Best 5 Water Level Controllers in India

based on different qualities comparison, we hereby listing the leading 5 water level controllers currently available in India.
  1. Aqua24 fully automatic water level controller
  2. Imagine Technologies Fully Automatic Water Level Controller
  3. Mivan Technologies Fully Automatic Water Level Controller
  4. RMG “Automatic Water Level Controller With Indicator
  5. Automatic Water Level controller by Videon Industries
  1. Aqua24 Fully automatic water pump controller
Aqua24 water level controller is a fully automatic water level controller with dry run protection, low voltage cutoff, semi-manual switch, fully manual switch etc. Aqua24 box coming with 20meter free high quality cat5 cable and it is ready to fit without any help from electrician. Aqua24 currently available at Kerala state only and the same will be launching all India wide soon. If you are a karalty, try aqua24 by visiting their official website named Price: Rs. 2940/- expect a big discount by calling directly to their helpline number      2. Imagine technologies controller
  • Control both tank underground tank to overhead tank fully automatically
  • Work with any single phase or submersible motor for home, office, hospital, restaurant
  • No man power required to operate as fully automatic with 2HP capacity
  • Longer life no mechanical system, avoid overflow and dry running
  • Saves electricity, save water, 1 year warranty
  • Customer support Number for installation process: 8000066255
Price: 1221 on flipkart – without cable. Only sensors are available 3. Mivan Technologies water level controller – Price MRP – 2200/- Auto and manual switch available. Sensing Elements: Carbon sensors, so that it is free from oxidation. Long life.Every care is taken for packing so that the item reaches to the buyer safely and undamaged. Manufacture in Ahmedabad.   4. RMG water level controller – MRP – 3562/- Automatic Water Level Controller With Indicator Is Suitable For Motor Pump Upto 1.5 Hp Operated By A Normal On/Off Switch/Mcb – Single Phase Ac230v. • Suitable For Borewell To Tank Set Up (Underground Water To Overhead Tank Set Up). • Has Power On, Motor On And 4 Level Led Indications To Know The Water Level In The Overhead Tank (25%, 50%, 75% And 100%) • Has Manual Mode And Auto Mode Functions. 5. Videon controllers – Several years of experience in this sector, but after sales support is poor.  

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