Home Technology Bubble Power – A Revolutionary New Energy Source for Earth

Bubble Power – A Revolutionary New Energy Source for Earth


Bubble Power – A Revolutionary New Energy Source for Earth

Bubble power or Sonofusion is one of the way to generate large amount of electrical energy using Nuclear fusion. It is technically known as acoustic inertial confinement fusion. It works on the principle of sonofusion and derived from a phenomenon called as sonoluminescence, which has been known for more than 70 years.

The term Bubble power, was originated in 2002 with the release of a report by Rusi Taleyarkhan and collaborators that claimed to have observed evidence of sonofusion.

Working Principle

When a gas bubble in a liquid is excited by ultrasonic acoustic waves(sound energy in the form of waves having a frequency above the human hearing range) it can emit short flashes of light suggestive of extreme temperatures inside the bubble. These flashes of light is known as sonoluminescence, occur as the bubble implode or cavitates.

Cavitation is the formation of vapour cavities in a liquid. Chemical reactions occur during cavitations of a single, isolated bubble and yield photons, radicals and ions.That is gas bubbles in a liquid can convert sound energy in to light.

The sonofusion works with the following actions:

  • Action Of the Vaccum Pump
  • Action Of Wave Generator
  • Action Of the Neutron Generator
  • Action In The Flask
  • Fusion Reactions

Apparatus Required for sonofusion

  • Cylindrical Pyrex glass flask 100 m.m. in high and 65m.m. in diameter
  • Piezoelectric crystal  in the form of a ring attached to the flask’s outer surface, that works as a loud speaker
  • Neutrons and Gamma ray detector, detects neutrons and gamma rays emitted during experiment
  • Neutron generator, emits a burst of neutrons to create the initial bubbles in the acetone
  • Photomultiplier, detects photons emitted during the collapse of the bubbles
  • Speaker, amplifies audible pops produced by bubbles implosion
  • Vacuum pumb, creates a vacuum within the flask to remove gas from the acetone.

Advantages of Sonofusion

  • Safe and environmental way to produce electrical energy
  • Low cost
  • Greenhouse gases are not produced during fusion
  • Easily controlled
  • Generate more energy
  • Self sustainable
  • Raw materials are easily available


  • It is a new, safe and environmental friendly way to produce electrical energy
  • Research devices, that uses neutrons to analyze the molecular structure of materials.
  • Compact detectors for security applications, that uses neutrons to probe the contents of suitcases.
  • To study about various phenomenon in cosmology, that include working of neutron star and black holes
  • Machines that cheaply manufacture new synthetic materials and
  • efficiently produce tritium, which is used for numerous applications ranging from medical imaging to watch dials.


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