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Brain Wave Controlled Helicopter


Brain Controlled Helicopter

Brain Controlled Helicopter

Today’s technology has been so much advanced beyond ones usual imagination. A toy helicopter being controlled by brain waves is an ultimate miracle. The ‘Orbit’ is a Toy Helicopter which is based upon Electrically controlled activity done by Electroencephalography (EEG)  which reads electrical activity done by the scalp.

The EEG headset controls the activity and converts the activity into fight commands.The main activity of orbit is is that when a person is beheld under mutual concentration it flies up and at the time of relaxation it comes down. The time period of knowing how much capacity the headset has concentrated and how much it has relaxed is difficult as it is not capable in providing an accurate information.

The toy helicopter “Orbit” is launching it’s two newly arrived models. The first model is made for connecting via Bluetooth of handsets and tablets which helps in adjoining EEG headset.  Pyramid is the second model which en comprises of Puzzle box. The Pyramid consists of remote control . Pyramid comprises of infra led lining on the base which help to communicate sensors of the helicopter board. It plays as a home base model and is featured as a re-programmable micro controller.

It’s really just a magic in the little minds. The toy helicopter usually help in increasing mental concentration, the higher it flies and improve relaxation abilities. It will become obviously an aid  to pursuit education.


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