Top 5 Best TV Brands in India

Top 5 Best TV Brands in India

Television market in India is one of the worlds leading manufacturer providing the customers with better facilities as per their demands. World renowned brands like LG,Samsung,Sony,Panasonic are the popular brands in Indian market. Considering upon the consumer tastes, preferences Indian market is having a fair share of Television brands.

LG Electronics


LG is the second biggest TV maker. LG has almost 75 entities around world for designing televisions,telecom devices. LG is the third largest manufacturer of cell phones. The following types of TV sets are LED LCD TVs,Plasma TVs,3D TVs,Color TVs,LCD TV’s. LG PZ950 has solid features, design, and performance, the LG PZ950 series will not be compared with other plasmas in its price range.


Sony Television

Sony is one of the major television product i  Indian market. Sony Bravia HD TV are of four types X Series 4K, 3D TV, and Internet TV. Sony XBR-HX 929 is one of the best-performing LED TV , the expensive local-dimming Sony XBR-HX929 competes well with the top plasmas.


Samsung TV

Samsung is also a best leading brand among the world’s electronic company in terms of sales. The wide range of television products it offers are Ultra slim Fit ,LED TV’s, LCD TV, Plasma TV. Samsung PND7000 is the plasma representing an excellent videophiles. Samsung PND8000 is a best in class designed features is the best plasma TV.


Toshiba TV

Toshiba is the global manufacturer of semiconductors and personal computers. It basically offers LCD TV. Toshiba deals  in electrical products,power systems, electronic materials and components.


Videocon TV

Videocon is the prominent leading television industry having 17 manufacturing locations across India. Apart from television  it provides  Washing machines, refrigerators, other home appliances.

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