Home Informations Types of Debit Cards in India Provided by Banks and its Uses

Types of Debit Cards in India Provided by Banks and its Uses


Types of Debit Cards in India Provided by Banks and its Uses

Here we are introducing an article about different kinds of Debit cards in India. These are used by people in India to make purchase, payment etc. There is no need to carry the money, while using these cards. Each of them prevent you from overspending and keep your money within budget limits. Debit cards allow to use online services also. If you want to know more about these debit cards, check out our list. The list includes almost all the core details about these kinds of cards.

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1. Visa Debit Cards

Visa Debit Card is an ATM / Debit card, which is issued by number of banks and financial institutions to their customers. You can easily access funds 24/ 7 and book flight reservations, hotel reservations, restaurant reservations, ticket purchases, etc. The Visa Global Customer Assistance Service will assist you with any card related issues or queries. Its network is worldwide. 24 Hour Concierge Service is available. This is the quick and secure way to make purchase. There is no need to carry money.

2. Visa Electron Debit Cards

Visa Electron is known as a debit card, which is available across most of the world. There is no overdraft feature offered by this card. The card was launched by Visa in 1985. Bank of India, Syndicate Bank and Bank of Maharashtra provides Visa Electron debit cards. Most of the online stores as well as all offline terminals such as flight and trains do not support Visa  Electron. The Visa Electron Debit Card user will never be allowed to overspend at any stage and will never fall into debt. The user can shop or pay utility bills etc through online.

3. MasterCard Debit Cards

This is a faster, safer and more convenient way to make payment. It allows the customers to access their funds worldwide. The user can automatically pay utility bills. The card is accepted by millions of merchant locations worldwide. The card holders can enjoy 24 hours of uninterrupted banking services. The card provides you the convenience of enjoying your dream vacation or paying for daily needs. This card holders can withdraw cash from an ATM, no matter where you are in the world. It enables the user to keep a detailed monthly record of all the purchases you have made during a particular month.

4. Contactless Debit Cards

Contactless Debit Cards offer greater security to its customer. There is no need to handover the cards to the merchant and the transaction process will complete by holding the debit card in his own hands. ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, SBI Bank, HDFC Bank etc are provided contactless card. The contactless payment systems use sophisticated chip technology and multiple levels of encryption. The card will useful at the time of transactions in a busy market or retail environment. When you compare the Contactless Debit Cards with the normal debit cards, its transaction speed is almost doubled.

5. RuPay Debit Cards

RuPay is known as a brainchild of RBI. Their Debit Cards offer secure transaction to the customer. It is accepted in about 10,000 e-commerce sites and more than 8 lakh POS terminals. The private banks, public sector, co-operative and rural banks etc are providing this card. The card holders can easily use this even in rural areas. The transaction cost is very low when we compared to the other debit card. There are more than 1.8 lakh merchant terminals in India accept the RuPay Debit Cards.

6. Maestro Debit Card

Maestro Debit Card is considered as a flexible, fast and safest way to make payment. The card is protected by a very advanced security system. It is recognized by over 1.5 crore POS terminals in India. Almost every major bank uses Maestro as their choice of debit card. There is a very low transaction costs, while using this card. The card holders can also use it during the time travelling overseas. Syndicate Bank, Punjab National Bank, Oriental Bank of Commerce, Bank of Rajasthan and State Bank of India are distributing the Maestro Debit Card to the customer.


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