Ashok Leyland Boss Truck Price In India – Full Specifications

Ashok Leyland Boss Truck Features and Price In India

Ashok Leyland  Boss Truck Review

Ashok Leyland recently launched their new truck “Boss” with an aim to improve the participation and market share in the ICV (intermediate commercial vehicle)  segment.  Ashok Leyland  Boss Truck price starting at an ex-showroom price of INR 11.9 lakh. The European-design cab Boss will be available in two variants,  LE and LX.


LX variant is much in good comparison than LE. LE version will packed with a 120 HP H-series BS3 engine which is mated with 6-speed overdrive gearbox.  LX variant powered by 130 HP common rail engine which have automated manual transmission option for a smooth drive and a factory-fitted air-conditioning.

Ashok Leyland Boss Truck Hot Features

  • Hydraulic power steering
  • Ashok Leyland-badged Avia trucks
  • Hydraulic cab tilt
  • Two variants – LE and LX
  • 3 models with haulage of 9.6T, 11.9T and 12.9T GVW
  • State of the art cabin
  • Service interval of 40,000km
  • Industry-first Automated Manual Transmission (AMT)
  • 3 year anti-perforation warranty for cabin
  • 5 year replacement guarantee for rear LED lights

Available Variants

This intermediate commercial vehicle badged under AVIA trucks brand. This truck is manufacturing  in Pantnagar, Uttarakhand. The truck can choose by the customer based on  Gross Vehicle Weight. These variants are 9.6T, 11.9T and 12.9T GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight).

The company says the  (AMT) Industry-first Automated Manual Transmission is used in this truck which eliminates the  need of clutching and offers safe and smooth drive without fatigue. Each of these three models (9.6T, 11.9T and 12.9T GVW ) will available in 2 variants LE and LX.

Ashok Leyland Boss LE Features

  • 120 HP H-series BS3 engine
  • in-line fuel injection pump
  •  6-speed manual gearbox
  • 120 HP power

Performance of Ashok Leyland Boss

Ashok Leyland Boss Truck is a performance oriented truck. It is Equipped with a powerful engine. The truck have a overdrive gear box and packed with best-in-class turning radius (15.3m) too. The 120 HP engine offers good mileage.

It is mated with Overdrive 6-speed gear box. For your safety and comfort it is fitted with Full air, dual-line, S-cam brakes. The Boss Truck is highly performance oriented with  top speed of 96kmph. Another great feature is a wider brake line spacing (170mm).

Ashok Leyland Boss LX Features

  • 130hp common rail diesel engine
  • Industry-first Automated Manual Transmission (AMT)
  • No need of clutching
  • Factory fitted AC

Ashok Leyland Boss Truck Reliability

Ashok Leyland Boss Truck is comes with high reliability. The Truck features a cabin with electro-coated for rust prevention. The frame fitted in this powder coated for rust prevention. The thickness of frame is different (5mm/6mm/7mm)  and so it is suitable for variety of applications.

Electro-coated load body is for rust prevention. The fuel tank have 208ltrs, it is a cross-polymer tank that will be outlive the vehicle. Rear lights of this one is illuminating LED lamps which comes with 5 year replacement guarantee. The 24-v double layer electrical connection gives safe and efficient power supply.

Ashok Leyland Boss Truck Comfort

The Boss features excellent comfort facilities like adjustable seats, factory-fitted music system, mobile phone charger, large storage space and Quarter-vent. Boss equipped with Tilt-able & Telescopic Steering, Blower (optional), Suspended Cabin, Hydraulic Cabin Lift etc. The BOSS also features facilities like Magazine Pouch, Mobile, Cup, Bottle & Coin Holder, Interior LED Light, Driver Kit.

Ashok Leyland Boss Truck Price In India: Rs 11.9 lakh Onward

Ashok Leyland Boss Truck Full Technical Specifications

BOSS 912-LE BOSS 1112-LE BOSS-1212-LE

H-series, 4-cylinder diesel engine with in-line fuel injection pump (FIP)

Maximum power

120HP @ 2400RPM

Maximum torque

415Nm @ 1600RPM


310 mm diameter, single dry plate, push type with hydraulic actuation and clutch booster


6-speed overdrive gear box, FGR- 6.93:1

Front axle

Reverse Elliot, ‘I’- section

Rear axle

Fully floating, single reduction cast hyp



BOSS 1113-LX



‘H’ series, 4-cylinder engine with Common Rail injection System.

Maximum power

130HP @ 2500RPM

Maximum torque

             450Nm @ 1500RPM


14″ diameter


             6-speed overdrive gear box, FGR- 6.93:1, Automated Manual Transmission (AMT)

Front axle

Reverse Elliot, ‘I’- section




ASHOK LEYLAND BOSS 1212 LE  Model has been discontinued and you will get second hand vehicle only in market.

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    August 30, 2016 at 7:46 pm

    6-speed overdrive gearbox, FGR-6.93:1 5 speed manual, FGR-7.88:1
    120 Hp @ 2400 rpm 115 Hp @ 2800 rpm
    415 Nm @ 1600 rpm 400 Nm @1400 rpm
    3298 cc 4462 cc

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    1) pulling is very good
    2) wheel base wise also no issue
    3) shape good
    4) engine and transmission super
    5) chassis frame no doubt good
    but only problem is milage wise to compare other products like either new pro and Tara ultra and benze we are getting lesser milage .
    customers opinion is true or any part needs to be changed to improve milage
    please take a call on this because in mangalore more dominated segments are likes ecomet and boss.
    Please contact us for any new vehicle purchase
    M Guru raj

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