Facebook Started to Uploads Mobile Photos To Internet


Facebook Started to Uploads Mobile Photos To Internet

Facebook has been moderated with new features photo sync which can automatically upload photos from a phone to private Facebook album and displayed on web. Photos can be saved to Facebook  even if it is not updated. It depends on people whether they want to share photos with friends .

The question arises why we want to upload photos whether we are are sharing from phone or not? It depends on our delayness for sharing them at later. Phone is now acting as a default camera  for many users as phone constitutes majority of photos.

Facebook is a photo storing device storing photos for a long period. Another feature Drop box automatically uploads photos. Apart from this Google+ also supports auto-upload character for photos having Android and iPhone versions.

Drop box photo Sync allows  to store all the photos  for later use transferring them from mobile to computer. In case we lose phone while backup we can do other things like Photoshop Printing etc.

In fact Facebook is a storage media. People are mostly interested in uploading photos even if it is not published. Photo sync is a real criteria for user.

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