Cube26 Reos Message, Camera and Music Launched in India

Cube26 has just launched the all new Message, Camera and Music apps in India. Reos is the new brand from Cube26. All these smart apps has launched Under brand Reos for Android users. Company also launched a Roes Lite smart bulb for Rs. 1699. The Reos Lite is a well upgraded version of the smart bulb packed with alerts and revamped music sync option.

This also supports adjustable colour temperature from Cool White to Warm White (2700K to 6500K), 13W Power and 1100 Lumen total luminous flux. You can purchase the Reos Lite at Rs. 1699.  Cube26 Reos available from Flipkart at Rs. 1699 only. Get full details of all these 3 apps here. 

Cube26 Reos Message app sort most relevant and actionable messages while reducing noise. This has smart folders categorized into Main, Notifications & Promo. This can categorize messages into distinct folders. There are Instant Cards, allowing quick access to the information. The app using the deep integration with Paytm and can automatically prompt users with a bill payment card. The app also Targeted at specific user segments like working profession-als and college students. 

Cube26 Reos Camera app Provides users an enriched photography experience. This is packed with best of photo editing features at a single click. This is equipped with live photo filters and beauty filters for users to capture photographs with filters. The app Provides Artistic Filters powered by Artificial Intelli-gence (Al). There is options like capture time-lapse and slow motion videos.

Cube26 Reos Music app Combines all the facilities of a native music player with additional features for online video content. This is Powered by a search engine which helps users to fast search. It gets Music equalizer and visualizer to improve the sound quality and render beautiful visualized effects. The app Shows all the trending music videos.

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