Bing Translator App for Windows Phone 8

Translator App

Bing translator is an offline supported version. It consists of 36 languages. It is sleek and has jaw dropping features. Bing offers three methods of inputting Query: keyboard,camera, voice. The keyboard is at the bottom of the screen with a convenient button allowing to change input  and output languages in single tap.


Camera is one of the input feature. It is created by simply setting languages and pointing mobile camera with text shown in input language. It can be displayed on street signs, books, outdoor ads. Within seconds Bing will lay it’s translations as same as to augmented-reality apps work.

It is considered as more faster and easier to Google’s camera input feature enabling to take picture of queries and then transferring to Google server for translating one by one.Bing allows continuous translation. Slighter changes will help to give dramatical results.


Bing’s voice performs an amazing feature. Providing accuracy to translations and  grasping spoken words. Tapping speaker button allows to hear the translation aloud which gives phonetics which is more beneficial in real life. Stop button is to be tapped while we had stopped speaking.

Offline Support

Offline also supports as an astonishing feature to Bing. It is supported with five downloadable dictionaries  (Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Chinese) provides basic translations without having active data connection.

Google translators are in search of such translator. Dictionaries are rather large at 30MB to 40MB each, inspite of traveling internationally even without a data connection. The app’s developers  add a lot of downloadable languages by future.

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