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Top 5 Best Quality Sanitary Pads in India


Top 5 Best Quality Sanitary Pads in India

Best Quality Sanitary Pads in India – full list of top 5 brands and famous models available here. In India most of the ladies using sanitary pads for managing with their periods. Monthly flow is a quiet disturbing experience for the women with blood loss and menstrual pain. Today working women and college and school going girls need long lasting and high quality pads for wearing for this week. Wearing of lampoon is not much popular in India as pads. You can also have panty liners during your periods. 

Choosing the Best Quality Sanitary Pads in India is very important and if failed, may affect the girl’s health too. Wearing a wet pad for too many hours cause more risk of infection. Change your pads every 4 to 6 hours. The materials used in making pads, may not be suitable for every one. Once you feel irritation, itching or redness on the kin after wearing a new product, change it as soon as possible. Below, I enlist top 5 Best Quality Sanitary Pads in India for ladies with leading brands and models. Choose best one for you. 


1. Whisper

Whisper is a top brand offers quality sanitary pads for women. They offer variety of pads for different usages. Whisper Ultra Clean Wings Sanitary Pad (Pack of 8) can be purchased at Rs. 75. This comes with stretchable wings will prevent leakage during the night and you can sleep comfortably. It features Heavy Absorbency, Thinner, 100 Gel Crystals, Stretchable Wings, Wings Wrap Snugly etc. 

Whisper Ultra Nights XL Wings Pantyliner (Pack of 7) priced Rs. 75. It is best for Extra Heavy flow with 317 mm length and features Super Absorbent Core. Whisper Maxi Nights XXL Wings Panty liner (7 pads Rs. 75) and Whisper Maxi Fit XL Wings Sanitary Pad 15 pads (Rs. 125) are other options. It features With Long Length and Wider Back, Silk and Comfortable Touch, Cotton Material. All these are disposable. 

Most Affordable Items

  • Whisper Ultra Sanitary Pads – XL Wings (30 piece Pack): Rs 265
  • Whisper Ultra Overnight Sanitary Pads XL Wings – 30 Piece Pack: Rs 287
  • Whisper Ultra Clean Sanitary Pads Large Wings – 30 Piece Pack: Rs 209

Stay Free

2. Stay Free

Stayfree is the nest top brand women trust for their monthly flow. Stayfree Secure Cottony Wings 20 Pads priced Rs. 65. These are Easy to dispose and extremely hygienic comes with soft cover and wings. Stayfree Dry Max Ut All Night 14 Pads priced Rs 140 and offers All night protection from stains. Stayfree Dry Max Ultra Thin 8 Pads Comes with quick easy wrap to dispose. It features Assured protection from stains, prevents leakage and comfortable touch. Stayfree Super Maxi Pads comes with Wick moisture technology it is too costly as around Rs 2,493/-. 

Most Affordable Items

  • Stayfree Dry-Max All Night Ultra-Thin with Wings – X- Large (28 Pads): Rs 242/-
  • Stayfree Secure XL Cottony soft (with wings, 20 pads): Rs 99/-


3. Bella

The Brand Bella makes pads with consideration of sensitive skin. The leave a delicate feel, super absorption for the better protection and ensures natural thickness provides secure sense. They offer pads with and without wings. Bella introduces low cost Bella Regular Wings Softi New Sanitary Pad (Pack of 8) for Rs. 26 as base model. For Rs. 22 you get wingless model. For heavy flow use, Bella Perfecta Ultra Heavy Flow A18 Sanitary Pad (18 pads for Rs. 129).

Bella Maxi Wings Drai A10 New Design Sanitary Pad (10 pads) priced Rs. 57, Bella Maxi Wings Softi A10 New Design Sanitary Pad available at Rs. 55 and Bella Regular Drai New Sanitary Pad for Rs. 26. If you have heavy flow use, Bella Ultra Heavy Flow A9 Sanitary Pad (Pack of 9) for Rs. 69 or Bella Ultra Long Deo A9 Sanitary Pad for Rs. 69.

Most Affordable Items

  • Sofy Side Walls – XL Dry (28 Count): Rs 188
  • Sofy Body Fit Anti Bacteria Sanitary Napkins – XL (Pack of 54): Rs 341/-
  • Sofy Body Fit Overnight – XXL (20 Pieces): Rs 289/-

Sofy Side Walls

4. Sofy Side Walls

Sofy Side Walls is a good sanitary pad manufacturing company. They makes special pads for day and night usage. Sofy Side Walls Bodyfit Extra Heavy Overnight Xxxl Sanitary Pad (Pack of 6) is the base model priced Rs. 158. Ideal for Extra Heavy usage. It comes with wings, 420 mm Length, Double absorbent Core etc. Sofy Side Walls Dry Ultraslim Xl Day, Xxl And Xxxl Night Sanitary Pad (20 pads) available at Rs. 253/-. It is for Regular usage.

Most Affordable Items

  • Sofy Bodyfit Anti Bacteria – 30 Count_XL: Rs 213/-
  • Sofy Body Fit Anti Bacteria Sanitary Napkins – XL (Pack of 54): Rs 341/-
  • Sofy Side Walls – XL Dry (28 Count): Rs 188/-

Health buddy

5. Health buddy

Health buddy is a good sanitary pads offering brand in India. Health buddy Lingerie Fit Regular Sanitary Pad (Pack of 40) priced Rs. 324. This is for For Regular Flow usage and disposable. The super soft cottony layer on top helps to prevent irritation or abrasions when being worn.

The company assured pads with unique anti-leak channels with multiple layers offers fast and better absorption of fluid. Health buddy Lingerie Fit Large Sanitary Pad (Pack of 40) at Rs. 342  and Health buddy Lingerie Fit Extra Large Sanitary Pad (Pack of 40) for Rs. 360/- are other options.

Most Affordable Items

  • Healthbuddy Lingerie Fit sanitary pad regular- 5 Packs of 8 pcs each: Rs 180


  1. i am sing Nurture organics sanitary pads… they are so soft and rash-free… no itching and feel so good. I really feel like i dont have periods! My doctor recommended it, because i had lots of problems…didnt knew about it.. i found it online. Try it once, really very soft and comfortable.

  2. Hai girls ! I think stay free is the best pad in india because stayfree help us to be comfertabel whisper is also good but i think stafree is best

  3. 05/06/17, 4:30:32 PM:
    Hari Om!
    Chinmaya Mission is a world wide spiritual organisation involved in spiritual teaching and positively contributing to the society. It runs educational institutions and hospitals too. The all girls orphanage Chinmaya Vijaya is located near Mangalagiri, Andhrapradesh and the Mission takes care of 110 girls and their boarding, lodging and education. The age group is from 4 years to 18. These children are from a very poor economic background. The ashram is run by CHORD – Chinmaya organisation for rural development. Drs. Mrs and Mr. Apparao Mukkala are the chief trustees of this ashram and are responsible for the smooth running of it.
    These children are in need of sanitary napkins on a regular basis and if pharmaceutical companies come forward to sponsor on a regular basis, it would be great help. The number of girls who are in need is around 100 and each child will need 12 – 14 napkins per month. We look forward to hearing from you.

  4. Use fine quality cotton pads with 100% absorbance which is availaible in Pune only.Lots of women using it and giving a positive feedback.

  5. I would recommend the cotton pads which are best because they have soft texture as well as soaks very well and donot cause any rashes or itching.While on the other side the ultra thin pads which has gel substance within them can lead to severe problems because these pads have a great capacity of soaking so there are chances of fungal or bacterial infections in your vaginal tract because these pads are used for a long duration like for 9,10 hours or more

  6. pro ease sanitary pads are not worth buying. They are so rough and dry which cause itching and rashes. These pads are much thickened as compared to other sanitary pads and their soaking ability is too poor. I would never ever recommend anyone to use them.
    Genuinely speaking i found whisper and stayfree as the best brands to be used.

  7. I used Bella ultra pads and it was good in the begging but for the second time the quality was not so good it doesn’t absorber instantly you ‘ll feel the wetness all the time and edges of the pad is not stitched properly due to which during heave flow it comes out n crate mess, although the product is not available every time . The same issue with traditional pad it doesn’t stick properly and packs were damaged so I need to think on hygiene part of the product

  8. Bella regular wings works for me. Its the blue packaging one. Their distribution network is not developed so i have problems procuring it.After trying the Sofy bodyfit XLarge it was a big joke. It just spreads a mess because it is too long and large.Men should stop designing pads. and She Ultra XXL was a waste of money as i leaked out of this too and felt uncomfortable because of the top plastic dry sheet. . I dont leak out of Kotex, Stayfree regular. These new pads with fancy explanations dont work well enough.


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