BPL Group is Back – Everything About BPL Company’s Rise & Fall

BPL Group is Back – Everything About BPL Company’s Rise & Fall

BPL now celebrates 50 years of trust with over 5 million happy customers. This is One of India’s most widely recognized brands. The company offer Consumer Products, Medical Technology, Home Automation and Lighting Solutions.  Their main Consumer Products are TV, DVD players, washing machines, refrigerators and microwave ovens.

In Medical Technology they make electrocardiographs, patient monitors, defibrillators, oxygenerators, ultrasound scanners etc. Home Automation section provides smart solutions for automating homes, offices, board rooms and institutions. BPL is the largest manufacturer of rechargeable LED, CFL, Solar and Home lighting solutions in the country.

Recently BPL has tied up with Flipkart – India’s largest online retailer  to sell thier TVs, refrigerators and washing machines. BPL has launched three variants of LED and high-definition TVs (Priced between Rs.11,000 and Rs.28,000). They offer single-door refrigerators (Rs.9,000) and emi-automatic washing machines (Rs.7,000). 

Formation of BPL Group

BPL Group which is known as British Physical Laboratories Group is a  is a well known Indian electronics company. The company founded in 1963 in Palakkad, by  TPG Nambiar. Kerala and now headquartered at Bangalore, Karnataka. Nambiar had first worked in the United Kingdom and then in United States.

Then he returned to India to create a company that manufactures high-quality electronic products and thus BPL formed. They made high quality electrocardiographs and patient-monitoring systems, colour televisions, video cassette recorders, refrigerators, batteries etc. 

Fall of BPL Group

In 1991, Following economic liberalisation in India competition from South Korean companies like LG and Samsung increased. Along with the  Internal disputes within the controlling family, the fortune of BPL declined. They faced financial problems due to intense competition in market.

In 2005,  BPL and Sanyo  announced a joint-venture. According to company, reported a net loss of Rs 34.76 crore in the second quarter of fiscal 2005-06. Japanese electronics major Sanyo Electric Company Ltd along with BPL  decided to get back market to regain lost market share. Their Joint Venture’s plans failed and then BPL concentrated 100% on Healthcare Business group.

Rise of BPL Company

BPL rebranded the service offering under the “Sure Care” brand and supplied electromedical equipment such as electrocardiography apparatus and patient monitors. Then BPL Medical Technologies turned as a separate company and in 2013  Goldman Sachs purchased a 49% stake in the new company for Rs 110 crore.

Latest BPL Group Products in Market

Recently BPL has tied up with Flipkart – India’s largest online retailer  to sell thier TVs, refrigerators and washing machines.


  • 24″ BPL Vivid LED TV: MRP Rs. 16,990/-
  • 32″ BPL Vivid LED TV: MRP Rs. 26,990/-
  • 32″ BPL Vivid LED TV: MRP Rs. 27,990/-
  • 40″ BPL Vivid LED TV: MRP Rs. 34,990/-



  • 190 L Direct Cool Refrigerator: MRP Rs. 12,500/-
  • 180 L BPL Ice-Edge Refrigerator: MRP Rs. 10,990/-
  • 190 L Direct Cool Refrigerator: MRP Rs. 12,500/-
  • 190 L Direct Cool Refrigerator: MRP Rs. 12,500/-

Washing Machine

  • BPL Gleam 6.5kg Washing Machine: MRP Rs. 8,990/-
  • BPL Gleam 7.5kg Washing Machine: MRP Rs. 10,990/-


  1. Used BPL ABS 45 for 23 years. Excellent performance. Now is the time to get it replaced. The base has totally corroded. Hope new models would be of same excellent quality.

  2. Yes, I have used BPL TVs back in the 1990s and was pleased to know that they are coming back into the category with limited offerings in the lED TV space. Though their LED TVs are competitively priced they don’t seem to tie up with offline distributors / retailers much. Wanted to buy an LED TV but couldn’t find a BPL make at any of the major electronics retail stores / chains in the city (Mumbai). Of course, it’s listed on Flipkart with a big discount, and buyer feedback is mixed. So, without actually seeing the TV, hard to base one’s purchase purely on other buyers’ feedback. Wish BPL would tie-up with atleast some major electronics retailers where prospective buyers can check out the quality and features of their products before purchase.

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