Famous Beaches in Kerala

Beaches in Kerala, India

Kerala is a land of beaches stretched along 600 km to Arabian sea coastline. The coast of Kerala is covered with sandy beaches, rocks, and coconut trees. Kerala is one of the famous destination for beach tourism. Every year number of tourists visit to Kerala for enjoying the beauty of the beach.

Besides providing scenic beauty Kerala beaches offers water sporting. Kerala, God’s own country  is renowned for it’s natural beauty specially in terms of beaches and backwaters. Fine blue waters in Kerala has lots more to offer with mouth watering cuisines which warmly welcomes it’s guests. So guys gear up to enjoy the beauty of beaches in Kerala:


1. Kovalam beach

kovalam beach

Fast facts about Kovalam:

  • Location: 16 km from Thiruvanthapuram city
  • Best time to visit: September-March
  • Other facilities available at Kovalam: Ayurvedic message centers, Ayurvedic Health resorts, shopping facilities, Yoga.
  • Other places to you must see in Thiruvanthapuram: Padmanabhaswamy temple, Ponmudi hill station, handicrafts gallery, Sri chitra art emporium, Napier museum.

How to reach?

  • By Air: Thiruvanthapuram international airport
  • By train: Thiruvanthapuram central station

Kovalam beaches is considered as the famous beaches in Kerala surrounded with three adjacent crescent beaches. The beach offers sunbathing, swimming, herbal messages, and other cultural programmes. There are many affordable cottages, Ayurveda health resorts, swimming pools, shopping centers, Ayurvedic message zones around the beach.

Kovalam consists of three major beaches which has been separated by outcrops of sea namely Hawah beach, Crescent beach & Light house beach. Crescent & Hawah beach provides sunbathing facilities. Light house beach is considered as the largest beach due to it’s 30 meter lighthouse & the second largest beach is Hawah beach.This beach offers boat rides like wooden boat on catmarans, motor boat ride, surfing etc. Kovalam is an ideal destination for holiday and for spending honeymoon.

2. Varkala beach

varkala beach

Varkala at a Glance:

  • Location: 51 km from Thiruvanthapuram city
  • Best season to visit: Sptewmber -December
  • Facilities available at Varkala beach: Ayurvedic message centers, Ayurvedic health resort, shopping centers.
  • Places to visit in Varkala beach: Sivagiri Mutt and a 2000-year- old Vishnu Temple, mineral water springs.

How to reach?

  • By air: Thiruvananthapuram International Airport
  • By train: Varkala Station, about 3 km

Varkala is the major tourist spot situated in Thiruvnthapuram. 2000 year temple of Lord Vishnu and Sivagiri Mutt is located near to it. Papanasam beach which is ten kilometers from Varkala is considered as famous for natural spring and is rich with medicinal value for curing various impurities and soul of sins.

Janardhaswamy temple is located near to the beach. Sivagiri Mutt founded by Sree Narayana guru is attracted by thousands of devotees every year during pilgrimage days which mainly occur from 30th december – 1st January. Relax your holiday by coming to Varkala beach far away from busy life & crowds.

3. Shankhumugam beach

Shankhumugam beach

Shankhmugam at a Glance:

  • Location: 7  km from Thiruvanthapuram
  • Major attractions: Matsya Kanyaka, Starfish restaurant, sunset

How to reach?

  • By train: Thiruvananthapuram Central
  • By air: Thiruvananthapuram airport

Shankhumugham beach is the favourite beach of touristers. Shankhumugham beach is the perfect place for sunset watchers. Matsya Kanyaka, indoor recreation club, a 35 m long sculpture of mermaid and a starfish like shaped restaurant are some of the attractions of Shankhmugham beach.

One most important thing  that the beach is free from hawkers. This beach is a place for religious significance as Bali Tharpanam (Prayers for dead people is performed here) in the months of July & August. Chacha Nehru traffic training park is located in Shankhmugham which  trains the children to learn the traffic rules.

4. Kappad beach

Kappad beach

  • Location: 16 km from Kozhikode town
  • Attraction: Famous temple on the rock 

How to reach?

  • By rail: Kozhikode
  • By air: Karipur international airport

Kappad beach is a rock studded beach attracting many tourists. There is a temple near to it which is 800 years old. The beach is unspoilt and un-crowded. Famous explorer Vasco-Da -Gama started his journey from Kappad beach. This beach is considered as the gateway for Malabar coast. Kappad offers Ayurvedic treatments, health resorts. Visit Kappad and enjoy the scenic beauty of Kappad. Backwaters of Kappad is the best route for tourists.

5. Muzhappilangad beach

Muzhappilangad beach

  • Location: 15 kms from Kannur
  • Attractions: Drive in beach
  • Best season to visit: October-April

How to reach?

  • By air: Kozhikode International Airport
  • By Train: Kannur railway station

Muzhapillangad beach is the famous drive in beach where one can drive along the entire length. This beach is calm and serene. A long drive in this beach gives wonderful experience. One can walk  on the shore during low tides. Beach festival is celebrated every year in the month of April.

6. Payyambalam beach

Payyambalam beach

  • Location: 2 km from Kannur town
  • Best season to visit:October-May

How to reach?

  • By Air: Karipur International airport
  • By train: Kannur railway station

Payyambalam beach is a popular picnic destination and is main tourist spot. Payyambalam beach is considered as the most beautiful beach in Kerala. The sculpture of mother & child is the major attraction of Payyamabalm beach. The beach is surrounded with gardens which makes the beach more enchanting. Payyambalam beach is clean and safe. Visit Payyablam beach and enjoy the beauty of sunset and shores.

7. Cherai beach

Cherai beach

  • Location: 30 km from Kochi

How to reach?

  • By air: Cochin International Airport at Nedumbassery
  • By train: Ernakulam Junction station or Ernakulam Town station

Cherai beach is often termed as “The Princess of the Queen of Arabian sea” located in Ernakulam. The beach is the main center for Dolphins. Nearby this beach there are many Kerala villages with coconut trees and paddy fields. Cherai offers sea food and memorable nights. Cherai is boasted with churches, temples and mosques. This beach is surrounded with beautiful landscape. 

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