Home News Apple iTunes Store Avilable in India. Rs 7 For One Song

Apple iTunes Store Avilable in India. Rs 7 For One Song



Apple is providing i Tune store to India which enables the consumers to buy music, rent movies. It is comprised with a message “Now you can shop at the world’s No.1 music store” viz  browse, buy songs anytime.

Since today Indian iTunes Store has got up with some books and podcasts. From now onwards  it can buy from Bollywood songs Tamil film songs , international music from all major labels.  iTunes Match service in India has been introduced for the user to provide services other than iTunes, in iCloud. It comprises of Rs1,200 per year.

Despite of such many specifications it lacks TV shows listed like other international markets provide. In India it costs upto Rs 7 – Rs 15 and albums range from Rs 70. Movies are available at the rate of Rs 80 in SD and can be better bought at Rs 290.

It has been considered as one of the major iTunes Music Store in April 2003 in U.S. Now it is providing TV shows and is made available to 97 countries. By June 12 Asian countries  Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan are being included. Yet India has not been mentioned in the list.


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