Best Healthy Cookware – Aluminum & Nonstick Cookware Dangers

What is the healthiest type of cookware available for your kitchen?.You have to answer for this question despite of innovations in modern cookware. Have you ever concerned about the dangers of non-stick surfaces and anodized aluminum. The  healthiest cookware choices are those pots and dishes which is made from classic materials such as stainless steel and cast iron. 

Here is the list of Best Healthy Cookware available for cooking purpose. Each cookware have its own advantages and disadvantages. Some are inexpensive, but easy to handle and clean like glassware. Other are easy to use and light weight, but expensive like titanium. Choose the Best Healthy Cookware for your kitchen to ensure family health. 


Aluminium cookware

We are familiar with Aluminium cookware without knowing its harmful side effects. This kind of cookware carries a substantial risk of toxicity and this is not a safe option for your family. All dangers coming from the Leaching process of aluminium into food. This can surely put one at risk of diseases such as Alzheimer’s and many types of cancer.

But for limited usage you can go for scratch-resistant, anodised aluminium cookware which are almost safe. These type of cookware prevents leaching of the metal into food. When you use these kinds of scratch-resistant, anodised aluminium cookware, make sure you throw them away if you see it chip away.


Non-stick cookware

There is no doubt for the answer of most popular cookware material ? These are the pans and utensils with Non-stick coatings. Do you know that these material have a potential risk of toxicity and well known to be carcinogenic. Those Non-stick cookwares are typically coated with Teflon, a polymer and sometimes, they use coatings such as Silverstone, Tefal and Caphlon.

This Caphlon combines aluminium with non-stick materials. Aluminium is a dangerous toxic material and along with other, this makes the cookware really dangerous if it leeches into food. Only benefits, you have with this nonstick cookware is, this cuts down your cooking oil consumption.

If you use Non-stick, make sure to replace your non-stick pots and pans at regular intervals. It is very important to throw out these with the sight of any flaking. Try cooking non-stick pots and pans on low heat and use non metal (wooden) spoons. Always wash these cookware with hands and some soapy water. Never wash this while it’s still hot.


Copper cookware

Copper cookware proved to have both pros and cons. There are many health benefits for drinking water from copper vessels and pots.This is one among the many essential minerals that the body requires. For those using this cookware properly, this is a desirable cookware material.

There are many studies proves that tahe amount of copper that leeches into food is negligible. This is when you when cooked in 100% copper cookware. Copper vessels and pots offers excellent heat distribution, making cooking uniform and quicker with your energy and time saving. Avoid Avoid abrasive materials when cleaning copper cookware. 

The bad side is, copper reacts with acidic food. Avoid cooking all kinds of acidic foods (sour taste), milk and milk products in vessels. This cookware is Not good for people with nickel allergies. This is one of the most common metals used in coating of copper vessels to prevents the copper from coming into contact with food. It is best to avoid un-coated copper ware. 


Stainless-steel cookware

You can use stainless steel cookware in your kitchen without health risks. You get a cooking surface which is less risky and more stable. These cookwares are also less prone to leaching. Those Stainless steel pans and pots gets an inner core of iron, chromium, manganese, or copper or aluminium.

But there is no health rick of using the aluminium or copper in inner core or even as bottom cover. There is chance of leeching aluminium into your food. Choose stainless-steel cookware with a copper bottom, which conducts heat well and distributes evenly, offer you experience of cooking food faster and uniformly.


Cast iron cookware 

Cast iron cookware is Best Healthy Cookware and are popular now. This is used as replacement for non stick cookware pans. These utensils are relatively inexpensive, durable. At home this is a great option for healthy cooking. There are many advantages for cooking in Iron pots. Iron is being an essential mineral even it leeches into food.

These pots and pans require considerable amount of maintenance. When you buy a new iron cookware , need to be seasoned. To do this, spread some oil all over the plan and heat it on the stove on low flame. Do this for an hour or so. This process is best known to create a natural non-stick coating. Do this in between to prevent rusting too.


Ceramic Cookware

Ceramic cookware  is said to be the most inert cookware, do not leach anything in to your food. This is one of the Best Healthy Cookware. You have to handle this very carefully as they are easily breakable.  Ceramic cookware is very easy to clean,  simply use a piece of steel wool or scrubbing pad without scraping the surface. These cookware features a  non-scratch cooking surface and when you cook, heat evenly and hold in flavors in foods.

It is also dishwasher, oven, microwave and stove safe. You can cook in it better than cast iron or stainless cookware. This can also  used to store food in the refrigerator. Some Older cookware which made from ceramic and stone may contain lead.When you buy cheaper ceramic cookware, it cause the ceramic-glass cooktop discoloration. 


Glass Cookware

Glass cookware is very inexpensive and easy to use. This is Best Healthy Cookware, also  nonporous and nonreactive. Without concern, cook  high-acid food like tomatoes and food with yeast. This is the best  cookware for safety-conscious people. There is nothing to worry about heavy metal leaching into food from metal cookware. This cookware is fast for baking and retains heat longer than metal. When handle, this is  easy to break when dropped. You can use this cookware along with ceramic-glass cooktops. 


Earthen Cookingware

Traditionally, Indian households uses different kinds of pots and pans made of clay. These are one of the Best Healthy Cookware, absolutely safe for your health. Handle with care as these are easily breakable. After use clean them with warm and soapy water. These cookware give amazing flavor to your food and cook very evenly. 


Titanium Cookware

Titanium is a Best Healthy Cookware and also a safe cookware which is proved to have no side effects for your health when heated. Titanium is a non-toxic, bio compatible metal. This is very commonly used for many medical purposes like instruments, dental implant devices and joint replacements. Titanium cookware is lightweight and extremely strong make this easy to use and clean.

Most of the time, Titanium cookware uses an aluminum base. This is safe as the aluminum is outside or in the core. This helps for even heat transfer and distribution. The non-stick titanium outer surface prevents any aluminum to leach through. To clean, simply rinse and wipe dry. Food will never stick to titanium. There is also no need for Oil or water to cook food in titanium pans. 

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