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What Should Do, If You Lost Your Voter ID?


 What Should Do, If You Lost Your Voter ID?

Here we are introducing an article, “What Should Do, If You Lost Your Voter ID?” he Voter ID is issued by Election Commission of India. It is very essential during the time of election and for other needs. This proof is required for many purposes such as applying for a passport, purchase a mobile phone SIM etc. Electoral Photo ID Card (EPIC) is the another name of Voter ID. We are given some steps to get a duplicate Voter ID card. You should follow it. 


How to Get Duplicate Voter ID if you Lost the Original?

First, you need to file the FIR. Then, the copy of FIR should keep for further procedure. Next, fill up the all required aspects in the Form 002, which is used for the issue of the voter ID card. Attach the FIR copy along with this form. Besides, you should attach driving license/ passport with the form. A driving license/ passport is commonly considered as proof of your identity.

After completing these steps, visit your regional chief election commission office and submit the file. Then, you will receive a receipt. Check the status of your duplicate Voter ID card through online. You will get the information about the date of the voter card delivery. Today, you can apply for a duplicate Voter ID card through online.

First, log on to the election commission website. Then, download the Form 002. Next, fill the form with the correct details. Visit to the local election registration office and submit the form along with FIR, proof of identification and other mandatory documents. If you are not provided mandatory documents such as FIR copy and proof of identification, the duplicate Voter ID Card may not be issued.


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