Facebook has rolled out its new messenger app for mobile


Facebook has rolled out its new messenger app for mobile

Facebook a social site accommodating  billions of users cultivating relationships with lots of people around the world. It’s now just a social craze for Facebook onlining the user through phones. Android phone is applicable in India, Indonesia, Australia, Argentina, Venezuela, and South Africa where large population has been covered.

It doesn’t require any e-mail it only need phone number and name even smartphone is not required. Thus pushing down the people in it’s network. Facebook app is a cheap, dumb phone like smart phone. Facebook has almost launched to 750 million people around America, Asia, and Africa directly available through phones.

It will continue march to connect the entire world millions of people will participate in the bait. In today’s current scenario teens and younger people use Facebook and messenger services like Whats App and Kik. Mobile is becoming Facebook’s motto. The philosophy can be regenerated. The number of the user has been rising high upto 61 percent till the year-earlier quarter — to 604 million — and fully 126 million people used Facebook only through a mobile device.

Facebook has launched Instagram due to the reason of mobile. Facebook has been requested to have Whats App services in the mobile for an instant messaging service.  Mark Zuckerberg does not want to neglect Instagram growth and he also cannot ignore What’s app as it has braked the record by sending 10 billion messages in a single day.

Such aspects are the options for knowing that people are using phones. Facebook is modifying it’s camera app by Instagram application. It might add a number of features in order to gain the interest of the people in the Facebook.

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