Consumer Protection Act in India – Everything You Must Know

People have the right to know about the potency, quality, purity, quantity, price and standard of services or goods. There are strong and clear laws in India to protect the rights of consumers. The most important one is Consumer Protection Act in India, which was enacted by Parliament of India in the year 1986. It enforced the rights of consumers.

Consumer Protection Act in India

This Act provides protection and promotes the interest to purchase more goods for consumers.This Act made provisions for the foundation of Consumer Protection Councils and other authorities for solving disputes of consumers. Consumer Protection Councils were founded at the state, national and district level to develop consumer awareness (Section 6 of Consumer Protection Act).

The aim of the Central Council is to protect and promote the rights of the consumers like the right to choose, know about the quality, quantity, potency, purity, standard and price of goods or services, consumer education, seek remedies against restrictive trade practices, unfair trade practices or unscrupulous exploitation of consumers, be protected against the marketing of services and goods which are dangerous to property and life and the right against consumer exploitation.

The aim of the State Council is to promote and protect the rights of the consumers within the State. Which is mainly concerned with uninterrupted and regular supply of products, good quality of services and goods, and reasonable price of the products. Chairman of Central Council is the Minister of Consumer Affairs of Government of India.

Each year at least one Central Council meeting will be conducted by the chairman. He is the only person, who decides the time and place of the meeting. Besides, he also takes a decision in regards to the procedure of business transactions.

The Minister in charge of Consumer Affairs of the state government, who play the role of the State Council’s Chairman. Each year at least two meetings will conducted by the Chairman. He observes the procedure in regard to the business transactions. Consumer Protection Act is securing, less expensive and often seek remedies of consumer’s complaints. It saves the customers from the betrayal of manufacturers, traders etc.

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