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Exercise Tips For Middle Aged Men And Women


Tips To Be Healthy And Smart In Middle Age

Smart In Middale Age

Some of you people may have misunderstanding about the exercise pattern and its need in middle age. But the fact is that you need to work up daily in your middle age as you have done well in your youth time. But you have no need to strain that much in middle age. Never avoid your habit of regular exercise after your retirement. The continuous exercise and work out practices will keep you young and smart and also very healthy. You can avoid problems like hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol and various heart problems. Doctor says a lot of middle age related problems in men and women can correct easily via good and regular exercise habits. No need to take unnecessary medications. Try these and say healthy and smart always.

  • Beginers Consult with your doctor if you are on regular medications for any health issues like heart problems
  • Heart patients better to avoid skipping and running
  • Keep a regular Timing for your exercise
  • Continue the best pattern of exercise you fell comfortable
  • Irregular work outs and exercise will not help your body
  • Select the best time with less disturbances and interference
  • Try breathing exercises in early morning from fresh and open space
  • In between exercise if you feel any difficulty just stop the work immediately and take rest
  • Consult with the physician in case of frequent breathing difficultly or discomfort during exercise
  • Obtain advise from your doctor always about the physical activities you can carry out if you are not fit well
  • When you are ok after the discomfort only try to continue the same
  • Start always with simple and easy warm up works and then proceed
  • Enjoy you exercise with listening to music or watching TV
  • Try meditation and YOGA if you are interested
  • Keep your mind healthy so your body will work well
  • Try sports and games like cricket, tennis, beach volleyball etc
  • Maintain sportsman spirit when you are playing in in a game
  • Choose staircase to go up rather than lift or elevator
  • Climb stairs slowly rest in between and continue
  • If You are working Full day as sitting try exercises focusing knee joint
  • Diet is not the least have healthy items in a regular and timely manner
  • Have clear and fresh water as much as possible in between.


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