Fiat to launch Jeep in India in 2013


Fiat to launch Jeep in India in 2013

Fiat’s Jeep is going to be a latest version in India on 2013 . Luxury SUV will be introduced in India. Fiat has failed in India to break the record of low cost unit with it’s luxury SUV.

The goal of the company is to make 5% share in the market in the near future. By launching new products Fiat is in aim to achieve maximum goals.It has succeeded in selling almost 4,717 cars in India in six months providing market share of 0.4%. In India it sells  Punto hatchback and Linea sedan

Fiat is deciding to launch two international jeeps in next year supplying  32 dealers in 25 cities across India. Jeep will be a rival to Tata and Mahindra .The demand of SUV has been rosed high as compared to previous year.

Sluggish economic growth, rising fuel price  and high interest rate will discourage the customers.  The sale of car in India will rise upto 3 percent in March. Fiat is achieving six year distribution with Tata after getting unsatisfactory hopes for sales.

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