Unique Company ID and E-Signature in Entrepreneurship

Have you heard about the Unique Company ID and E-Signature in Entrepreneurship. Both these are new concepts in India will be officially introduced soon as a part of simplified Entrepreneurship. According to sources, there is a Single ‘Unique Company ID’ For All Purposes and E-Signature To Replace Corporate Stamp.

At present in India, you need various ‘numbers’  like Permanent Account Number or PAN; Corporate Identity Number or CIN; Tax Deduction Account Number or TAN for running a company. 

Unique Company ID and E-Signature in Entrepreneurship

In order to simplify entrepreneurship Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) and Ministry of Corporate Affairs planning to introduce one common number for running various business establishment in India. So you need not to be maintained separate corporate, employer and tax payer identification numbers.

This upcoming unique single number work on Centre’s or National Level. This will make filing returns and declarations easier. Another technology is the E-Signature To Replace corporate stamp. This will be linked with Aadhar Card and you can use for  Govt. schemes such as Digital Lock.

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