Home Automobiles TVS XL 100 Moped Launched for Rs 29539 in India

TVS XL 100 Moped Launched for Rs 29539 in India


TVS XL 100 Moped has just Launched for Rs 29539 in India. This is a low-capacity moped comes in black, red, green, blue and grey colors. It is made for the rural customer, who needs a vehicle that delivers the ruggedness of a motorcycle and the utility of a scooter. 

This is powered by 4 Stroke Single Cylinder engine for good mileage. Engine features 99.7 cc Displacement and  makes 51.0 mm X 48.8 mm Bore X Stroke. Engine of TVS XL 100 Moped makes Max. Power of 3.10 kW(4.2 PS) @ 6000 rpm and Max. Torque of 6.3 Nm @ 3500 rpm on ride. 

TVS XL 100 Moped features Centrifugal Wet Type Clutch. Engine mated to Single speed gear box for smooth ride. The vehicle gets Fly wheel magneto 12V, 90W @ 5000 rpm  Ignition system. There is a Head lamp with 12V-35/35W, Tail lamp of 12V-5W and Break lamp of 12V-21W capacity. 

TVS XL 100 Moped v

TVS XL 100 Moped v

TVS XL 100 Moped packed with Speedo lamp of 12V-3.4W. There is a Horn and Indicator lamp with 12V-10 W. The vehicle measures Wheelbase of 1215mm and equipped with a Fuel tank capacity of 4 ltr. (including 1.3ltr reserve). It supports (Front & Rear) 2.5 X 16 Tyres.

TVS XL 100 Moped packed with good braking and suspension. There is drum Brake (Front & Rear) 80 mm Dia & 110 mm Dia. Suspension used is Front Telescopic spring type hydraulic and Rear Suspension is Swing arm with hydraulic shocks. The vehicle weighs 75 KG and can carry Payload (kg) of 130.

TVS XL 100 Moped Price in India: Rs 29539/-


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