Facebook Officialy Revealed about Their External Advertising Network


Facebook Officially Revealed about Their External Advertising Network

Over the past several days  Facebook  has been facing changes in it’s privacy and policy.Facebook is not actually a democracy but a material having new rules comprising with new ideas showing the wants and dislikes of the user. It could be rather a success story or failure to Facebook’s revenue chart.

The network is in a situation to have a voting strategy as it will moderate government policy which will increase 30% of user before making as significant improvement. As it has been an utter failure  as it consist only 0.3 percent of  users.

Moreover the company is increasing it’s aims to meet the demand by providing enough revenue in the market by making capitalization of $50 billion. Facebook has been made as a winning opinion a,among other things. The traditional Ads has been gaining a significant decline in the market.

External Advertising agency has been getting information about users from Facebook and are providing external Ads to other websites. Handling Facebook will make significant improvement to company’s financial status.

Facebook is providing greater revenue to external network by 2 times as compared to Google as it is not providing a sufficient payout to ad network. External Ad network has managed to make a outstanding payout through Facebook about $5 billion.

Facebook is aiming to advertise  most of the external Ads. Earlier facebook Sponsored most of websites based on Zynga ,a social network. Facebook is in challeng to sponsor most of the Ads through it’s site.

Facebook is accessing information to a number of people as it helps in browsing. It has been a target for ad online services. Google has proved inefficient to search relevant data in support to the matter. But Facebook has been providing a site for external ads and services which has been proving beneficial against Google.

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