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WhatsApp is Planning to launch Business App for Free


WhatsApp is Planning to launch WhatsApp Business App for Free

The standalone messaging app, WhatsApp reveals the making of WhatsApp business app to communicate with company’s via WhatsApp messages instead of email or phone calls.

In its official blog WhatsApp has posted ‘Building for People, and Now Businesses’ to announce that it is in the process of making a new app that will help to connect people with businesses. This business app is in the last stage of development, that is in the testing process.

The new app will encrypt the conversation with businesses and also it can block unwanted contacts. If You get a message from a contact number that is not in your list, it’s registered name will appear instead of their contact number.

The company  says that the enterprise solution will  be initially free but it is planing to charge businesses. Functionality offered by Business app and enterprise solution are the ability to make a confirmed profile with information’s like address, description, and hours, plus “Features that helps manage customer chats like away messages  when businesses are not able to respond at the moment.”

WhatsApp is focusing to create a business app that will help firms like airlines, e-commerce sites and banks to send useful information’s like flight departure time, loan details and other details.

More than 1 billion people all over the countries are using WhatsApp to stay in touch with friends and family, anytime and anywhere. In 2014, Facebook acquired WhatsApp  for $19 billion. Now also many businesses in countries like India and Brazil are using WhatsApp to send messages to customers.


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