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Vivo – Global Technology Company full Information


Vivo – Global Technology Company full Information

Vivo is a global technology company, which was founded by Shěn Wěi in the year 2009 as a sub-brand of BBK Electronics. It is headquartered in Dongguan, Guangdong, China. This is the another Chinese smartphone company to enter India recently. They hold the fifth position, ousting Xiaomi. They design, develop, and produce software, online services, smartphones and smartphone accessories.

This is known as a leading global smartphone brand. They have a global market share of 5.9% in Q3 2016. The key figure is Shěn Wěi (President and CEO). The product range includes Smartphone Accessories, Software, Smartphones and Online Services. Vivo is a subsidiary of BBK Electronics. They manufacture low-cost Android phones, which are available on online shopping sites.

The company entered the telecommunication and consumer electronics industry with wireless phones as well as landline phones. Their popular mobile models are X5Pro, the X5Max, and the Xshot. Their first online channel exclusive model is Vivo V5s. The company is well known for it’s focus on stylish and premium looking devices.

The best selling mobile models are V5s, V5Plus, V5, v5lITE. Today, their smartphones are the sponsor for the Indian Premier League editions 2016 and 2017. They established themselves as a Hi-fi & Smart brand. The Vivo X6 being its top-selling smartphone. For more details about Vivo, log on to Vivo Global or Vivo China.


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