Best Lip Care Tips For Beautiful Lips

How To Keep Your Lips Beautiful and Attractive


The most beautiful and amazing specialty of human beings is the capability to smile. A perfect smile can won hearts and ease your way many times. In order to offer a good smile you should have good lips without defects. Darkening of lips and associated problem is the night mare of many girls who are beauty conscious. The color of your lips may vary based on your skin color, but if you care your lips well with some time to spend for it, you can beautiful and smooth lips as you see in the adds. Just try these simple, home made, side effect free tips for your lips. Smile with confident and Comment your results to us.



Best Lip Care Tips For Beautiful Lips

  • Treat Problem with dry lips: If you have problem with dry lips just apply glycerin on lips before you go to bed. It will give more moisture prevents from lip cracks.
  • Massage your lips: before going to sleep just massage your lips softly with a small smooth brush. It will improve the blood circulation, removes dead cells and give freshness to your lips.
  • Apply ghee: Ghee is an excellent moisturizer for lips. Try applying ghee in between to get soft and supple lips.
  • To get red lips: To get red colored attractive lips try to apply mixture of lemon juice and almond oil over lips before going to sleep. It will remove the pigmentation and improves color of lips.
  • To remove dark pigmentation: You can try anar paste made in combination with milk and apply this over lips. It will remove pigmentation and you will get red lips.
  • Drink more water: lips moisturizing is based on the water content in skin and body. To increase the moisture content is drink lot of water in day and have more fruit juices.
  • Eat healthy: Have as much as possible fresh vegetables and fruits for your body and to make your lips beautiful.

Smiling Lips

Don’t do this with your lips

  • Never apply low quality lip make up products over your lips, including low quality lipstick, lip liner etc all these will make lips more and more darker
  • Please don’t practice the habit of biting lips in between, it will damage the soft skin and cause pigmentation
  • Avoid making your lips wet when it dry using tongue and saliva, it will cause lips more prawn to cracks and dry
  • Don’t use hard brushes to apply Vaseline or petroleum jelly to your lips, use your soft finger instead of that
  • avoid using of thick coat of lipstick for a long time without adequate hydration, it will make lips dry and dark

A home made lip Balm

Mix one table spoon of cranberry sauce juice with two table spoon Vaseline and apply it over lips as your lip balm. You will get soft and red lips with shining.

A Home Made Lip Pack

Apply mixture of pinch of sea salt and honey. Massage it well til the salt get dissolved and wash well. It will remove/exfoliate the cells and give fresh and beautiful lips.

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