Best 5 Wall Paint Companies in India – Top wall paint companies list 2018

Best 5 Wall Paint Companies in India 

Here is the list of Best 5 Wall Paint Companies in India. Have a beautiful home by own is the colorful full dream of every one. No doubt the design and combination of wall paint in various colors are the top most factors contributing to the attractiveness of your home. The Indian paint industry is one of the fastest growing industries with crores of profit.

There are mainly two categories of paints decorative and industrial paints. Decorative one is the most common that we used for our home painting. Industrial paints are used for the automobile and marine painting works. While choosing paint you should be extremely careful about the quality of that brand.

Because there are a lot of unorganized players are in this field with cheap and harmful paints. So know which are the best brands that will long last as per your need and choose that one for your walls without worry about failure. Here we are listing the top five wall paint brands/companies with quality paints and products.


List of best wall paint companies in India

  1. Asian Paints

  2. Kansai Nerolac paints

  3. Berger paints

  4. Shalimar paints

  5. Dulux paints

1. Asian paints

Asian paints are the market leader in the paint Indian industry because of their sharp leadership in the decorative paint segment. Holding commercials like, “Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai” is very popular. It is ranked as one among the top ten decorative coatings companies in the world today. This is due to the strong brand quality and widely distributed networks among the country. The company growing very fast with increasing profits per year.  Asian paints offering vast variety of colors for your walls. This company founded in 1842 and operating it 15 countries worldwide.

Asian Paints (India) Limited – manufacturing and exporting decorative paints, emulsion paints, protective coatings, industrial paints and automotive paints. Ace, apex, ultima, premium, royale, royale play, tractor these are the top brands from Asian paints. Their famous paints are royale aspira for interior wall, apex ultima for exterior; premium satin enamel for metal painting and touch wood interior for wood painting.

Products from Asian paints

  • Interior paints
  • Exterior paints
  • Metal finishes
  • Wood finishes
  • Water proofing

Special effects paint from Asian paints

  • Royale play
  • Royale play wall fashion
  • Kids world

2. Kansai Nerolac paints

Kansai Nerolac Paints Company is in the second position of Indian paint industry. They are mainly leading with their industrial paint segment. Kansai Nerolac Paints Company is the subsidiary of Kansai Paints Ltd., a largest paint manufacturing company in Japan. It is also one among the top ten coating companies of the world.

They offer you quality colorful paints for your interiors, exteriors, metal and wood. Nerolac impression, lotus touch, silver, excel, suraksha, etc are the famous paints from Nerolac group. All these are widely accepted by the Indian customers. There are tools in their websites which will help you to choose your best color for home according to your budget.

Range of products from Kansai Nerolac paints

  • Decorative paints
  • Auto motive coatings
  • Performance coatings

3. Berger paints

Berger paints is an ISO 9001 company and The Country’s third largest paint manufacturer, with its Headquarters in Calcutta. Berger paints Lewis Berger paints originated in England in 1760 from the color chemist Lewis Berger. The Indian history of Berger paints started in 1923 at Bengal. Berger holds a distribution network comprising of 66 stock points across the country.

The company offers quality colorful paints for their customers includes home owners, professionals and industrial users. Because of its quality products the company attained instant recognition worldwide. They work towards to meet quality requirements of the domestic market. Breath easy, silk luxury emulsion, easy clean, rangoll total care, wather coat all guard, smooth, kool and seal etc are the popular paints from burger.

Range of products from Berger paints

  • Interior wall coatings
  • Exterior wall coatings
  • Berger metal and wood paints
  • Living green
  • Protective coating

4. Shalimar paints

Shalimar Paints is one of the leading paints manufacturing companies of India. They have three manufacturing units across the country with more than 45 branches and depots. Shalimar paints offer wide range of decorative/architectural and industrial options for painting. Interior and exterior painting comes under the architectural segment.

The company offers” color space” tinting system with more than 9000 shades to the customers. The company is ready to help their customers by offering painting tools for better finishing through their interactive website includes visualiser, virtual fan deck, paint calculator, dealer locator facilities.

Range of products from Shalimar paints

  • Paint solution by area

Interior and exterior paints

  • Paint solutions  by product

Exterior and interior emulsion, distemper and enamel

5. Dulux paints

Dulux paints or AkzoNobel India which was previously known as ICI India, a leading manufacturer of Indian paint industry. Dulux paint company offering you excellent color paints for your interior and exterior. Interior paints can use for painting walls and ceilings of interior. Dulux velvet touch trends, pearl glow, are the leading paints in this category with lots of color selection.

They are also offering you vast variety of undercoats too like ici water based cement primer, ici acrylic primer, wall putty etc. Dulux paints  also offering exterior paints, wood and metal paints, wood care products etc. either home or office use a color that is suitable for your walls which will relax your mind too . They help you to choose your best color for home according to your budget via their selection and calculation tools.

Range of products from Dulux paints

  • Intrior paints- dulux velvet touch and pearl glo
  • Exterior paints- dulux weathershield max and sunreflect
  • Wood and metal care- dulux super satin and supergloss 5 in 1
  • Wood care-  dulux advanced water based pu and melamine

Other best selling and leading wall paint companies

  • Artilin Paints India Limited
  • Agsar Paints Pvt. Ltd
  • Brilliant Coatings (P) Ltd
  • Classic Paints
  • FCL Technologies & Products Ltd,
  • Grand Polycoats Company Pvt. Ltd
  • Indolac paints
  • Jayant Color & Chemical Industries
  • Jenson & Nicholson,
  • Metcon Coatings & Chemicals (India) Pvt. Ltd

Asian paints, nerolac, berger paints etc are the best paints in India based on various customer reviews. Our list will help you to finalise the product for your needs. We have also considered the market demand, price and availability, quality and after sales service.

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  1. Alenza, Thanks
    But you forgot one impotent thing may be most Indians too unaware when select a paint for home which is lead toxicity and other chemicals like mercury etc… Please everybody select a lead free (Pb free) paints for yours beautiful and healthy home. I think Asian Paints (after 2007) and Dulux (before 2007) are only make lead free paints in India and famous Berger and other not famous Indian brands have a large content of lead so never paint at interior of your home.

  2. my new home work is on the way and i was just searching for best Wall Paint Companies in India. i am contractor and i used many types of paints for different location
    my suggestion is that you can choose one or 2 companies paint rather than one company for painting
    i mean not mixing. use Asian paints for exterior and Dulux paints for interior

  3. i tried all paint for my home but shalimar silk emulsion and self clean looked best to me among all because of its high utility and price is also low. i did not require to paint my house again even after 4 years. my building looks same like before. other paints apex ultima, royale emulsion, excel are fade away with in 6 months

    • Hi,
      The process of painting can be divided into three steps: Pre-painting work, Surface preparation and Painting. Each step is important to get a smooth finish with perfect color which is lasting. You should approach expert painting workers for your home painting.

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    • Hi Rishabh
      Could you please help me with the same that which you comment on painting.
      I’m in search of painting for my new home.
      If you can please help me with suggesting which paints can use and also which paints are lesser and also durable.

  5. Based on my experience Asian Exterior paints are not as good as ICI Weather shield. ICI weather-shield retains a glow all throughout but Asian paints do not. ICI Weather-shield as per my experience as been the best exterior paint compared to any other paints and lasts without discoloring

  6. Shalimar Paints is awesome that feel home like dream home. it’s damn good.
    we are painting contractor in jaipur called “Jaipur putai wala” and we are sharing our experience.
    we always offer customer to use to make royale luxury house. if you have any job for painting also let us know. thanks.

  7. Berger paint i think iits rank less bec if u paint in ur house after 3 months u have to pain agin so frnd dnt buy any product of berger paints

  8. I know this site provides quality depending articles and extra material wall paint, is there any other site which gives such stuff in quality?


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