Best Makeup and Costume Tips For Indian Groom


How To Select Best Wedding Costume And Makeup for Men

IndianIt is important for the groom to be attractive and natural on the day of wedding. The make up of the groom should not be notable one as brides make up. It should be natural and cant understand easily that the groom done makeup. The actual preparation should start few weeks before the marriage itself, it includes the pimple treatment, tan treatment etc.

If you have problem with the dandruff it should be well settled before the marriage. You make up, costume, hair style every thing should be in a matching way and also with the costume of bride. If you are going to get married soon just try these simple steps you can be good and perfect on the day of marriage.

Makeup Tips For Indian Groom: Days Before Marriage

  • The Usual groom makeup  start a day before the marriage function
  • But if you have problem with the tan, pimples or dry skin should consult the beautician few weeks before the marriage itself
  • If you prefer facial and bleach should be done few days before to get good results on the day of marriage
  • Men usually wear not much make up as bride to get a perfect natural look
  • The make up of groom is an unavoidable part in the marriage now
  • Your makeup should be match with the make up of the bride too
  • On the day before marriage setting of Moustache and beard will do
  • It should be suitable to your wedding dress selection



Makeup Tips For Indian Groom: On the day of Marriage

  • On the marriage day Your make will start with the cleanser first
  • After cleansing put a suitable foundation to your skin tone
  • Compact powder of same shade should be applied well and in equal proportion on face
  • Moustache and beard can be colored a little based on skin tone and offers a finishing look
  • Can apply lipstick as light and should be suitable to the color of skin and lips
  • Just apply lip gloss only if you have naturally good colored lips
  • For men lip stik, compact, foundation everything chosen will be in dark shade only to get a natural look
  • Don’t forget to apply all the make up items to the neck also
  • Apply some moisturizing lotion or cream to the hands and legs
  • You can choose spike/traditional hair style based on dress
  • The latest trend is spike and it is well suited with all types of dress

Matching Groom Makeup And Marriage Dress

  • It is better for you guys to choose the best costume which will match with the makeup
  • If your costume is not matching with the make up there is no use with make up
  • Most commonly off-white or black/blue suite is used for marriage functions
  • Normal make up of men is well suited with these combination of dress
  • If you are choosing party wear it should be match with the costume of the bride too
  • Party wear costumes choose well based on the skin tone and body shape of the groom
  • Off-white and ivory shades are best colors in party wear best suite with the natural makeup
  • In shall/dhuppatta you can make matching changes based on the costume of bride



Tips To Care Your Health And Beauty

  • During those days near to marriage most of them have a chance to try some self beauty tips to improve fairness and beauty
  • Please don’t try any new face creams or pack self it may cause negative effects or allergic reactions
  • The make up you used to wear daily can wear on the day of  marriage itself
  • Before applying any new cosmetics check for allergy by skin test
  • Have more and more amount of water, fruits and fresh vegetables to stay healthy
  • Sleep well to avoid dark pigmentation around the eyes
  • Be fit by regular exercises and life style pattern
  • You can choose any good and affordable beauty packages for beauty treatment


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