Anti aging tips for you


Anti aging tips

Center for Disease control and prevention has researched that an average American can live upto 78.5 years. The tendency to live more can be attained through exercising  having diet that contains whole foods like vegetables and avoiding foods which are fried trans-fats and hydrogenated oils and foods  with added sugar.

Tips for Anti-aging

1. Floss

Regular disease may lead to inflammation and risk of cardiovascular risk might increase. According to American Academy of Periodontology people having gum disease are more prone to heart disease. Inflammation of gums will cause the arteries to accumulate plaque.

2. Eat Indian food

Turmeric an active Curcuminoid among the yellow spice mainly found in Indian curry is considered as  healing agent. It is also beneficial as anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and liver-cleansing properties. It is used for the treatment of cancer.

3. Intake of aspirin

Aspirin intake for a day will normally increase life. Aspirin also has side effect when it is taken continuously. Aspirin reduces cancer risks. Aspirin intake will also lead to gastro-intestinal bleeding.

4. Omega-9 fatty Acid

It is made naturally by eating foods which are highly rich in monounsaturated oils like olive oil which extends life. Olive oil is beneficial for reducing the risk of stroke. Inflammation leads to degenerative disease. Omega-9 is an anti-inflammatory substitute. They make the cells and neurotransmitters to communicate with the brain faster .

5. Consumption of dark chocolate

Dark chocolate are helpful in reducing the blood-pressure and also helpful in preventing cardiovascular problems. Flavonoid-rich cocoa consumption  improves blood pressure, insulin resistance and lipid profiles.

6. Checking Hormone

As the energy level and sex level is low comparatively and if  the muscle is degenerating , bio-medical hormone may relatively help. Hormones will make healthy cell. After the age of  25-30 hormone level declines substantially.

7. Low cholesterol level

Low cholesterol will lead to more cardiovascular diseases. According to  American Heart Journal more than 75 percent of 136,905 heart attack patients has healthy cholesterol levels.

Slowing the aging process takes many different steps to achieve the desired process and end result.It includes  proper diet, exercise, and supplements . Age management is a complex process that involves dedication and desire.

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  1. Now a days everyone need to do this things. everyone is getting age early… so please read this article….. Anti aging tips for you is good article…

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