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Free SMS News – Get Daily news headlines to your mobile as SMS


Free SMS News – Get Daily news headlines to your mobile as SMS

We are providing Free News alert service to peoples who currently living in India. This free SMS service providing with the help of Google Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this service free ?

Yes. This Mobile News SMS is completely free. You don’t want to pay any money for getting news.

2. Who is behind this ? Who bear the cost of sending SMS to millions?

This service provided by Wlivenews.com & Google. Complete expenses will bear by these two companies.

3. Howmany Free News SMS will get daily ?

Two or Three SMS will get daily to your Mobile. (Maximum is 3/day). Two or Three News  Headlines/one SMS.

Eg: This is One Mobile News SMS. The below show SMS send on 24th Aug 2011.


Hazare weakens,government succumbs to his demands.
More arrested- pro-Hazare march in Dubai.
Anna-man of stamina-longest fast lasted 12 days.


This type of Three SMS will get you daily.

4. How to enable this service free ?

Through Computer

Click the below link and join our News channel


Through Your Mobile Phone

Type   ON wlivenews

and send this to  09870807070













5. How to disable this service, if you don’t want……. ?

Type   OFF wlivenews    and send sms to  09870807070


By enabling this service, Terms & services are applicable( both Google terms & WliveNews terms)


  1. Thats great.
    The concept of sharing news free will make aware many people by breaking news.
    Hands of to him, who investing a lot of money.
    Thank You


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