Contact Lens Advantages, Disadvantages, Types and Care

Contact Lens: All things you should know



Millions of people wearing Contact Lens with pleasure and enjoys the visual beauty in better or best way as before. Colored contact lens created a wave among the young population and no doubt it is highly appealing with attractive color shades when you wear. Technology developed a lot and various types of contact lens are available in affordable price tag without compromising your eye health. It have certain advantage and disadvantages. But comparing with benefits negatives are ignorable.

Vast variety of lens are available and after consulting a good ophthalmologist  you can go for options. It s happy to say that most of the time it eliminates the need of surgery also. If you have any refractive error or vision problem and your are used to wear glasses don’t wait more, go and bring your own contact lens and see the world and enjoy in a better way. We hope the below article will be helpful for you.

Understand about Contact Lens

contact lens are thin small transparent discs made for the purpose of rest on the cornea. As a result of surface tension these lens cling over the cornea. Mostly contact lenses are used to correct refractive errors like short sight, long sight, astigmatism etc. They are good alternative for glass have good number of advantages and also certain disadvantages.

Contact Lens Advantages

  • Better looks rather than traditional eyeglass
  • More clear vision than from common eyeglass
  • Sometimes eliminates the need of surgery
  • Colored contact lens increases external appeal
  • Vast variety of choices for each individual
  • Specially made lens available for vision correction
  • Increases self confidence on wearing than glass
  • Price of contact lens is less compared with the surgery that you may need to undergo for correction
  • Easy to use and to keep clean
  • Will not slip easily and suites well even in water or rain

Contact Lens Disadvantages

  • Excess cost than eyeglasses
  • Chance of infections and corneal scratches
  • may damage and brakes easily
  • not suitable much for aged people and children
  • Removing, cleaning and re inserting need good attention and care
  • May be uncomfortable or irritable in some persons
  • More maintenance cost than eyeglasses

Why demand for contact lens?

Over the traditional eyeglasses it have lot of advantages. Contact lens will move with your eyes and thus gives a natural look there is no frames and obstructions in between your view. They have no problem with rain, mud, fog etc. Most of them says they have a better look and feel while wearing contact lens than a glass.

Types of Contact Lenses

  • Rigid gas-permeable (RGP) or “semi-soft lenses” 
  • Daily-wear soft lenses
  • Extended-wear
  • Extended-wear disposable
  • Planned replacement

Contact lens care

Two types of contact lens care system are available and each ones have its own results. Multipurpose contact lens solutions and Hydrogen peroxide-based (HPB) contact lens care systems are commonly used for cleaning. Various companies are recommending different methods of cleaning and duration. You can ask for doctors opinion for best cleaning solution and  follow based on the package.

Remember these things

  • Before choosing a lens undergo full eye examination
  • Wear a quality lens irrespective of price
  • Have regular follow up evaluation
  • Perform proper cleaning after use
  • Insert and remove in a hygienic manner
  • Throw away disposable lens as per instructions

Disposable Contact Lenses

Disposable Contact Lenses are made from same material of other contact lens and they are healthy, affordable, easy to use and free of risk. Soft contact Disposable Lenses made to wear for a limited time after that you can discard it. It requires less cleaning and disinfection so you can choose based on your need after consulting eye doctor.

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