Cremation of Human Body – Video

Cremation of Human Body - Video

What is Cremation? Cremation is the process of use of high-temperature burning, vaporization, and oxidation to reduce dead human bodies in to the basic chemical compounds, like gases and mineral fragments by retaining bone elements. You can watch Cremation of Human Body – Video here. This video shows the entire cremation process from beginning to end. 

This Cremated things including bone fragments remains, which do not constitute a health risk.  The process found to be conducted from at least 20,000 years ago according to the the archaeological record. During middle ages, Throughout parts of Europe, cremation of Human Body was forbidden by law.

There are numerous Reports of the deceased sitting up and performing a number of movements, during cremation of Human Body are common. This includes sitting straight up. Do bodies sit up during cremation? In modern cremation of Human Body The chamber allows  internal temperature of 870–980° Celsius (1,598–1,796° Fahrenheit).

Here, fat sizzles, and organs shrink. skin ripples and burns away,  Skin and muscle turn to carbon quickly. Only pieces of bone, surgical enhancements will remain after an hour. There will be contraction of the arm muscles at around 670 °C and this  creates a pose similar to a boxer protecting their chest. 

The corpse’s fingers balled into a fist and a slightly tilted head. This process viewed by pyre watchers as the act of a corpse sitting up. Most of the time  only one body may be cremated at a time. In case of family members with the consent of the next-of-kin cremation can be done together.

 Cremation of Human Body – Video

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