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Top 5 Best Trusted Tyre Brands in India


Top 5 Best Trusted Tyre Brands in Indiabest tyre

Here is the list of Best Trusted Tyre Brands in India with price and features. You have to select the best tyre brand based on the need. If your first preference is Normal use, You can purchase Tubeless Radial as recommended by vehicle manufacturer.

Driving Off-Roading/Snow needs now or mud, all-terrain, snow or mud tyres for special performance. Bling Bling is to show off your tyres. Check the list of 5 Best Trusted Tyre Brands in India. Choose one from Best Trusted Tyre Brands in India for your needs.

1. Apollo

Apollo is the top brand which owns Dunlop tyre. The company is famous for manufacturing tyres for cars, trucks, HCV, LCV, SUV, OTR and tractors. For They also makes asymmetric tyres for passenger cars. You can choose best tyre for passenger vehicle, commercial vehicle or select the off highway tyre. 

2. Bridgestone

This famous Japanese tyre manufacturer is a top brand which is a supplier to the top notch motor sport known as Formula 1. They also capable of supply tyres to some Moto GP teams and many other racing events. This also holds the position: second largest year manufacturing company after Michelin.


Cavi Electrici Affini Torino (CEAT) an Italian based company enjoys top position in India for Tyre making and selling. They have two plants in India (Mumbai and Nashik). Their range of tyre are best for  heavy-duty trucks and buses, Light commercial vehicles, earth movers, forklifts, tractors, trailers, cars, motorcycles and Scooters and auto-rickshaws.

4. Michelin

Michelin is famous  French based company famous for their high speed tyres. They supplies their products to GP2 racing, World Rally Championship (WRC) etc. Their products are well known as they are manufacturing soft tyres which grip and handle well. Their special tyres are radial ply tyre. 

5. MRF

Madras Rubber Factory (MRF) is a famous tyre manufactures which supplies tyres for cars, bikes and Formula racing in India. It lies back in Chennai and they well promotes motor sports across the country through the MRF 4-stroke Karting Championship and rally championships. The Rubber used in MRF is bit hard and last long than any other brands based on users experience. 


  1. Bike Tyres is V. good on mrf tyres my bike 50000km ares till im like only mrf tyres
    My car all tyres is mrf it has been five-year fully yeurs and still going its 60000km and tyres are still vvvvv good i like hol life mrf tyres only
    Thanks MRF TYRES.

  2. I own Alto k10 … time to replace the tyres after 6 years … earlier tyres life over because of my less running … planning to remove car after 2 to 3 years … some one pl suggest best tyre ..

  3. Aeolus Tyres are the best ones for Indian roads…. I got the tyres from my nearby Phygital Store and so far it’s a pleasant experience

  4. Which tyre more suits for Maruti Suzuki SX4 ZXi Car on driving indian roads for long lasting with less maintaining and good service?

    • Actually the mrf is the best tyre manufacturer Mrf have wide range and variety . We have to know which variety suits perfect for a car and According to the roads which we drive through .

  5. I used to Bridgestone Tyre, it has been ten fully years and still going, it’s 46000km and Tyres are still good, really good and longer.

    • Hello Chetan,
      What is your vehicle and frequency of usage, I need replace my hond city care Tyres. I will rarely use my car once in 15 days.

  6. Continatal tyre is best becose my punture problem is solve. Brigstone B250 tyre is a poor tyre & Michlen tyre service is poor.

  7. Apart from this list, i would like to mention that from the past 2 years i am using Aeolus tyres, and trust me, it is really very good when it comes to grip, traction or wheel balancing. Also, it has a unique online platform called “Phygital store” where you can get your online ordered tyre instantly. I cant say about other brand, but my experience with Aeolus tyres has been really very good.

  8. 5 bolero with all maxxis ma751 tyres..running 5 years in a row all 58000 kms+ ….still in good condition…
    Thanks maxxis for giving great suv tyres…

  9. I am user of bridgestone tire.i used micheline and MRF before but i feel that bridgestone tire is giving more comfort grip and it gives more life to tires.now i just completed 55000 with my favorate bridgestone tire

  10. Dear Sir
    Hope you are doing good this is Alam from Green technology ltd, Taiwan, we are Tyres manufacture company we are looking Indian market, if have chance to have bigness with you guys please let me know, we do all kinds of tyres manufacturer.




  11. MRF is one of best Tyre in our country.
    mdras rubber factory.
    mostly we should use Indian substance as mulch as possible.

    • MRF tyres am using for my hondacity car past one and half years. It has done 28000kms, tyres quality is very poor, started humming sound after this .. Now I want replace to better brand…

    • michelline has more silica component in it and its not made for indias climate after a while u will see the rubber of tyre erepting frm it

  12. I used MRF in my bike unicorn, it has been six full years and still going.its 45000kms on my odometer and tyres are still good. Really last longer…

  13. super listing of best tyre brands in india. MRF is my favorite tyre because it will stay for a long period without complaint. I need a detailed review of MRF tyres.


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