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Top 5 Best Cat Food Brands in India


Top 5 Best Cat Food Brands in India

Here we are introducing top five best cat food brands with price in India. These are leading in Indian market. All are providing high quality cat foods, which nourishes cat’s skin, hair and develop cat’s eyesight. Their products are available on online shopping sites. Most of the cat lovers are always confused about their pet’s food. Our list covers important details about top five brands. If you are looking for a good cat food brand, check out our list.

1. N&D Grain Free Cat Food

The Farmina cat food contains the best ingredients with the correct amounts of limited carbohydrates, protein, fats and advanced long life vitamins and minerals. It is a completed cat food for all life stages. The products received a good feedback from customers. It has a low glycemic formula. The N&D Grain Free formulas include of 30% vegetables, fruits, 70% animal ingredients (pre-cooking weight) and vitamins and minerals. Available at Rs. INR 3950 per 5 Kgs (approx).

2. Orijen Cat & Kitten Food

The Orijen is known as a company located in Alberta, Canada. Its low-carbohydrate and low-glycemic formula maintain healthy blood sugars. Their product makes the cat healthy, happy and strong. This product contains turkey, 20% of fruits, chicken, eggs and fish. DHA and EPA are also contained in their cat food formula. Besides, their cat foods are bursting with natural savory flavors that all cats love. Available at Rs. INR 2200 per 2.2 kgs (approx).

3. Bellotta Tuna in Chicken Jelly

Bellotta is considered as a part of The Absinthe Group, which is situated in a landmark building on the National Register of Historic Places. Bellotta Tuna in Chicken Jelly is made up of chicken, mackerel, chicken broth and tuna. Besides, it is enriched with vitamin E, water  and Gel powder. Available price is Rs. INR 180 per 185 grams (approx).

4. Meo Sea Food for Cats

Meo cat food is highly digestible. It nourishes cat’s skin and hair. Besides, enhance the cat’s eyesight, the immune system. It is very tasty. Available at Rs. INR 330 per 1.3 Kg. This product is made up of balanced nutritional formulation. The product contains ingredients like poultry meal, vegetable protein, brewers dried yeast, fish digest, shrimp meal, whole grain cereals, vitamins and minerals. Available price is Rs. INR 330 per 1.3 Kg (approx).

5. Jerhigh Jinny Cat Sea Food

Jerhigh Jinny Cat Sea Food is made of marinated with full delicious flavor comes in a tasty, chicken meat. It develops cat’s eyesight and nourishes cat’s skin and hair. The product is enriched with chandroitin, glucosamine and amino acids. Available at Rs. INR 224 per 105 grams (pack of 3 x 35 grams).


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