Famous Tourist Places in Tamil Nadu

Here is the list of Famous Tourist places in Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu is famous with its diverse natural and urban landscapes, cultures and cuisines. It is one of the Indian state which is the center of attraction for Hindu devotees across the world.

From stunning beaches, religious sites and historical monuments to hill stations, beautiful beaches, churches, museums, landmarks and natural landscapes, majestic temples or magnificent rock cut architecture Tamil Nadu has it all.  We have compiled a list of the 13 most beautiful places to visit in Tamil Nadu. 

1. Marina Beach

Marina Beach is the longest urban beach in India and the second longest beach in the world. This beach is a popular destination for people in Chennai. It is a 12-kilometer uninterrupted stretch of golden sands and foamy sea. This beach is situated along the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal.

It is one of the famous tourist destinations in the India which welcomes several tourists around the world. The stretch also has two swimming pools, the Anna swimming pool and the Marina swimming pool. There was a lot of stall for people who like to eat out junk. This place is easily accessible by local bus and autos.

2. Kamakshi Amman Temple

Kamakshi Amman Temple is one of the famous and oldest temples in India. It is situated at Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu. This temple is one of the grand Pallava monuments. The Pallava dynasty was one of the most significant dynasties of ancient India.

This famous temple is dedicated to Goddess Kamakshi, who prevails in the form of Shakti. The word Kamakshi is derived from the heritage “Ka” means Goddess Saraswati (God of Education), “Ma” means Goddess Lakshmi (God of Wealth), “Akshi” means Eye. The sanctum of the temple is crowned with a gold plated vimanam. Kamakshi is enshrined here, which is referred to as the Parabhrama Swarupini, seated with Bhrama Vishnu Rudra Eswara and Sadasiva.

3. Group of Monuments at Mahabalipuram

Group of Monuments are the rock-cut architecture to structural stone temples at Mahabalipuram. These monuments are comes in the UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 1984. They are situated Chennai in Kancheepuram district, Tamil Nadu.

It consists of approximately 40 sanctuaries. We can find there rathas (temples in the form of chariots), mandapas (cave sanctuaries), giant open-air reliefs. One of the famous of this is Descent of the Ganges. It is a magnificent relief, carved in the mid-seventh century. It is also known as Arjuna’s Penance, which is a giant open-air rock relief carved on two monolithic rock boulders.

4. Sri Meenakshi Temple

Sri Meenakshi Temple is located Madurai in Tamil Nadu. It was built between 1623 and 1655 A.D. This temple is dedicated to the deity Meenakshi, an avatar of Goddess Parvati, and her consort Sundareswarar, Lord Shiva. Many people are all over the world came here for praying and others.

It spreads over an area of 17 acres has 4 entrances facing 4 directions. There are several minor quadrangular complexes, 14 towers. One of the tallest towers among them has nearly 170 feet high. Another attraction of this temple is outstanding vimanas which are covered with stones, animal, demons and god figures in bright colors or gold plated. Another attraction is Hall of 1000 Pillars or Aayiram Kaal Mandapam.

5. Botanical Garden Ooty

Botanical Garden Ooty is one of the famous tourist attractions in India. It sits on the foothills of Dodabetta Peak, which is the highest peak of Nilgiri Hill Ranges. This famous garden is located in Ooty, Tamil Nadu, which cover an area of around 22 hectares.

This garden houses a thousand species of plants, shrubs, ferns, herbal, bonsai plants and trees. The main attraction of this is in the center of the Gardens lie a fossilized tree trunk estimated to be 20 million years old. This garden is maintained by the Tamil Nadu Horticulture Department. It has a terraced layout. Its architect was William Graham McIvor, which was built the initial layout in 1840.

6. Pillar Rocks in Kodaikanal

Pillar Rocks is one of the best view points at Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu the state in India. These rocks are about eight kilometers from the lake and are easily accessible by road. There are three vertical granite boulders, standing shoulder to shoulder.

The huge pillar shaped rocks and the awesome view from there will attract every one. This unique rocky pillars measure approximately 400 ft in height from the ground level. Another attraction is that there is a mini garden. Many people from all over the country came here to spend some time watching the fast moving fog. More over there is a dark chamber that is called the ‘Devil’s Kitchen’.

7. Vivekananda Rock Memorial

Vivekananda Rock Memorial impressive memorial to Swami Vivekananda has been built on a rock. It is located located at Kanyakumari where the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal merge with the great Indian Ocean. It is 500 m east of mainland of Vavathurai, Kanyakumari, India.

The inspiring personality Swami Vivekananda is regarded as the patriot saint of modern India. His mission was both national and international. Swamy Vivekananda stands on a rock surrounded by sea at Kanyakumari. He sat on meditation on this rock for two days and became powerful spiritual leader and philosopher. He came here in December 1892 before leaving for Chicago religious conference. So this rock is the memorial of Swami.

8. Arignar Anna Zoological Park

Arignar Anna Zoological Park is one of the most famous zoos in India. It is located in Vandalur, Kanchipuram District of Tamil Nadu. It is a suburb in the southwestern part of Chennai. This park was officially opened to public in 1985.

We can find some of the most unique and exciting animal houses. The special attractions in this zoo are Reptile House, Shark Model Aquarium, Zoo Museum, Butterfly House, Specialized Zoo Hospital, Students Zoo Club etc. This park covers 510 hectares of land and is one of the biggest in south-east Asia.

9. Adi Kumbeswara Swami Temple

Adi Kumbeswara Swami Temple is a famous temple in Tamil Nadu. This Hindu temple is located in the town of Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu, India.  It spreads an area of 30181 Sq ft, a length and breadth of 750 feet and 252 feet respectively. This temple comprises of three Praharas and three Gopurams in the eastern, northern and western directions.

This famous temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, who is worshiped as Adi Kumbeswarar, and is represented by the lingam. His consort, Parvati is represented as Mangalambigai Amman. There is a Pottramarai tank is in front of the temple. During the Mahamagam festival, the famous festival celebrated once in 12 years as the Kumbh Mela in North) people take bath in the tank. Devotees perform abishek, archanas and offer vastras to Lord and Mother.

10. Rameshwaram Temple in Tamil Nadu

This temple is located in the island of Rameswaram, off the Sethu coast of Tamil Nadu. Here is reached via Pamban Bridge across the sea. Rameshwaram Jyotirlinga represents the southernmost of the 12 Jyotirlingams of India. The Jyotirlinga also boasts of a 4000 feet long pillared corridor.

This temple is spread over an area of ​​15 acres. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva, named Ramanathaswamy in the Rameswaram Island. Millions of pilgrims come this holy land of Rameswaram throughout the year. Devotees worship the deity named Ramanathaswamy in the Rameswaram Island. They believe that the sins of a person washed away, when he/she took a bath in the Theerthas (holy water bodies). There is its long ornate corridors, towers and 36 theaters. There is a huge Nandi measuring 12 feet in length and 9 feet in height.

11. Ram Setu (Adam’s Bridge) in Dhanushkodi

Ram Setu is one of the famous and ancient bridges that connect Tamil Nadu to Sri Lanka. It is a chain of limestone shoals between Pamban and Rameswaram Island off the south-eastern coast of Tamil Nadu, and Mannar Island on the north-western coast of Sri Lanka. It starts from the Dhanushkodi tip in India’s Pamban Island and ends at Mannar Island in Sri Lanka.

There is a believes that the bridge was built by Lord Rama’s “Vanar Sena” (army of apes and monkeys). Lord Rama had ordered Lord Hanumana to build a bridge which could carry his army across to Sri Lanka, where Demon King Ravana had kept Sita captive. As ordered, Lord Hanuman had obliged and it was here that the Ram Setu was built by the Vanara Sena. The length of the bridge is 30 km. This bridge is a natural bridge that is made of rocks, small islands, sandbanks and stretches of reefs.

12. Velankanni Church in Tamil Nadu

Velankanni Church is one of the most famous pilgrims spot in India. It is the most popular attraction in the holy town of Velankanni. This church is also known as Basilica of Our Lady of Good Health. This church is located in Velankanni town of Tamil Nadu. Also situated on the coast of Bay of Bengal, this is one of the most popular Christian pilgrimage sites in South India.

As a great number of pilgrims came here in every day. Velankanni is home to the Shrine of Virgin Mary. The Shrine is dedicated to the Madonna of Velankanni, often referred to as Our Lady of Health. The church was built by Portuguese sailors and became a parish church in 1771. Velankanni is fondly known as the ‘Lourdes of the East’ referring to the great Lourdes in France. It was opened in 1972. People offer different shapes of candles.

13. Kallanai Dam “4th Oldest Dam in the World”

Kallanai Dam is the oldest Dam in India and fourth oldest dam in the world. The dam is located on the River Kaveri, approximately 20km from the city of Tiruchirapalli in Tamil Nadu. This Dam is also known as Grand Anicut.

The dam was constructed by King Karikala Chola of the Chola Dynasty in the 2nd century AD. It consists of 329 m in length, 20 m in width and 5.4 m in height. The water is channelized through canals to irrigate the delta region through the ancient water network. The area irrigated by the dam when it was built was 69,000 acres.

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