read about, and were regarded highly in the medical fraternity. Well, on further browsing I saw that the doctors associated with them were the best in the city, and these guys were helping by providing the real time calendars of these doctors for you to book confirmed appointments with. They have an elaborate reminder service as well which sends out messages of followups with doctors and appointment messages as well. This service is unique in helping us connect to doctors directly. I really found them very helpful, and am posting today so you folks can get help too if you need one. Do let me us know if you guys happen to use this service.

  30. Hi sir my brother is suffering from blood cancer2nd stage acute myeloid leukemia AML so cmc Vellor say he is now 30% chance to alive to further treatment it’s cost 7 lakh but we are the middle class family so we don’t have huge money to pay and treatment for my brother so kindly suggest me the cheapest hospital to treatment for my brother now a days he is taking homeopathic medicine but not Improved so kindly suggest me what can we do

    • Not sure if I am late, Adyar institute of cancer is one of the best to treat blood cancer and most of the drugs are free, would be a good choice for any blood cancer.

    • It came to my notice that best treatment and hope lies in Ayurveda only. Other allopathy treatment e.g., chemotherapy, radiation, surgery are costly and are helpful in initial stages and can give relief for limited time only. So, better go for ayurveda and especially for blood cancer.

  31. Hello , i am Sharad Chandra kafle 27 years old guy, from Nepal. I have rectum cancer stage iii . Pleases help me to find better treatment in India. Pleases save my life
    . regards
    . Sharad Chandra kafle

  32. Hi, my mom had a breast cancer. Operation was done on one year back.. But after operation again that cancer sells are found… We consulted a govt hospital chennai… Doctors said that now only starting stage, will go for chemo treatment… We undergone chemo treatment for past one year… She has taken 8 chemo injection. Radiotherapy treatment also taken for 25 days… But now doctors are telling that, cancer sells are spreading… What are the next immediate steps we have to take?.?.? PLEASE kindly suggest…. Awaiting for your reply…

  33. salam
    my wife 52 years old .on november 24 2013 she made a big operation here in Basrah to remove a big tumor (second type ) in her head between the brain skin and the skull then went to Iran for radiotherapy now two tumors appeared the first in the same place the second is in a dangerous place as the doctor said .I need ur advice if i can bring her to India thx

    GOD bless all

  34. Please help. My mother just had radiotherapy for 10 days in chest and head and neck. Since then she has not been eating well and she is getting confused alot, i suspect because of morphine. Please help

  35. Hello doctor,
    My age is 25 yrs and I have been recently diagnosed with lch in l4 legion for which I have undergone 12 cycles of radiation therapy which completed on 21 march 2014 but till date I am facing pain in my lower back and since last 7-8 days I am feeling pain in my legs also . so can you please suggest me some good center for a re-opinion.
    Your support will be grateful.

  36. Respective doctor, i am frm nepal, my father of age 63 got blood cancer of 4th stage, i am poor to it is possible to treatment to get well or not? If possible please help me which hospital in India (delhi) is good and cheapest, plz reply me,yr pleasure

  37. hello,
    My Niece is suffering from blood cancer, she is just only 12years old.
    and cancer is on first stage…
    please suggest what we do???

    Ranjeet Kumar

    • Don’t panic. Its good that cancer is identified at very early stage. Be positive, because cancer is curable as now a days there are many successful treatments available in India like immunotherapy. Hospitals in India like cancer healer center provides cancer healer- a medicine based on this therapy. It is painless and very effective and has no side effects. If she is undergoing other treatment, these therapy is also taken parallel.So you should try this .

  38. Dear sir
    My mother is 57years old. She is suffering from multi myeloma. Any Ayurvedic treatment is available. please tell me the best ayurvedic cancer hospital.

  39. can anybody please advice which is best hospital for cancer. My father is suffering from pancreatic cancer which doctor says is in advance stage, can I save my father, its urgent

  40. Dear Sir

    This is to inform you that for my satisfaction I want to recheck my Mother condition & want to take advice from your country. Beside this kidney disease she is suffering by Cancer, Diabetics, Lung Infection & Heart problem. So is there any other solution of her treatment without removing Kidney & can you suggest me a approx budget for doing this initial treatment in your hospital.

    I also request you to arrange me a invitation letter for urgent issue a Medical VISA for your country.

    Patient Name: Mst Tahera Begum

    Attendant Name: Sohel Mahud

    Your kind attention would be much appreciated.



  41. Plz plz any one know which is d best hospital for rectal cencer tretment its very urgent .i iwl do opration to my dad but cancer is redevlop plz any one know about d cancer specilist plz give me har contact number plz plz

  42. Dear Doctor,
    My friends mother have a 79x67mm tumor in her live (tumor mass centering right hepatic lobe specially the 8th hepatic segment which compressed partly invaded adjacent hepatic structures.

    what can we do and where should to go to have a good treatment for her illness.

  43. In spite of so many advances made in the medical science so far, cancer still remains a dreaded enigma for patients and doctors alike. Its high time GOD do something, if these scientists and doctors can’t do anything. MAY GOD SAVE THIS EARTH FROM CANCER. AMEN.

  44. dear doctor,
    my father is suffering from liver cancer. and it is at stage 4. can you please help me in finding his treatment. the other doctor said he has very less time left with him.kindly plz inform me as soon as possible.

  45. Dear doctor
    Kindly safe my father’s life. Yesteryear we got the Biophys report. The theme of the report is Metastatic Large Cell Undifferentiated Carcinoma . Now we want to know what type of stage it is! and how we can get best treatment from your hospital. Kindly inform me.

  46. Hi my name is Raji my father was suffering from throat cancer he had chemotherapy on month of June 2013 and he was unable to swallow and not eating much and drinks even and again start pain and sore in the throat went to hospital and they were saying that growth found so pls help where should I go pls pls give some suggestion pls.thank u Raji Vishakapatnam

  47. hi…my husband has been diagnosed with hodgkings lymphoma…
    which of the above hospitals could give him the best treatment.
    pliz advice me more on my email …

  48. hello,
    i am raju. From supaul in bihar,
    my mother 55yrs, his breast cancer conformation by satyam medical hospital patna on 30.11.12,
    treatnent start on 12.12.12, in safdarjang mahaveer hospital in delhi,
    5 round cimo on janaury to april,
    oppration on 13.5.13 in safdarjang delhi,
    after opration agin 5th round cimo, & 18 raideothropy ,
    aur 3round ccrt,
    my mother is verry serios on feb14 ,
    but doctor in safdarjang not risk,
    he said after ct scane report,
    this is 4th stage in mind tumor,
    & sugget by doctor return home with mammy,
    plz help & suggestion me plz call/ replay plz

  49. sir my mother was suffering from utreus cancer and in very advance stage…her instentine become a lymph…plzzzz help me i love her so much and cant leave without her….i can do anythng for her….even i can give my life and my everythng inexchange of her good health….plllzzz doo something for me….she is everythng for me….
    thank you.

  50. Can any1 tells there review or experince abt tata memorl hsptal mumbai,1 of my relative is detecte with liver cancer and i want to know abt its review
    plz help me in deciding

  51. Sir /ma’am
    My mother had uterus cancer. We got to know this 6months before and started her treatment .in tata hospital kharghar mumbai. She got radiations and her cancer was treated by december but the side effects were not treated. The doctors gave her medicines for the side effects but even after 2 months she didn’t improve. 2 days back we took her to the hospital where the doctors said that the cancer has shifted to her liver andit cannot be treated by kemotherapy as her body won’t be able to bear it. They said that even allopathy can’t help her. She can be treated only by good homeopathy treatment else she will die within 2 months.
    Sir please suggest me what should I do. Please ..
    I hope u will reply soon
    Thank you

  52. I am suffering oral submuclus fibrosis and luekeplekia to last year. The white spots comes and go many times. i have no pain in the mouth but the fibrosis is not gone.
    What can I do please help me.

  53. The question which hospital is the best for blood cancer treatment and breast cancer treatment in India ending here. thanks a lot. cancer is not such dangerous now a days. dont worry

  54. This top list included in the top 10 cancer hospitals in india and top 5 cancer hospital in india. Cancer center information is very useful and at the above list covering 3 best hospitals in india for treatment of blood cancer.

  55. Dear Sir,

    My mother is suffering from LUNGS CANCER for last 10 months we have done best treatment but at last at the time of RADIATION she suffer from side effect to please can you tell me in which city i can go best treatment and its should go off for ever….

    I am from hyderabad.

  56. Sir ,My father who is 63 years old got neck cancer .in neck cancer lyrings is possible or not?which is the best hospital of oncology in pune or in mumbai.

  57. My father is 87 years old.Recently he has been suffering from stomach cencer which is stage 4.Doctor in Bangladesh said that he would last only 3/4 month.Is it possible to have any treatment in India or to undergo any surgery or to have any better treatment for has survival.


  58. my aunty is 46 year old and suffering from mouth cancer in 3rd stage so please suggest me the best cancer hospital as we are not financialy strong so tel me about some trust hospitals names

  59. my dad is 75 years old and suffering from skin cancer and operated his pinis So please give me the name of best cancer hospital in india .Thank you .

  60. Hi
    My brother is suffering law grad cancer (pdydomoxomiys perotonia) he is operated by doctor at aisian hospital hydrabad. He has taken six chemotherapy but again some fluid collection is seen in his lungs so plz suggest me best treatment and hospital for further treatment

  61. I am live in Rajasthan. My Sister is suffering from blood cancer. He is 18 years old. I want to do treatment in India. Plz. Help me… best treatment.

  62. I am Bangalore, My brother is suffering from blood cancer. He is 23 years old. I want to do treatment in India. Where we will get the best treatment and I want to know this disease will cure.

  63. Suffrng frm brain tumour since 11 mnth once operatn done and got failed is there any chace again to cure plssssss help.me we are from bangalore

  64. Heeyy,
    My mother’s age is 62yrs .she is suffered from gall bladder cancer.And she has also acitic fluid in her abdomen.she has in her later stage and no any doctors want to take any risk for surgery and they are saying her life is remain only 6 to 12 months maximum.and now she also has jaundice problem…plz plz plz if any one know any best hospital,kindly tell me any best solution I’m too much afraid.

  65. I am Bangladeshi, My Mother is suffering blood cancer. She is about 80 years old. I want to do treatment in India. Where i will got the best treatment and with low cost price ?

  66. hi,
    my sis suffering from bone cancer,we have undergone 3 chemos at basavatharam cancer hospital,hyderabd.Now we are looking for bone cancer surgery.pls suggest me best and most successed hospital in india for bone cancer sugery…

  67. Friends,
    Please suggest me the best hosp near tamil nadu to treat the type of cancer called Leukemia. Already, we have been undergone the treatment for the last 1 and half year in CMC vellore. But they have told very expensive for BMT and also it relapsed while on going the treatment itself… let me know the hosp name with NGO (Free) treatment with best outcome… Please help me as they are very new couples….

  68. My father was suffering by lung cancer III stage . He took redio theraphy , chemo theraphy and RND but after few month again cancer detect . Than we went to aayurveda hospital . today almost two year passed my father is completlly ok now. Treatment is free.

  69. hi. I have my 16 years old daughter recently diagnosed for having a thyroid gland but which the medical center or doctor were unable to tell us parents what the implications are in near future for her health. the medical center made my daughter sign for a term of responsibility for a surgery here in the country while I was not convinced of that because I have come to learn that we can have some treatment without necessarily a surgery since it is an hormonal unbalance tat can be ontrolled through medication and that there are people who live with a thyroid and they take medicine. Is there anything there you could recommend to me.

  70. Hi i am suffring from brane tumer from last four to five years. Before four years aleready don my surgery but now days that is not occured my problem is continue increased. Doctor is telling me it is so late now i can not do any thing pse go to home. My treatment done in dhanbad and tatanagar. What can i do. What is the chance to occure my problem

  71. dr plz help me plz i d’nt know english isi liy hindi me kikhh raha hun . Meri aunti ko peelia ho gya tha lekin ab pata chala ki unko livor cancer ho gya sir unke liye delhi Ncr me koi hospital jahan inka ilaj ho sake kya ye sahi ho sakta hai sir plz help me plz

    thanx advance Mohd asif. 10/11/2013

  72. Hi all, I’m from Bangladesh my father is suffering mouth cancer please suggest me the best cancer hospital in India we want to move immediately in India .

  73. My father is suffering from penile cancer and 28th October.
    Doctor has operated the effected area and cut that part upto 2inches.
    Doctors in varanasi is saying no chances to grow cancer but still I am
    Can you suggest me where we should go for best penile
    Cancer treatment and there is any test which can detect further
    Cancer development.

  74. Please suggest rajiv gandhi or tata memorial for lymphoma blood cancer. My dad got detected with lymphoma. Pls pls suggest soon!! 🙁


  76. My wife age 31 is a patient of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) detected by Apollo Hospitals, Chennai on 03-10-2013. Doctor of Apollo Hospitals,Chennai told me that treatment will have to start with Chemo therapy. Please suggest whether ALL is cured by Chemo or not ?

    • Joge… The same type of cancer has been identified for my friend also and treating in CMC vellore… could you please let me how was there about the treatment cost?

  77. Hi.mare mami blood cancer declare kr dya h unk age abhi 38 year hai..unko bina born marrow kye bina kuch ho skta h kya.but hmare family bhot poor h hm kse manege kre.hm bhot presan h plzzz help me kya kre aur kya nhi kuch smaj nhi aa rha h

  78. My son-in-law 40 Yrs old.He suffering from cancer.The cancers at Pancreas and it surrounding size around 1400mg (Atypical cell clusters) . Doctor says not possible to do operation.Kindly intimate what will be the treatment for this cancer and where it can be done.Please help us.

  79. My father is 45 years old. He is suffering from cancer. The problem of cancer is (A mass lesion arising from the neck of Gallbladder measuring about 4.5*3.5 cm. What will be best treatment of it and where? Please help me.

  80. I would like to know the treatment about this conclusion:
    Abnormal signal intensity enhancing extra axial lesion involving the right side pet routs apex and part of clivus on the right side ,extending posteriorly to involve the right vestibulocochlear complex.
    The imaging findings are suggestive of a neoplastic lesion like chondrosarcoma with less like possibility of clivus chordoma. Histopathological correlation is recommended.

  81. my father jitendra sharma/42
    suffer in throat cancer ,her details given below
    *RECEIVED ADJUVENT RT AT APPOLO (FROM 12.1.13-13.28.13,3DCRT, 60GY IN 30#

  82. My mother was diagnosed with cervix cancer in initial stage. She had radical hysterectomy surgery from Rajiv Gandhi cancer institute 15 days back. Now she’s advised radiation therapy. Can you please suggest which hospital would be best for the same? Also, which radiation technique would be better? We are esp confused between Rajiv Gandhi and medanta medicity. Kindly help.

  83. Sir my grand papa is 72 yrs old suffering throug luns problem when hataken food , mail that he has boumeting also and when the cold iteam also taken so that time problem always created some doctors checked and say its 1 stage cancer please suggest best hospital with doctors because i love so much my grand papa

  84. good morning doctor,
    my father aged 72, was suffering from cancer at his intestine (100cm from the anus). please tell me the best cancer hospital in India.
    with regard

  85. sir, i am from manipur my mother is 60years old she is also a dipatices patient she is suffering from colon cencer t3 N1 mo lll there is circumferentail constriction lesion beginning at 13 cms from the anal verge. now she is admited in tata medical center kolkata . also please guid me any good hospital in india.

  86. Dear sir,
    My grand mother is offered from Cancer of Uterus and Urinary Bladder, her age is 84 as because of Age doctor suggest that not go for Chemotherapy and any other surgery any alternate option if any body having in Ayurveda or homeopath plz suggest me.

  87. I opted for treatment of my dad at HCG Hospitals in bangalore & he is better now , the drs are very good & my interaction with most pts has been that they are happy . Ashish .

  88. Hi All,

    I am from delhi. My Mom got paralysis attack on left part her body. We admitted her in VIMHANS hospital delhi. Neuro physician tried to cure her through medicine and after four weeks when tumor size increased , they conducted surgery and today we got biopsy report. Basis report, She is suffering from Primary CNS Lymphome – B Cell type. As per doctor, this is a type of cancer and they have asked us to take opinion from Rajiv gandhi cancer insitute and Dharamshila. Please let me know about some good cancer hospitals who have managed/cured/treated cancerious brain tumour.

  89. Basavatarakam Indo American Cancer Hospital and Research Institute is also one of the best cancer hospital in india, located in Hyderabad and it provides best treatment for cancer in India.

  90. My mother for the last 3 months, she unable to take any food, she has admitted in Noble Mulitspeciality Hospital, Pursaiwalkam, Chennai. The doctor adviced CT-abdomen which revealed multiple retroperitoneal non-clasified non-necrotic retroperitoneal lymph nodes / B/L hyrdroneprosis / ? Retroperitoneal Fibrosis / ? Lymphoma / mild thickening of Lacteroconal facia visualized DG on both sides with minimum fluid of pelvis.

    However still they have not come to an conclusion, Could anybody suggest to which hospital is best in Chennai to take for further treatement.


  91. Dharmsheela cancer hospital is good for nothing….. its my personal experience….. Max hospital New delhi is also of the same standerd….. so, no hope their…. Rajiv gandhi cancer hospital, new delhi and TMH Mumbai are best.. but, TMH takes much time for starting treatment at least a month… so I will not recomend…… actually, its aal my personal experience. My father is a mouth cancer patient for the last 15 months, till today he has taken 2 times surgery, two times radiotherapy and 2 times chemotherapy…. now taking oral chemo… and still, result is a big ZERO…..

    • mantosh bhai abhi aapke papa ka kaha se treatment karwa rahe ho.mere father ko bhi mouth cancer hai and unhone 2009 ko sergury karwai thi from tmh bombay but abhi fir se return ho gaya hai…

    • Matosh bhai my telangana k karimnagar me rahetaah hu same mere bhai ka b mouth cancer huwa magar abtak operations NY Kara yeh sirf jadibhuti k treatment karayeh magar koie b sudar NY huwa ab Hyderabad k basavatara indoor American hospital me bataayeh magar waah doctor dhek k NY husaktah bole plz matosh bhai kuch information dhejiyeh.

  92. where can be find best dendritic cell therapy in north India…..? Who is the best Doctor for DENDRITIC CELL THERAPY???? And what are chances after DCT…? WHAT is the cost for DCT?

  93. hi
    i m from patna nd my uncle is admited in mahavir cancer hospital patna last 15 days. he is suffering from a big pain in chest nd rt lung is full by plureal fluid. Dr are cheked most test but cant find out that is cancer but they saying this is cancer clinicaly. they not start any treatment of cancer. plz help me and give right advise i m not satisfied here and also i cant afford costly hospital charge . plz suggest ngo or trusty cancer hospital as soon as possible….

  94. My mother is suffering from stomach cancer, 6 chemotherapy is already have done, now her head is always staying hot, other symptom is not clear yet, where and how i may get actual treatment.

    Faysal ahmed
    Dhaka, Bangladesh

  95. Dear All,

    kindly suggest me my father is suffering from bone cancer how is the best surgeon for bone cancer plz give me reply and save my father life

    • MY wifesuffring non small cel lung carcinma she is 37 yr treatment started HCG BANGLORE PLS TELLme what is yuor suzation

  96. hi . my friend is suffering from blood cancer . Docters say that she is live only 5 days. It is 80% in her body.If any docters could save my friend or suggest me what will she do plz save her…..

  97. Hi Doctor
    please suggest wich hospita is best (Dharamshila Hospital, Delhi or Tata Memorial Hospita, Mumbai)
    for th treatment of gallbladder cancer

    • Hi Pramita Verma,

      where are you getting this gallbladder cancer treated and how is the result.My mother is also suffering from it so please suggest me.

  98. sir, my sister is 31 yr old and suffering from cancer at 3 point in body that are in lungs, liver and at backbone ….and she is in 4th stage kindly advice me best hospital and best doctor.. .around india or world…anywhere but plz help me…

  99. Hi. I am a 34 years old male patient, recently diagnosed to have signet ring carcinoma of the rectum, the story started by bleeding per rectum for two weeks and significant weigh loss over 3 months, colonoscopy revealed a rectal mass , biopsy revealed signet cell carcinoma , endoscopic ultrsound staging done T3N1, ct scan of chest and abdomen shows no metastasis, I am now on a 6 weeks course of neoadjuvant combined chemo-radiotherapy , the plan is to have surgery 4-6 weeks after the course. What can you do for me? How much is the cost? How is the prognosis? Where can I get the best result?

  100. Dear sir let me know best cancer hospitals
    near by delhi and west U.P.
    as my father suffering from prostatic cancer
    recently diagnosed.

  101. dear sir my mother suffering with Adenocarcinoma.she was diagnosed on 24 may 2013.now she get chemotherepy and total 6 chemo is completed.sir plz tell me about delhi state cancer institute dilshad garder.Is it a good cancer hospital??

  102. Dear Doctors
    my mom is suffering because of Adenocarcinoma. Tumour is located at head of pancreas. The size is 7*5*5 cm.but this is the first time of pain and bomiting. Now we are decided 2 go Apollo hospital chennai. Plz give me some suggestion from ur side…. Allah will help u in any situation……

  103. dear sir
    my elder brother is testicular metastasis in stage III and getting treatment in medanta medicity gurgaon. is he could be ok or not.

  104. please refer to the ” dendritic cell therapy ” which is being refered by Dr.shihab above… my mother is in stage 4 now …. we have started this treatment 2 days back hope this works out.

      • Dr. Jamal Khan??: This person is probably the less ethical and worst doctor I have ever known.

        I clearly recommend not trusting him.

        He really has never behaved as a doctor or scientist with us. His main concern has been to collect money first and foremost.

        In my experience the validity of this technique is not demonstrated already and I can confirm it did nothing on my daughter’s brain tumour despite the opinion of Dr. Khan who said that after the third dose she would begin to feel the improvements of the treatment.

        What I can clearly confirm is that the support to the patient, the interest in the evolution of the treatment and the status of the patient, the fast response to queries and questions that arise, the information and everything a patient can expect of a doctor who provides you a new treatment, has been absolutely insane & none.
        When difficulties arose and didn’t arrive the expected improvements, the only answer we received after several messages, after several calls and many nerves due to the situation was: I am at a Conference and I can not assist you in several days.

        Finally he answered the drug was administrated at our own risk.
        However he had no doubt or delay at the time of charging the treatment ($10. 000) of the first 6 doses + imposing shipping costs (2x$814) for the “cellnute” blood sample as well as for the first 6 doses of the treatment.
        Another problem he didn’t talk about was the situation at the customs: This treatment can’t go through the European customs, unless you know a non-formal method to pass it through. The Denvax is sent as a medical treatment and no medicine can enter in Europe without authorization from the health authorities.
        But of course: They won’t say anything about this problem until you pay the treatment and you’ll find the problem when the treatment is retained in customs.

        In our concrete case they even send within my daughter treatment parcel, a cellnute for other customer and they did it without our consent or knowledge, ¡¡Incredible!!

        The hope of parents in finding any treatments that may lead to the cure of their sick daughter makes merchants like this Dr. Khan to get benefit from this situation, but in my opinion this person is NOT a doctor or a science man: He is a VERY BAD businessman.

        I clearly recommend not doing business with him and not trusting his words that are only supported on the hope in getting a cure. He said he had a similar cured case but when we ask more data about it, he said he had no possibility to give more info due to the protection of the privacy of the patient, what in my opinion it is almost impossible because any person who has passed a tumour as my daughters one, the only thing he would like is to let it know all around the world so that anyone in a similar situation could access this treatment.

        I can not comment about this dendritic cells technology because I am not a scientist. Perhaps it’s a solution to cancer, but it did nothing to improve my daughter, who died after the fifth dose.

        What is very clear for me is that if this technology is in the hands of merchants as Mr. Khan, the surest is that it is because it serves for nothing or if it does, it will do much evil before doing well.

        Such people as Mr. Khan discredit the good that may have a technology that could be valid.

        On the other hand it seems that in his laboratory it only work himself, because no one else answers to your questions, give you help or assistance…
        Finally after my Youtube claims on his profile, he erased all videos he has published and wrote me an email saying that if I felt fooled he was going to give the money back. I said yes and ask for the money but after several days with no answer he wrote me saying he was not going to give it back.

        A person with no ethic.

    • Pooja here :

      Hey Payal if tat dendritic cel theraphy really worked on ur mom then, plz let me know… as i want to treat my naani as she to sufferin from last stage of cancer……

      • Payal if tat dendritic cel theraphy really worked on ur mom then, plz let me know… as i want to treat my Mother as she to suffering from last stage of Ovarian cancer and what would be approx cost and duration of this treatments ?? …

  105. sir, my wife was operated for spindle cell sarcoma of abdomen on march 2012.after surgery she went for 5 week radiation (IGRT). NOW IN CT CHEST REPORT THERE IS A SMALL NODULE NEAR LEFT LUNG.IS IT DUE TO METASIS

  106. dear doc, i am a kenyan and looking for a hospital that can treat cancer of the intestines. i would prefer a hospital in the south for economic reasons. please respond.

    • My brother was diagonised with cancer of the stomach, underwent op now vomitting started again they inserted tube to remove bile like fluid from his stomach, results showd Ca right lung? metastasis of the liver; normal findings of abdomen CT scan. Kindly advise best hospital in India for this kind of cancer please.

      I live in Lusaka, Zambia

  107. dear Dr,
    My father suffering from lung and bone cancer for the last 5 months now he was taking Chemotherapy treatment in OMEGA Hospital in Hyderabad,he is in 4th stage give me suggestion for any another big hospital in India 4th stageoperation nd radiation is nt possible. Chemotherapy can b done to increase lyf by each chemo but it has too many sidw effect . I m confused What to do…????

    • One of my family member is also suffering from same type. if you found any thing pl. let me know. I am also looking at various options.

  108. Please let me know which hospital is best Dharamshila or Rajiv gandhi in Delhi
    My father just diagnosed multiple myeloma stage iii

    • I can’t say anything about Dharamshila, however never ever go to Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute because they don’t care about the patients at all no matter what their condition might be. There is huge rush of patients there and therefore doctors devote very little time to each patient. They just give a standard treatment, nothing special which you expect from a Expert hospital. And the cost of treatment is almost equal or in some case higher than big hospital chains such as Max, Apollo or Fortis etc.

      I am telling you this from my personal experience as my mother was operated there in Dec 2013 for ovarian cancer which was classified as stageIIIC after the surgery. The initial hospital bill ran for 2.6lakh + around 1Lakh of Pharmacy + 50,000 on various tests + 50,000 sundry expenses. So in all we spent 4.6 lakh initially. But due to the carelessness of the doctors my mother had to be admitted again in the hospital after just 3 weeks of surgery and the doctors said that she had some sort of infection. They kept her in the hospital for 10 days and even after that she did not have any satisfactory outcome. During our second hospitalization our hospital bill was around 70K + 80K on medicines + 20k on tests + 20 k sundry expenses. So in all we spent 6.5 lakh in Rajiv Gandhi with zero outcome. And the treating doctor was one of the most careless guy in that hospital. He didn’t listen to the problem at all. Always in a rush, just try to do as many surgeries as possible in a single day but he does nothing after surgery. After surgery the patient is left at the mercy of Nursing staff which is highly careless like their Bosses.

      After spending so much time and money at Rajiv Gandhi, we are back to square one. Now someone has suggested Apollo. Lets hope and pray for the best.

  109. please if anyone could tell me where to get treatment for cholangioca liver metastic deasease. its a kind of liver cancer. im from mauritius and my grandfather hav got it. please reply me if any one could give me some information about it

  110. My father at age of 72 is detected with pancreas cancer.
    The level of spread is not known but the doctors are not willing to treat stating the old age of my father.
    The lesion inside pancreas , at posterior part of pancreas, is of size 30 mm x 17 mm.
    Kindly suggest as to what should I do now to treat my father.

  111. Doctor,
    My father is 45 nd suffering from mouth cancer.
    I live in bhopal nd doctor here told us that its on 4th stageoperation nd radiation is nt possible. Chemotherapy can b done to increase lyf by each chemo but it has too many sidw effect . I m confused What to do…????

  112. sir my father is suffering from pancreas cancer…..now there is is in max hospital delhi…and doctor advised and take chemotheraphy …is there any chance for surgery after chemotheraphy …….plz reply me…

  113. Surely, the above mentioned are top notch hospitals in treatment of cancer. But as all know, the treatment for cancer does not cure it. It just prolongs the life, if possible. Now, the research is done on how to improve the quality of life along with the life expectancy. To this end, a treatment called ‘Dendritic Cell Therapy’ is available in India now. But only at specific centers. In north it is available in Noida and in South it is available at Bangalore.

    • @ Dr. Shihab

      Can you please name the hospital in Bangalore also which has this facility(Dendritic Cell Therapy)…

      My Mother is suffering from Lung Cancer and got spreaded to Bones also.


    • Dear Sir,
      Could you please let me know where I can get “Dendrite Cell Therapy” in Bangalore. As my father suffering Prostate cancer from last 5 years. Also please guide me any good hospital in Bangalore for Prostate treatment.

      Thanks in advance..

  114. I went to kidwai for my mothers treatment for thyroid cancer, the staff of kidwai neither knows hindi nor english a horrible situation people face when people coming from different states, canteen and dispensary closes after 8pm and no other canteen or dispensary near by kidwai I mesn a terrable situation u face, so if anyone think to come to kidwai first u first u have to know there language . My opinion is to go to tata hospital its the best cancer hospital in india

    • Hello Everyone..

      If your family is suffering from canncer youcan go to any hospital but never think aboutkidwai bangalore.The treatemt of kidwai is so worst you cant imagine.A fit persca can die in 10 days.I have lost my father due to doctor neglency.

  115. Two three days back I have found that my daughter’s neck is sightly swalloed. After consultation with the family doctor we got her Thyroid test. Just today I came to know that my Daughter is having thyroid, and her TSH is 9.6. Somebody has put us in suspicion that she may have cancer problem. Please help me how I can get the right diagnose and from which authenticated and credible medical institute. It will be a great help for me.

  116. dear Doctor,
    i am from Bangalore. my friend 22 years
    old is suffering from brain tumour in 3rd stage… And blood is also effected from brain tumour. whether is there any possiblity to recover her. Plz suggest me.. What we have to do Plz anytype inform. Plz help us.
    Thank you

  117. there is a 4 cm. cyst in my fathers urine bladder,doctor says it may be cancer and you must be operate and remove this cyst,can i go for ayurveda treatment if yes than tell me where,pls help me i am confused

  118. Thankyou sir for get in touch with top rated cancer treatment centers India. Very useful for affected peoples.

  119. dear Doctor,
    i am from sri lanka. my wife 32 years old is suffering from linfangitis in her lungs. as per doctor’s instruction he told me to contact you and ask wheather is there any possiblity to recover her. if it so i am ready to bring her to your hospital immediately

    awaiting with anticipating


    • No! Not at all! My Mom was identified with Cancer on 29th March 2012. She was suffering from “Poorly diferentiated Metastatic Carcinoma”. Doctors from Tata Medical Kolkata told me that She will be with us for few weeks to max a month! They even told that they will provide some oral Chemo and in her last few left out days they will not like to disturb her by admitting her to hospital or by giving Chemo!
      One of the doctor from medicine department gave her morphin to reduce her pain and the doze given was so strong that she went mad for a day unless we made her vomit out the medicine!

      By God’s grace she is perfectly OK now!! Thank God that I came to know of a small NGO based hospital where I took my Mom and she has recovered!

  120. One More ,Dharamshila Hospital and Research Centre in Delhi, India
    World Class Cancer Treatment is available here..

    • hi.. my father is 58 yr old. he is recently diagnosed with carcinoma stomach n we took treatment in DMC, Ludhiana. but m nt satisfied with d treatment….he has been operated on 20june. n dr said chemo should start after 21 days…. after dat we cn think hw much the prognosis is…. plss help me to knw hw much chances to improve…………..

      • dear

        May father is langa cancer last six month we have tretment for cancer hospital in civil place of ahemdabad civil
        Below tretment is completed
        1, baypshi cancer cell seen
        2, start chemo 6 dos with ct+rt than
        Onaly chemo 4 dos 290 mg
        Ct scan : tumer old size:65×35
        After tretment ct scan size: 34x40x30
        Tahn bypshi result is cancer cell seen
        No any impovment so pl give me more gied line who we can solve this problem so pl help me and any suggestion for this digiesss

        Gujarat india

        • Hi sir iam suffering from brain tumor last one year already done surgery and radiation treatment but ur arise now.doctor suggest to me again surgery and chemotherapy,please give suggestion to me for cure tumor in homeopathy and ayurvedhic medicine please sir

        • My mother is 72 and she is diagnosed of Non-hodgkin lymphoma cancer. Need advice as to which Doctor should be consulted. Ayurvedic, Homeopathic or Allopathic Doctors. Please Help.

          • You may call 9831358000 / 8335804444 no.. regarding your 72 years mother’s cancer.In our website you can see our excellent cancer treatment record.

            Thanks Regards

            Subir Dey
            Ruby General Hospital

        • massage for sanjivani caner care plz call me or mail me for the treatment my mother suffering
          from adeno lung cancer 4 stage urgently

      • Which of the above Hospital can perfectly Handle
        Cancer Treatment on a Patient with Hypertension,
        Heart Problem and Pneumonia. All Treatment. And
        Surgery we have here in Nigeria no Improvement.
        Please Help me with All details and Cost.

        Thank you.
        George B. O.

      • Hi, I am Deepak from Urgentcare Centre Delhi,
        We do Chemotheraphy at very reasonable rates & expert doctors for the same.

        Looking forward to serve you,

        Deepak Agarwal

      • hii,sir my uncle is suffering from carcinoma type cancer. we had operate on it in gujrat (Nadiad) in march-14. Now the doctors are giving EVEROMULIS medicene for 5 months and they suggest for radiotheorapy to stop the spreading of that cell. so i just want to know that ,the way that doctors are going are perfect or not,plz help me out…

      • Upon our experience in CA stomach, if it is in initial stage I mean stage 1/2 u can go ahead with giving chemo/radiation, better consult doctor for the same,

        If the stage is beyond 2 it would be difficult and u should act fast to save any person in that situation.

        the good hospitals could be ,

        Tata memorial ,
        Apollo for cancer , Chennai,’
        RCC, kerala

    • sir,my father is last 2 month liver sol cancer.At irst xeloda 70 pics then captabine.now what can i do?please give me sirgood idia

    • My cousin brother is suffering from leikumia is this a curiable one and please suggest me the best hospital which is very good in this and he is also suffering from fever and pain and he has already removed his spleen before 2 months back as he met with an accident.
      . so please suggest in a best way which helps us.


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