Ayurveda Beauty Tips For Healthy and Beautiful Skin



Ayurveda Beauty Tips are easy to try and offer better results. Beauty, in the Ayurveda sense in not only on external appearance and make up. The real beauty is inside you and you have to try for getting it to out whole over your body and on your face. The real beauty only the result of general good health and Ayurveda regimen. Stop using harmful  artificial chemicals for instant beauty.

Try there natural Ayurveda Beauty Tips without any side effects over you. We are here gathering locally available and economically suited best cosmetic items which can be used for every one to preserve and enhance their beauty for a long time. Try these simple steps and comment your wonderful results to us. Come back to nature and get natural beauty.

20 Beauty Secrets for Attractive and Glowing Skin



  • Caster oil For Attractive eyes:

Before going to bed at night to sleep just apply caster oil as you make up your eyes with eye pencil or eye liner. This is the best tip to improve your vision and will get attractive eyes with more shining. You can apply the same over eyebrows and lashes to get thick lashes.


  • Turmeric Benefits:

Apply freshly prepared turmeric paste whole over the body including face before bath, keep it for some time and wash well. It will Remove the bad body odor, and prevents unnecessary hair growth. Avoid applying it over eyebrows and eye lashes. It is the best avialble natural product to increase the fairness of skin.


  • Oil Massage:

Before going to bath apply any oil like olive oil or coconut oil whole over the body and massage well. Take few minutes rest allow the sweat to get dry. Massage face with fingers in round movements using quality oil for skin.


  • Use This Instead of Soap/shampoo:

During bath to remove the dirt and oil use green gram powder/Black Gram Dal powder for best result instead of soap. It is the best natural cleanser or soap will give you smooth and shining skin. The same powder mixed with water or rice water can be use a natural shampoo for thick hair.


  • Mushroom Secrets:

The locally avialble small sized mushrooms are the excellent source of vitamins, amino acids and minerals. Include these in your daily diet as much as possible. They have the magical power to control body weight and offers good body shape.


  • Ayurveda pack for Fairness:

Use  wild turmeric paste in mix with coconut milk or cow milk+ Honey+kesar as a face pack. You will get more and more fair skin with each use.

  • Ayurveda pack to remove wrinkles:

Clean your face well first and then apply a mixture of honey+Lemon juice over the face and neck. Keep it for 20 minutes and wash in cold water after the time, it will prevents and removes the skin wrinkles and to make skin smooth.

  • Ayurveda pack for Shining skin:

Apply mixture of well ripe tomato juice+honey over the face and neck. Keep it over face for one hour and wash well after in mild luke warm water. You can see results with shining and glowing skin.

  • Ayurveda pack To treat pigmentation:

Apply mixture of sandal powder+milk+honey over face or body to remove pigmentation and dark spots.

Bowl of Olive Oil


  • Sesame oil:

The best hair oil if you have problem with hair fall and thin hair. Apply it on a daily basis and wash well during bath with Ayurveda shampoo to avoid the concentrated smell.


  • Curry leaves:

Another great Ayurveda product from nature to use for your hair. Prepare the oil by mixing lots of curry leaves as plain or paste form and boil well. Apply this natural oil over hair and scalp and massage well. You can see growth of thick and black hair.



  • Fenugreek benefits:

The best product to use as a natural shampoo in powdered form mixed with water for hair. It have the amazing capacity of cleansing scalp and hair and preventing hair fall. A paste of freshly prepared Fenugreek can apply over hair a pack and keep it for some and and wash well in water to get thick hair. The fungus infection of hair and damages/brakes in hair can be best treated with this.



  • Almond oil:

Apply an equal mixture of almond oil and coconut oil over your hair once and massage well. Do this once in a month you will get thick hair with extra shining.


  • Tulasi or Ocimum tenuiflorum:

Tulasi is best to treat skin and hair problems. Just keep few leaves in your hair before going to bed in night time and remove it in morning. The problem with pediculosis will get resolve instantly. Add few tulasi leaves to you daily drinking water or coffee/ tea to increase its taste and smell.



  • Neem Benefits:

A mixture of freshly prepared neem paste and turmeric works wonders on your skin in preventing and removing pimples. Use lots of neem leaves boiled and cooled water to take bath. It will resolve problem with the dandruff and bad body odor.



  • Ladies finger:

Make the ladies finger into fresh paste in mix with water and apply it over your foot and toes you will get beautiful and smooth feet.


  • Ayurveda pack for beautiful feet:

Apply Mixture of pineapple juice+vinegar+egg white for half an hour. Wash well in warm water after the time, it will make your feet attractive.



  • Treat cracked lips:

Application of mixture of pinch of salt and ghee over lips will prevents and treat lip cracks.



  • Horse gram:

A mixture  of horse gram powder+fresh tomato juice will remove the excess oil from your face and keeps skin looking younger. It is a well known Ayurveda medicine aids in weight loss and blood pressure management.

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