Ervadi Dargah of Baba Syed Ibrahim Shaheed- Tamil Nadu: Everything You Should Know

Ervadi Dargah of Baba Syed Ibrahim Shaheed- Tamil Nadu

Ervadi is a must visit place in Tamilnadu and religiously important for Muslims and others. The grave and shrine of Qutbus Sulthan Syed Ibrahim Shaheed Badusha Radiyallh Ta’ala anhu is here. He was the ruler of Madinah Al Munawwara. This is said to be the most important contributor of revenue to Ramanthapuram District.

Where is Ervadi?

Ervadi is a village which is located at the Kadaladi taluk of Ramanathapuram District in southern Tamilnadu. This is on the sea shore in between keelakarai and Valinokkam.

Erwadi Dargah


Ervadi Urus Festival

The Grand urus festival of Ervadi dargah is very famous across south India. This is usually held every year in the Islamic Month of Dhu al-Qi’dah. This is conducted during the shahadat anniversary of Hazrat Qutb Sulthan Syed Ibrahim Shahid badhusha radiyallah Ta’ala anhu. The festival usually starts from 1st of Zul Qaida upto 30th of Zul Qaidah every year.

Ervadi Urooce also called the Santhanakoodu Festival. The festival conducts on 2017 is the 843rd  Urus festival. There will be district holiday as per order of district collector and other officials for a day or few.


Main Events Takes Place at Ervadi Urus Festival

  • Holy Moulid Shariff
  • Ameer Abbas Manthiri Shaheed Rali.. Moulid shariff, Kattupalli
  • Recital of Holy Quraan Shariff and Qutb Abuthahir Madani Shaheed Moulidh Shariff, Du’aa
  • Installation of the Lower trunk (ADI MARAM)
  • Holy Flag Hoisting (Punithamigu Kodiyetram)
  • Aboobakkar Abdul Hakkeem Doctor Shaheed Rali… Moulidh Shariff, Kattupalli
  • Sandhanakoodu (Urooce) festival, After Magrib  Fassiyatush Shadhiliya tariqa Zikr Halqa Majlis, Erwadi dargah
  • Sandal Smearing on the Holy Rouza of Qutbul Hamid Gouthul Majid Badhusha Hazrat Sulthan Syed Ibrahim Shaheed Rali…
  • Recital of Holy Quran, Qattam Thamaam and Shaheed Badhusha Nayagam Moulidh
  • Dismounting of Holy Flag (Punithamigu Kodi Irakkam)
  • Holy Thabarruk of Shaheed Badhusha Nayagam Ghee Rice (Nei Soru) distribution


Historical Importance: The Story Behind

Al Qutbul Hamid wal Gausul Majid Badhusha Sulthan Syed Ibrahim Shaheed was the  king of Madinah. He is believed to be the 18th generation descendant of the Islamic prophet Muhammad and reached India in the early 12th century to spread Islam.

Sultan Syed Ibrahim Shahid with his entire family travelled and finally entered Kannanur in Kerala after suffering many difficulties. He travelled via, Kayalpattinam, Vaippar and reached Bouthiramanickapattinam (Ervadi). He then sent Sikandar Badusha to Pandiya ruler, Thiru Pandiyan, in Madurai to teach about isalam. The king refused and waged war.

At the end of the war Shaheed won. Later they marched towards Bouthramanickapattinam and offered Islam to King Vikkirama Pandiyan. The king refused and ask them to leave. So Vikrama Pandiyan declared war with 10 battles for many days. All of the family members, important persons and thousands of others were killed and the list includes:-

  • His only son Syed Abutahir
  • Brother Syed Ismail
  • Brother-in-law Zainul Aabideen
  • Amir Abbas of Rome
  • Abdul Qadir Mujahid
  • Muhaiyaddeen
  • Aboobakkar Abdul Hakkim
  • Abdullah
  • Shamsuddin of Makkah
  • Qamaruddin
  • Nooruddeen
  • Muhammadh Yusuf
  • Jafar Sadiq
  • Rome Syed Ahmad
  • Zulfaqar Ali at Chanthana Peer of Turkey
  • Abdul Qadir Gilani
  • Abdul Qadir Samadaani
  • Pathan Sahib
  • Hamza basheer
  • Uvaisul Hasan Ridwanullahi Ta’ala alaihim ajmaeen

Finally, Shaheed won the war after killing king Vickrama Pandiyanand his sons Indra pandiyan, Chandra pandiyan. He ruled the place for twelve years and spread Islam over south. He wished to be a martyr and received a promise from the Prophet that his prayer would be answered before leaving Medinah.

How to Reach Ervadi ?

  • By Flight: Nearest airport is Tuticorin Airport (81 km away) and Madurai Airport (101 km away)
  • Train: Get a train upto Ramanathapuram on regular basis (21 km away) and Paramakudi (39 km away).
  • Bus: Regular buses available from all major cities upto Ervadi.

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