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Top 5 Best Room Heater Brands in India


Top 5 Best Room Heater Brands in India

Here is the list of top 5 Best Room Heater Brands in India. Hope this article will be a help for you when you search for the best room heater to suite for this winter season. Room Heaters are available in different types. This includes:- carbon, fan, Gas, Halogen, Infrared, oil filled, quartz, radiant etc. Those with fan or halogen is most common type.

  • Radiant type Room Heaters are the cheapest and Priced Rs 800 – Rs 1000. 
  • Convection room heaters offers constant flow of air around the heating coils and keep the temperature of coils low. 
  • Oil filled radiator room heater are the best among this and prices starts from Rs 6000 to 9000

Among the brands, Bajaj, Usha, Nova, Orpat and Crompton Greaves are so popular. Price starts as low as Rs 500 to Rs 15000 and above. Most of the quality products equipped with auto revolving features. Buying a room heater will keep warm and increase work efficiency. Check the list below and choose the Best Room Heater Brands in India for this winter season. 

Best Room Heater Brands in India

Nova Room Heaters

1. Nova Room Heaters

Nova offers cheapest and efficient Room Heater models in India. Price starts as low as Rs 995. Nova Superior Warmer NH 1230 STAR Fan Room Heater is the base model features adjustable thermostat and fan for Rs 9995 only.

Another model, Nova Super Warmer NH 1257 Superior Fan Room Heater features, adjustable Thermostat, Fan, Dual Storage Option and 1000/ 2000 Watts. Always avoid buying the cheapest model and choose efficient and safe product without considering price. 

  • Nova Instant Warmer NH 1210 COMPACT Fan Room Heater Rs. 1,395
  • Nova Super Warmer NH 1257 Superior Fan Room Heater Rs. 1,495
  • Nova Wall Mountable Warmer NH 1207 Wall Mountable Fan Rs. 1,845
  • Nova Compact Nh 1202/00 Blower Elegant Fan Room Heater Rs. 899
  • Nova Superior Warmer NH 1230 STAR Fan Room Heater Rs. 995

 Orpat Room Heaters

2. Orpat  Room Heaters

Orpat is one of the Best Room Heater Brands in India. They offer room heaters from price as low as Rs 689. Their Radiant room heaters are very cheap. Halogen Room Heater from Orpat gets 360 degree rotating base and features a modern and sturdy design. This heaters are portable with handle and they have safety tip over switch.

You can enjoy between 3 heat settings (400, 800 and 1200 w). Element heater from Orpat features no sagging and gets life long element. It has automatic heat cut off protection and can use as a fan. The company also offer quartz, PTC and convector heater models. 

  • Orpat ORH -1410 Radiant Room Heater Rs. 689
  • Orpat OQH-1230 Halogen Room Heater Rs. 820
  • Orpat OEH – 1260 Fan Room Heater Rs. 1,200
  • Orpat OCH – 1270 Halogen Room Heater Rs. 1,490
  • Orpat OPH-1240 Infrared Room Heater Rs. 2,099


3. Usha Room Heaters

Keep your winters warmer with the range of room heaters from Usha. This is one of the Best Room Heater Brands in India. Usha offers Fan heaters, Halogen Heaters, Heat convectors and oil filled radiators. Fan heaters coming with ultra slim design, LED display panel, PTC heating element, remote control etc. They use positive thermal co efficient technology for distributing heat evenly to the room. 

Halogen Heaters uses infrared therapy and according to company claim this can increase blood flow in body and relaxes muscle tension. Heat Convectors are another type which can be placed in variable heating positions. You can adjust the height of these heaters. Usha also offers Oil Filled Radiators type heaters. 

  • Usha 3002-QH Halogen Room Heater Rs. 1,075
  • Usha Hc 812 T Thermo Fan Room Heater Rs. 2,140
  • Usha FH812 Fan Room Heater Rs. 1,989
  • Usha Hc 423 Non Thermo Fan Room Heater Rs. 2,399
  • Usha 3212PTC Fan Room Heater Rs. 4,599

Crompton Greaves Room Heaters

4. Crompton Greaves Room Heaters

Crompton Greaves is one of the Best Room Heater Brands in India. Their Room Heaters comes as Heat Convectors, which is an ideal partner for cozy warm evenings & nights in winter. Top models supports Three heat settings and comes with an Adjustable Thermostat and Castor wheels for easy mobility.

  • Crompton Greaves FRH 1 Fan Room Heater Rs. 1,499
  • Crompton Greaves Heat Convector CG-EH2 Heat Convector Rs. 1,999
  • Crompton Greaves CG EH1 Fan Room Heater Rs. 2,250
  • Crompton Greaves CG-EH2 Fan Room Heater Rs. 1,949
  • Crompton Greaves CG-EH1 Fan Room Heater Rs. 2,600


5. Bajaj Room Heaters

Bajaj offers room heaters with International design and styling. Top models gets Adjustable thermostat for desired temperature. This device supports Noiseless operation and coming with Caster wheels for easy mobility. This is one of the Best Room Heater Brands in India. 

Safety features available in Bajaj room heaters includes, thermostat cutoff, Safety tilt switch, Thermal fuse, Manually reset thermal cutout, Auto reset thermal cutout etc. Bajaj room heaters are Approved by BIS (ISI marked) and coming with Warranty of 2 years. 

  • Bajaj Minor Halogen Room Heater Rs. 850
  • Bajaj Majesty RX 10 Fan Room Heater Rs. 2,699
  • Bajaj Majesty RFX 2 Majesty RFX 2 Fan Room Heater Rs. 1,890
  • Bajaj Majesty RX 7 Majesty RX 7 Fan Room Heater Rs. 2,099
  • Bajaj Flashy Radiant Room Heater Rs 840


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