Top 5 Best Online websites To Buy Cloths in India

Best Online websites To Buy Cloths in India

Online shopping,bargains are latest trends of this era. Finding  cheap trendy clothes  from list of shops are available in the online stores.  Online shopping is a beautiful experience among the shopping lovers. It is a 24 hour shopping experience.Most of the online stores suggest that the clothes offered here are cheap of rate but when we approach to them they are clearly not cheaper.

It has also some related drawbacks like delay in shipping,can’t be felt,risk of loosing money. Now here comes New year below i enlist top 5 online shopping websites for clothes. So hurry ! buy clothes to splash this New Year Fiesta.


Amazon is a worlds one of the biggest online shopping terminal with several thousands of workers. One of the most reputed brand in the world. Amazon services are now available in Indian market and at present, the company holds a big part of Indian online shopping sector. Through amazon, ensures the quality of each cloths selling wide India. According to the different surveys, amazon comes first position in “Best online cloth sellers in Indian market“.

Payment options

Debit or Credit card,Net Banking,Cash on Delivery (Only select locations),Other.



Myntra is of the shopping website basically dealing with lifestyle,fashion. Myntra is now providing discounts on products like T-shirts,shoes,watches. it best deals on clothing items,shoes,apparels. Selling all products at best price. It is equipped with homogeneous collection of clothes. It is the unique site offering best deals on T-shirts, gift among others. It also offers sportswear and personalized gifts . The specialty about this website is that it is based on free shipping all over India. At present myntra is a part of online shopping giant named flipkart.

Payment options

Credit Card,Net banking, Debit cards ,Paymate,Cash-on-Delivery,Cheque


Flipcart is one of the leading website for not only buying books but also mobiles,mobile accessories,cameras,movies,music, televisions, refrigerators,A.C,washing machines,MP3 players  from list of categories.Flipkart is considered as one of the largest e-commerce in India.

Payment options

Debit or Credit card,Net Banking,Cash on Delivery (Only selected locations),Cheque

4. logo

Snapdeal provides all basic dealings ranging from products like restaurants,spas,travel to online products. It is of free delivery and is best  of cost. the products it offers are highly efficient. snapdeal is one of the best company to buy cloths online in India. Also a fast growing one.

Payment Options

Credit Cards,Net Banking,ATM & Debit Cards


Ebay is an american multinational company started at early of nineties. Total revenue is nearly 9 billion worldwide and now started selling products in India. Ebay is one of the most trusted brand and gives common people to sell their products easily through their portal. There are thousands of sellers registered in ebay india and selling their products worldwide. Ebay comes in this list with a quotation of “fastest growing online cloths merchants in India“.

Payment Options

Credit Cards,Net Banking,ATM & Debit Cards,COD (Cash on Delivery)

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