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Top 5 Best Bridal Beauty Tips For Indian Brides

Top 5 Best Bridal Beauty Tips For Indian Brides

It is the dream of every single women to be beautiful and attractive on the wedding day as a princess. If you care well from days before the marriage you can surely be so smart and fresh on the of wedding too. There are five important and must do areas for a bride. Your face, body, health, hair all are equally important. The make up and costume should be match perfectly. You may have problem with the pimples, tan, dry hair, dry skin etc. The actual make up for your body and other problems should start month before. If you are going to get marry soon you must read it.

Beauty Treatment Areas Must Do For the Bride

  • Pimple And Tan Removal
  • Facial And Bleach
  • More shining And fairness For Face
  • Body Polishing And Scrub
  • Hair Treatment

Pimple and Tan Removal

  • In order to remove and prevent pimples and tan due to exposure to sunlight care must start before few weeks of marriage
  • During those days near to marriage avoid exposing to sunlight as soon as possible
  • Use a well suited sunscreen r lotion if you have to go out in sunny day
  • Just control your diet with less oily and fat containing food items likes sweets and chocolates
  • You will get lot of chances to eat sweet and chocolate and rich foods during after marriage programme so control the diet as much as possible for your skin and health
  • Pimple prevention treatment should do from an experienced beautician before few weeks of marriage itself
  • You can consult the beautician for anti tan treatment if you have tan in face or body
  • Care your body and Skin as you care for the face, Apply packs and use beauty treatments for body also

Facial and Bleach

  • Facial is the must thing to get glowing and beautiful skin for the marriage function
  • If you are not fair much you can opt bleach along with facial
  • Most of them usually prefer to bleach skin including body to increase the fairness
  • Bleach will help to lighten the hair color over face and body
  • If you have more hair over face and body try waxing first and then bleach otherwise the golden colored hairs will be projected more
  • Consult a beautician and based on her advice choose the best bleach and facial package suite for your skin
  • Your skin may be dry after the bleach so apply some nourishing cream to make it Moist
  • Micro derma facial is a nice option for best glowing skin by removing all dead cells

More shining and fairness For Face

  • Please don’t concentrate only on increasing the skin fairness, rather than try for a healthy skin
  • Skin glow and smoothness is more important than the fairness of skin so have fresh fruits and vegetables as much as you can
  • You can try for refreshing facial/clearing facial etc to increase the skin beauty
  • Apply trusted and proven home remedies for extra fairness
  • Have lots of water daily and apply moisturizer to balance the tone and moisture of skin
  • Please don’t try any new fairness creams or unknown chemicals before marriage to get fairness it may cause severe allergic reactions
  • Be relaxed and free from tension always for healthy and beautiful skin, Sleep well for 6 to 7 hours

Body Polishing and Scrub

  • Now a days the brides are more concentrating on the health and beauty of body too
  • You can try for a body polishing to improve the glow and beauty of your body as face
  • In the body polishing treatment first scrub the whole body with a good scrubber and then exposing to mild stem
  • Steam treatment will help to remove the dead cells and gives more shining.
  • After steam treatment can apply fruit pack and massage well
  • With the application of body pack the body polishing is over
  • The treatment will clearly improves your skin tone

Hair Treatment 

  • For beautiful hair try protein treatment or spa/mini spa
  • Use only mild shampoo and quality conditioner
  • Can apply henna once or twice in a month for thick and healthy hair
  • Hot oil treatment will help in good scalp blood circulation
  • Anti dandruff and anti hairfall treatment should start one moth before the marraige
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  • Thanks a lot for sharing this write up and the stunning pictures with the girls like me who are brides to be. All the above stuff generator lot of ideas in my mind to make my looks more beautiful for my wedding day. Thanks a lot keep updating.