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10 Reasons to Leave Earth and Explore the Space


Reasons to Leave Earth and Explore the Space

Here are the 10 Reasons to Leave Earth and Explore the Space. Earth is the third planet from the Sun and just one of eight planets in our solar system. This is the largest of the terrestrial planets. This is also the only planet in our solar system not to be named after a Greek or Roman deity.

The sun appears to move across the sky, but it is the earth that’s turning. The earth travels all the way around the sun once every year. Earth believed to formed approximately 4.54 billion years ago and this is the only known planet to found to support life. 

1. Artificial intelligence (A.I.)

With more and more scientific development, Artificial intelligence grows and this can take over many of our current day jobs. Then vehicles that can drive themselves without problems of sleeping/texting/calling while driving. This technology is improving day by day and once it  becomes mainstream, Millions of people worldwide are employed in transportation will lose their jobs. 

2. Extra Terrestrial (ET)

As per the Arthur C. Clarke “Two possibilities exist: Either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.” The institutes who research this subject, keeping an ear on outer space for decades. They listening for potential transmissions coming from our possible neighbors.

Reasons to Leave Earth and Explore the Space

3. Diversity in Traditions and health

Leaving Earth and starting colonies on faraway worlds helps in maintaining our cultural diversity and health status. Those who fear about the  loss of cultural identity, can migrate to space. Another concern for exploring the space is global plague. Once this spread, this will become uncontrollable in a world where everyone is connected. 

4. Exoplanets

We are just like a at in a maze. Whether the Milky Way has two or four arms swirling around its core. Somewhere between the galaxy’s middle and its edge, Our Solar System is situated. That;s why we are safe from deadly radiation is being produced. There is no heavy elements like carbon, calcium and iron. 

5. The Asteroid belt

The Asteroid belt is situated between Mars and Jupiter. Size of this Asteroid belt locates varies from small dust particles to bodies 940 km (530 miles) across. One can extract platinum, iron, gold, silver and other metals, more than from earth. Once everything is right, Mining these asteroids could be done with the help of the robots.

Reasons to Leave Earth and Explore the Space

6. Venus

While you hear about Venus, One may have the image of the molten rock with oceans of liquid methane. Suggestive of sulfuric acid rain pushed down by an atmospheric pressure greater than a kilometer of water. But 50 kilometers above the surface of Venus, conditions are good and similar as in earth. This also can can shield us from most of the Sun’s UV rays. This is the most favorable place for human life in the entire Solar System with pressure similar to home. 

7. Mars

Another Reasons to Leave Earth and Explore the Space is the availability of Mars. Various important Plans and projects are already unfolding about living in mars. In future, You can go to another planet and call it home. 7 months will take to reach mars and there is hard to live with poor breathable atmosphere or temperatures above -70C from Mars itself.

8. Space Tourism

Seeing the Earth from really high up cost the amount which is beyond most of our means. If you have some additional 30 to 35 million dollars for a space tour, Russians will be very happy to take you on a flight. Half a dozen companies working for bringing us into space at well affordable cost for every one. 

Reasons to Leave Earth and Explore the Space

9. Moon

From the lunar soil samples brought back from the Moon, scientists have discovered presence of large amounts of helium-3 (He3). All this happened in less than 70 years. This is a very important key ingredient which is best for nuclear fusion. He3 is proved to be capable of providing the world with enough energy to last centuries.

10. Exploration

Humans settled the entire world and  left with little to investigate, with the exception of space. So once we have chances to go and stay there, you will get incredible uncertainty and risk. Just like  Columbus, Marco Polo and Magellan to Apollo and Soyuz, selected people will be funded by states and send them to space for exploration. 


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