Famous Mujahid Mosques in kerala


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Here is the list of Famous Mujahid Mosques in kerala. A mujahid  is one who struggles for the god – Allah and his religion, Islam. So a Mujahid is “struggler” or “striver”. The members of the organization, Salafi movement in the Kerala is known as “Mujahids”. Kerala Mujahids are few in numbers while comparing with the count of Sunni Muslims. 

Both the Sunni and Mujahid faction in Kerala belong to Sunni Islam but kerala sunnis follows Sufism and the kerala mujahids follow Wahhabi movement. There are some difference between these 2 groups.

The Mujahids should not follow one of the four Madhhab like sunni. Praying to GOD through a middle person is not allowed for mujahids and this is prohibited for them. Mujahid women are allowed go to mosque and they are against the celebration of birthday of Prophet muhammad. 

Kerala Nadvathul Mujahideen (KNM) follows the principles of the Salafism. This is the  successor of “Kerala Muslim Aikhya Sangam”. This is the first Muslim organization in Kerala, founded in 1924. All kinds of activities of Kerala Nadvathul Mujahideen improves the Kerala Muslim renaissance.  Their office is situated in Calicut. Here is the list of all Famous Mujahid Mosques in kerala with Address and Phone Number. 


  • Mujahid pally

Palissery, Thalassery, Kerala 670101

  • Salafi Masjid

Pilakool, Thalassery, Kerala 670103

  • Al Salafi Mujahid Mosque

Peringadi, Mahé, Kerala 673312

  • Panoor Mujahid Masjid

Panoor, Kerala 670692

  • Muliyangal mujahid mosque

Kozhikode, Kerala 673614

  • Varam Mujahid Mosque

Kannur, Kerala 670594

  • Pullur Mujahid Mosque
Address: Pullur, Tirur – Puthathani Road, Tirur, Kerala 676103
Phone: 0494 212 5148
  • Mujahid Masjid

Thalook Office Rd, Palayam, Kozhikode, Kerala 673004

  • Masjid Mujahid CHERUPPARAMBA

Kolavelloor, Kerala 670693

  • Irshad Masjid

Old Market Road, Koyilandy, Kerala 673305

  • Mujahid Masjid
Address: Balussery Mukku, Arappeedika, Balussery, Kerala 673612
Phone: 070344 02505
  • Mujahid Juma Masjid

Pannicode, Kerala 673602

  • Mujahid Mosque

Mampad, Kerala 676542

  • Mujahid Mosque

Aanthiyur Kunne Rd, Kerala 673637

  • Mujahid Masjid

Kozhikode Balussery Rd, Karaparamba, Kozhikode, Kerala 673020

  • Mujahid Masjid – Kalleri

Villiappally – Thanneerpanthal Rd, Kalleri, Kerala 673542

  • Cherucode Mujahid Masjid

Manjeri-Kuttippara – Cherukode-Wandoor Road, Cherucode, Kerala 

  • Nallalam Mujahid Masjid

Kolathara Rd, Nallalam, Kozhikode, Kerala 673027

  • Puthur Pallikkal Mujahid Masjid

Puthur Pallikkal Rd, Pallikal, Kerala 673635

  • Pullangode Mujahid Mosque
Address: Pullangode Kadinjeeri Road, Pullengode, Kerala
Phone: 097475 84574
  • Mujahid Masjid Palappuram

Palappuram, Kerala 679103

  • Balussery Mahallu Juma Masjid (Mujahid)

Balussery Mukku, Arappeedika, Balussery, Kerala 673612

  • Mujahid Masjid

Elettil – Palangad Rd, Kuttamboor, Kerala 673612

  • Mujahid Masjid

Masjid Rd, Edavanna, Kerala 676541

  • Mujahid Masjid

Kozhikod-Nilmbur-Gudallur Road, Mampad, Kerala 676542

  • Mujahid Juma Masjid

Thachanna, Kerala 673639

  • Mujahid Masjid

Tanur road, Tanur – Venniyur Rd, Venniyur, Kerala 676508

  • Mujahid Masjid

Manalpadam, Kerala 679333

  • Mujahid Masjid

Munda, Kerala 679331

  • Santhi Nagar Mujahid Masjid

Santhinagar, Kerala 679339

  • Masjid-e-Mujahid
Address: Cheppur (Near Cheppur Bus Stop) P.O. (Manjeri) Dist. Malappuram,, Anakkayam, Kerala 676509
Phone: 094009 72756
  • Thazepalam Mujahid Masjid

Kalpakanchery, Kerala 676551

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